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I know you said you're no longer interested, but I fold on a 7990 (it's all I have), and I usually get somewhere between 250K-300K PPD. And Afterburner shows my usages as 0 as well, but HWMonitor says both cores on mine fluctuate from 50-100%, but usually above 80%. So I don't think what you saw was too abnormal, at least by my standards.
Ooh, fair enough. I absolutely love cold weather, so I really can't wait for winter either. I'm "that guy" that wears shorts year round, and the first day I can go outside and see my breath is one of the best days of the year for me.
Awesome, thanks for all the responses guys, I didn't expect so many. Respect to all of you.Yeah, the A/C here in my dorm actually can't keep up with my 7990 running all the time, I'm pretty sure. It's set for 71, and it usually hovers around 74-76 instead. Not too bad though. It did go up to 80 for a day or two though, and that was pretty rough. Pretty sure my roommate wasn't too pleased with me for it.Just crossed 5,000,000 points today though, so there is that.
Okay, so it does have quite the effect but you guys just deal with it for the most part? I'm impressed, that's dedicated. It also makes the days of Bitcoin mining seem a bit less sensible, considering the power draw a bunch of 280Xs must have created. Thanks for the response.
Okay, something I have to ask you guys, and forgive me if this is too... personal? of a question: how does folding impact your power bill, especially with all these crazy numbers you're been reaching? From what I understood from my parents, folding for even 6-8 hours a day had too much of an impact, so that's why I've started again now that I'm at college and the only concern is the heat generated.
Subbed as well. This should be interesting.
Definitely subbed! I've been thinking about this case as the one I'll use for my next completely new build (rather than replacing a few parts of what I have now as a sort of overhaul). I love inverted cases and somewhat unconventional designs, so this should be interesting. And it's great to hear good things about the Dark Base 900.
I've just gotten back into Runescape a few days ago. I've had a bit of an interest developing over the past few weeks, and it seems to be the only game I can easily run while folding, so that's a big plus. Either way, it's back on the grind to 99 Runecrafting for me. I was always disappointed I never got around to it before a stopped a few years ago, so I guess now is as good a time as any.
And I hit 3 million yesterday. But my computer seemed to have restarted overnight; I was greeted with the login screen when I woke up just a few minutes ago. The second core on my GPU seems to be working fine, but the first one looks to be terribly slow (says it'll take 1.13 days for this WU instead of a few hours). No other issues though; I'll see what it does. Perhaps I'll run a benchmark later today when I have some time and I'll see what it looks like. EDIT: Okay, I...
Thanks as well! I'm folding once again now that I'm in college and I don't have to worry about power consumption. This time I'm running anywhere from 18 or 20 to 24/7 (depending on how much free time I have since it's also my gaming computer). However, I don't think a 7990 is eligible for team competitions, is it? Probably since it's dual-GPU. Either way, it's really nice to be back folding again. Looking forward to cranking through those WUs.
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