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Another awesome build, Snef! I love the colors used in it. Keep the great works coming, man.
Okay, so I've probably said before that I'm more of a euphoric guy. Most of the stuff from the Frequencerz, Digital Punk, Adaro, and so on generally don't interest me that much. However, Radical Redemption just blows my friggin' mind. I just can't get enough of those kicks. Here's his set from Reverze. This is probably my favorite of his new tracks. He has it in his Reverze set, but here's the rip from...
I forgot to post the live stream for Hard Bass this year, but here's Reverse. Going for another five and a half hours. Hopefully we'll get the sets uploaded to YouTube like last year.
1. Buy two sets of ErgoDoxes.2. Use as boxing gloves taped to hands.3. ???4. Profit.
Alright, hope you enjoy them.
Not bad. I didn't get to around that point until I had reached about twice that many battles after I had started watching QB. It's probably because I was basically trying to teach myself about how to play the game up until that point, and you can all probably guess how well that went.
Here you go. One of the majority of each board showing all of the colors, and a more close-up one focusing on the reds. The color isn't perfectly accurate; each is slightly more saturated than it looks in the photo. But you should still be able to get the idea that the ones with lamps are really washed out.The orange lamps on the TKL look slightly more orange than yellow like they are shown in the picture, but they're still not purely orange.My conclusion on these...
Fair enough. Thanks for pointing that out. I think I'm going to go for it anyways because I'll be able to rest a lot more easily if I don't have my mouse sliding around in my backpack every single day.
I was looking at those sleeves when they were on Massdrop, but I doubted my G700S would fit in it. Now that you say yours fits fine, I think I'll have to pick one up on Amazon since the discount on Massdrop was minimal. And it would give me an excuse to take my keyboard to school.
I got a set of those for my Shine II TKL with white LEDs. I have to say, I was quite underwhelmed. The light is now very, very dim compared to the pure white, and the shade of red is almost a deep pink; nothing like the red on my other Shine II. I can pull out my TKL and get a side-by-side comparison picture for you if you'd like.
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