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I played a monk last season, I might check that out sometime soon.
As Alastair said, it indeed is. While I use AB to overclock normally, I generally don't bother with the memory on my Furys because from what I understand, HBM overclocks have minimal impact.
I have quite a few Discords, so why not? I use it a lot and I really enjoy it.
Get enough cash so I don't have to pay for membership anymore. That'd be nice.
Signed up and ready to go!
I completely agree. As a result, my interest in this game is dying fairly quickly. The ridiculous prices of everything really aren't helping either.
There's a Discord server set up for hard dance music, here's a link if anyone is interested. I'll probably do most of my music sharing there.
Awesome, let's keep those points rolling in!
Ah, thanks. Didn't know about that thread. I'm leaving the house on the 18th, so I'll see what happens.
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