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I just started playing this afternoon, and I've really been enjoying the game. However, I'm getting crashes (either it freezes and "stops working" or just CTDs with no error message), and even more irritatingly, when I go to online mode, I seem to appear offline to all of my friends, and I can't do anything online. Any ideas?
Also running an MSI Gaming board here. I couldn't decide on red or white, so I did both. I have an NZXT Hue light kit, so if you have a 5.25 in bay to spare, I recommend one. Here are some pictures of each. However, my fans do have all red LEDs, so that's something you might have to consider.
In other news, here are my stats for the day. One or two solo battles, a few in a two man platoon, and over half in a three man platoon. The more I do toons, the more I realize how immensely beneficial they are. Had a lot of fun; really good stuff tonight. And also, I feel your T49 pain. That disgraceful game in the T71 was me getting one shotted by one out of nowhere while doing a scouting pass.
Huh. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
Wait, is the x5 still going on over on the EU server? Sunday was the last day for NA.
Dang, nice to have you back. I wish you good luck in continuing the project!
PLEASE. This would be wonderful.
I don't "think you've played enough games" because I haven't seen your stats. Come on, out with your in-game name already. You posed a result months ago, and the person's stats didn't line up with what you were claiming. I asked you what the deal was, and you said that person wasn't you, meaning you posed someone else's (hopefully a friend's) claiming it as your own.Not trying to be a fanboy here or anything, but how is QB bad? Actually better question: how did I become a...
If they're actually getting too warm, then I would suggest two (or maybe even just one) intakes. The HDDs probably don't need much cooling, and since you have barely any fresh air coming in down there from the upper compartment, you should have them as intake.
I don't have any other tier 8 heavies to compare it to, but the IS-3 is personally my favorite tank right now. Its speed keeps it fun, and the gun is really solid. It can of course be inaccurate at times, but you are (or at at least should be) pretty close and up in people's faces, so the accuracy shouldn't be a problem. It's also not at all one of the worst Soviet guns as far as accuracy and aim time go. Plus, you can counter this by preparing to aim before you are done...
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