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I'm used to slow tanks. My first line tank line ever was the British heavy line, and I already own the T28. I have about 30K xp in the T28 in hopes of getting the 120mm there before I start using the T28 Proto. I'm still in no rush though, as I'm steering away from tier eight for a while. I just feel like I'm lacking the skill to compete, and I can rarely make money.(And by the way, the 122mm is Soviet and the 128 is German. )
I've just been grinding out cash in my Churchill III for the past few days to save up for a T28 Prot. Been waiting to buy it for months. I also got the coated optics and toolkit today, so that's been helpful. Sold the toolkit since I already have three, but I think I'll hold on to the optics. Might put them on my Comet or something. Need to get some crew in it though. I'm waiting for that to go on sale, then I'll be retraining like three crews and dropping skills on one. A...
Huh. I probably never would have thought of that... probably because I'm too "OCD". I feel like it would get kinda sloppy if I end up wanting to redo the colors too much. Interesting idea, though.
I think I'm going to grab a pack of these: Two in red and one in orange for my TKL. Last minute decision, I know. Anything I should look out for?
So the DJ Mag Top 100 results are out. Here are some quotes from the article on the "analysis" of the top 100.Linky.Angerfist? Hardstyle? Sorry. Hard dance, sure, but...Anyways.Never heard of Firebeatz, Vinai, or TJR. Gonna have to see what they sound like. Also, Radical Redemption is a duo now? Cool.DJ Mag. Get your crap together./semirantIn other news, I can't stop listening to this.
All good. I can still play, but I'll just have to temporarily use CCC for fans and lose the ability to do screenshotting.
Do you think it would make a difference since I'm on AMD and you're on Nvidia?
So I got the big new update installed today and tried playing a bit. Menus worked fine and all that, but when I tried to get in game, I would just get a black screen and it wouldn't load. Last weekend, I had a similar problem with War Thunder on Steam, and I found the resolution was to close MSI Afterburner or any program of that sort. And sure enough, that solved the Assetto Corsa problem as well. However, I kinda need MSI AB running when I do stuff (primarily for fan...
Sounds good; I think I'll have to pick it up. Thanks.
*fist bump*Huge listener of hardstyle here, but I'm more into the the newer stuff. Found out about it in 2011.And to be more on topic, I'm loving the way the build is looking; the color scheme is working out really nicely.
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