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I agree about the tie, as both teams have been seriously impressive. But if in history, tie breakers have been used, that works for me too.
Nope, didn't get the Butcher. I'm probably not gonna shoot for Guardian, or at least not yet. In order to do most of those challenges without leeching off of other hilariously high paragon players, I think a whole new character is the easiest route to take. And thanks, regarding the clan. I may or may not hop on tonight.
Looks fantastic as always!
Would anybody be able to help me out with killing the Skeleton King under 30 seconds? I'm on the NA server. I'd also like to join the clan while I'm at it. name is CptAsian#1705. EDIT: Never mind, got the Skeleton King. I'm still up for joining the clan though. Just got my first stash tab though. Pretty happy with this season.
If I'm not mistaken, the R9 2XX series was the first one with bridgeless crossfire, so you actually can't use a bridge since it doesn't have the little tabs for it. However, disabling Crossfire is a good thought and I also say to disable ULPS first, as that has been a source of quite a few problems for my HD 7990. I do have the same CPU as you, but since I've never OC'd it, I don't think I can speak much on it. I also don't have the Witcher 3 or Battlefield One to make any...
There are actually quite a few of us who fold 24/7 all the time, regardless of competition or not. It does of course wear down hardware over time, but you're just using it like you normally would during gaming for an extended period of time.
None of us have had leaks. The first of us to start using an AIO cooler was nearly four years ago, and it's still going strong. I got mine just a month or two after he did, and mine is still great. Currently in my folding rig running 24/7. I think leaks in AIO coolers are much more rare than you expect. They're very uncommon.
My vote goes to a new AIO cooler. Both of my current builds (I still have to update one in my sig) use a closed loop cooler, and I also have a few friends that I set up with AIO coolers in their builds. The majority of us use NZXT Kraken coolers, and we have had no problems whatsoever and great temps/noise levels as well, though none of us overclock. I think given the opportunity to have a 280mm radiator in your Core 500, you should go for the AIO option if you're willing...
I was just in a somewhat similar situation trying to connect my HD 7990 to a pair of BenQ 1440p monitors. I was lucky enough to have some different options regarding ports on the monitors, but since you are restricted to DVI, I think you're unfortunately going to need an active adapter like this one, and those get pretty expensive.
This is much more accurate than I'd like to admit.
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