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So I take it you can't get close enough to the center to see the back of your head, or ship in this case, I guess. I think I'd have a bit too much fun messing with black holes in that game. I purchased it in on of the recent Steam sales, and I have yet to try it. I do look forward to sitting down and spending some time with it though.
I have mine on the outside. Don't you kind of have to so they don't get in the way of the fans?Unless you're also covering vents that don't have fans, in which case I guess you could go either way. I suppose it'd be a matter of looking more elegant vs. being faster and more simple to clean.
I can't seem to find that custom order website that I apparently found almost two years ago. I just poked around on Newegg, and the only one I could find that matches your criteria is an open box product, and I'm not sure if you're willing to do that. Maybe you could try shooting them an email? Unfortunately, you might be out of luck since DDR4 is catching on more and more as time goes on.What I found:
The Seasonic Platinum 1000 I run is 190mm long and I fit it with no modding, but I removed the hotswap PCB and it's a tighter fit than I'd like. But it works.============================================================================================================================Okay, so I did 6 runs and I feel rather silly now. Also, some of the data probably could be a little more precise, so running multiple trials per setup would be best, but I think this will do for...
Alright, that's what I'll go for then. I don't think I'll use it quite enough to justify spending over $200 on a G27, even though that was the wheel I kept thinking I would get. Thanks.
I'm pretty sure it's Elite Dangerous. I've considered telling him to put the game title in the post every time like the OP says, but that never ends well.
Okay, so I think I've finally run out of patience with playing this game with a controller. Since I'm only going to be at this desk with triple monitors for about six more months, I don't want to spend a huge amount on a wheel. Do you guys agree that getting a Logitech Drive Force GT off Ebay for 70-ish bucks is my best bet?
I'll try and remember to run a few benchmarks tomorrow, as it's rather late now. I can do Firestrike Extreme with and without the top fan, and maybe one without the top panel entirely just to see what that does. I have a fan controller for all of my case fans, so those can run full blast. I run my 7990 with a fan curve, but I can run it at 100% for the full length of the test (it would probably be running at about 90-100 anyways).Here are some fan specs to start off.The...
Jumping in even later. Just to be sure, is the tl;dr of that basically that the top 200/230/whatever else fan you try up top doesn't really do anything for temps?I'm a bit of an extreme situation with the HD 7990, and I can say that my top 200mm exhaust fan does quite a bit for GPU temps. I know I've said that to a few people in here already a while back, but I can actually test it again for ya if you'd like. I wouldn't mind getting some concrete evidence for once. But I...
I was a part of the Code drop, and I received mine a little over a week ago. Haven't used it a whole bunch, but it's definitely a solid board. Between my Code with clears and the WASD V2 I have been using with greens, I can say their boards are definitely nice. No glaring flaws at all.
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