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Added. After you and SuicideJihaad claim yours, there will be two remaining.
I can't seem to find you, so go ahead and send me an invite. I'm still CptAsian. I'll go ahead and chuck you two since they aren't in very high demand.
So much this.
Really looking forward to this. Subbed all the way.
Alright, thanks for the heads up. I got the other four from two of my friends, so I kinda expected that.
I actually bought the Phuture Noize album a few days ago; I'm really enjoying the first five tracks on that.
I've still got five keys up for grabs, guys. If everyone under the sun really did get two, just let me know, so I won't really be expecting anything.
I've played it a little, and participated in the beta, but I've kinda stopped. I progressed to the KV-1 within a few days of release, and that's about it. I think it's just that in the back of my mind, I know it'd be much more enjoyable and easy to play with a mouse and keyboard.
I do own a 932, but not a HAF X, so I can't tell you as much about that case. From what I've seen, they are quite similar as far as cooling options go. However, it seems like others say that the HAF X works a little better. I'd say it might even be worth taking a look at the HAF Stacker. It's like a budget Caselabs, so you'll have quite a few more options for watercooling.
Personally, I wouldn't go with the HAF 932 for watercooling. I would go with something that's a bit more flexible. However, if you're satisfied with the 360 on the top and maybe a 140 on the back, then it could be an option for you.
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