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Consider yourself subbed to.
I'm running with an HD 7990, and each core sits about 35-40% usage. I play at 1080p with a pretty solid 60 frames.
Like Widdyjudas said, the new case fixes the problem with the PCB, and I actually have never heard of any problems with the power button on the older case, which is the one I have.As for a motherboard, I'm assuming you're going for the red/black theme. I say have a look at the MSI Z87 Gaming series. I'm also going for the red and black, and I've been using an MSI Z77 board. It has been working really well, and it looks great, too. [[SPOILER]]
I saw a few pictures of this a while back on FB, but then I lost track of it. I wish I didn't. This is amazing. You never fail to impress, Kier.
You sir, have another sub. Awesome log so far.
Decibel live!
So as I suspected, that Scania T Longline mod didn't work. The text breaks when I click on certain parts (only the ones custom made for this mod, I think), and I have to exit the profile and reload it to fix the text. Here's what it looks like, if anyone recognizes it. I also decided to make a new profile to test it, and by looking at the quick job market both with the mod on and off, I found out that when the game tried to load a thumbnail of the T Longline, the game...
I think I already tried that one, but I'll give it another go. Do you think it could be something that's messed up with my profile itself, and not just other mods?
What I've been driving recently. I got the extended chassis as a replacement for the Scania T Longline that I really want, but I can't find a version of it that actually works. All of them create broken text when I click on some of the parts in the garage, or they just don't work at all. Is anyone else using it? And yes, I have tried it with all of my other mods disabled.
All I know is that it's in a very rough stage right now, and a little tough to get set up. But it works.I also hit level 31 tonight and have 24 trucks.
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