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Out of curiosity, what do your Battlelogs look like? Here's mine: I usually end up playing hardcore TDM by myself of conquest with friends.
Looking back at the motherboard, I think the Patriot would go best with it. The Fury looks good too, though.
I still greatly enjoy playing on the OCN BF3 server, but I found a pair of hackers tonight. They are WatchThisChit and No_Habla_Englis, both with the [AIM] tag, if you want to do anything about them. They seem to be able to instantly kill anyone who is piloting a helicopter or jet of any kind with any gun, including shotguns across the map. Just wanted to throw that out there.
Now that is a Cosmos II window done right. Nice work.And I get you about that weight. I've got a friend with one of those cases. It's air cooled, but it already weighs some 72+ lbs.
Consider yourself subbed to.
I'm running with an HD 7990, and each core sits about 35-40% usage. I play at 1080p with a pretty solid 60 frames.
Like Widdyjudas said, the new case fixes the problem with the PCB, and I actually have never heard of any problems with the power button on the older case, which is the one I have.As for a motherboard, I'm assuming you're going for the red/black theme. I say have a look at the MSI Z87 Gaming series. I'm also going for the red and black, and I've been using an MSI Z77 board. It has been working really well, and it looks great, too. [[SPOILER]]
I saw a few pictures of this a while back on FB, but then I lost track of it. I wish I didn't. This is amazing. You never fail to impress, Kier.
You sir, have another sub. Awesome log so far.
Decibel live!
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