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I'm pretty sure you just can't join servers that enable content you don't own or have installed. That might have changed though. I'm assuming you're talking about online multiplayer.
Too bad, but I look forward to your return. It was good to fold alongside you for a few months.
Okay, I finally made my submission after running my used MSI 980 Ti for two or three months now. It's my first Nvidia card, and coming from the HD 7990 that it has replaced as my main gaming card, I'm obviously very welcoming of the much cooler and quieter performance. Speeds are nice too for sure. I'm just really fed up with the Nvidia Control Panel. It feels like a very clunky piece of software, and switching between normal views and Nvidia Surround is a really annoying...
What brand is the 960? I'm putting it in my current gaming rig, so I'm looking for an MSI Gaming series one to match my 980 Ti. I did find one or two on Ebay, but they're just decent offers.
Okay, I'll grab the 960 then. We'll have to figure out something with the AMD category then. I'll still have the cards, but it'll be like 16-18 hours a day, probably. We'll see. I'm basically waiting to see what mining and Vega do to used GPU prices, so things could get interesting.And big congrats! That's a pretty exclusive club.
I've been thinking about getting another lower-end card to fold on in a TC slot, specifically a 960 and see if you could fold elsewhere seeing as you have a nice range of hardware, but it seems you have that covered with a 1050 Ti. I just hopped on Ebay again to poke around at some options, and it seems that mining has inflated prices of both AMD and Nvidia cards this time around, which does quite annoy me, especially considering the other plans I had. My almost concrete...
Here's my 150M! Certificate doesn't seem to be working, so there's that.
Would something like the NZXT Kraken G12 be what you're looking for?
Signed up and ready to go. I think I'll be running the 980 Ti as well.
PM'd, etc.
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