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I ended up going all out and completed Conqueror with about two hours to go before the end of the season. I also went up and hit GR76 in the process. Really, really satisfying progress.
Played a bit of RS over the past week doing this. + = (I got some more bonus XP after I started, so that's why the numbers don't add up, for anyone who paid that much attention.)
Okay, so I've hit done GR70 in 9:19, I think. That's a new record for me. Also tried out another necro build, but I think I'm done for the season, unless I go nuts and try to get the next set of challenges in a few hours. Thinking about either a DH or a barbarian for season 12. Am I correct in saying that Blizzard is planning on rebalancing everything for next season so all sets should be roughly equally viable?
Oh yeah, for sure. I'm having some survivability issues, mainly getting one-shotted when I'm not expecting it, but damage is just silly, with some crits in the 100-billions. My interest in this game has been completely reignited, so I kinda wish I didn't wait until the very end of the season to get back into it. But that just means I'll probably be starting early next season.
I've actually been playing my necro a lot right before the season end. I more or less finished a Rathma/Jesseth build, and I easily did a GR60 in a few minutes. I'm going to see if I can bring that up to 67-70 (previous seasonal record was with the crusader at 67) tomorrow. I've also gotten the champion challenges done. I have to say I'm pretty happy with how I skyrocketed my progress at the last second when starting from nothing.
Yeah, 85 is definitely too hot. Are you running a custom fan curve in MSI Afterburner or something similar?
Funnily enough, I tried that hammer build as well, and I wasn't too impressed with it, but I can't remember exactly why, despite it being the stronger build on paper. It also broke the audio on my computer.
Just chapter four, no way I could get further in that much time. I think the farthest I've ever gotten was completing conqueror with a thorns crusader two seasons ago. That one was a lot of fun.
I went from a 7950 to a 7990, but that was because it was on clearance for $670. I saved my 7950 for a friend's build later, but ended up selling it for $400 due to the original mining craze.That's an odd situation though, and I totally agree.
Took a bunch of time over the weekend with a friend to grind through all of the season challenge chapters from scratch, no powerleveling. It took about 12 and a half hours, but I had a good time with the necromancer. I might play a bit more before the end of the season.
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