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Thanks for the responses guys. Have some rep. I don't really have a lot of resources as far as even minor modding goes, so It would have to be something simple. I was thinking maybe buying a cage and then attaching it somehow, and I thought someone had done the same thing, and I would be able to use that same cage, but I'll look around at some options.As far as the actual HDDs go, I'll be using the 120GB SSD that I have now, a 250GB SSD that I don't really need, but I have...
Okay, so I've become pretty desperate as far as HDD space goes, so can I have a refresher on what some of the options are as far as modding in another HDD cage? Ideally, I'd like to fit in 4 3.5 in HDDs and 2 SSDs. And note that I don't have the EVO, so I don't get that other cage as an option with the stock case.
Just bought one of those 250GB SSDs and a WD Black 2TB last week for $120 each.
Another vote for MSI Gaming boards here.
I've been wanting to get new pictures of my setup for a few days, and I'm just waiting for a time when it's actually light outside, so probably this weekend (if I remember). But I don't think you saw mine because I just switched to it a few days ago after cropping it to the right resolution. It's cut down to 5760x1080 from 9600x1200.
If you're up for some drilling, there are things like this: brackets that are a little bigger than the one that comes with the XB. That one should give you lots of space.
I'm running with a Seasonic Platinum-1000 PSU without the hotswap PCB. It's a 190mm long PSU, and it fits with no problems, but it's a tight squeeze. Here's a wonderfully horrific picture I got a while back of the clearance.
I found a new taskbar icon pack and my new favorite wallpaper. Really happy with this.
That cooler should fit with about 20mm to spare. That is, if you're not using a top fan.
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