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I'm considering this case in the coming months, but I'm not quite sure on what I can fit GPU-wise. Would a pair of R9 Fury Nitro cards (roughly 12.1 inches long) fit with a TT Water 3.0 360mm CPU cooler? I also imagine that Crossfire/SLI setups require horizontal GPU mounting rather than vertical with PCI risers. Thanks.
Just as a heads up, I'll have to stop folding 24/7 for the summer months starting in about three weeks or so. However, around mid to late August, I'd be more than happy to start folding again if there's still a slot available, and I still have compatible hardware. Just thought I'd let you gents know in advance.
I think it was only going to be given away if the total active folders hit 125, and we were four short, unfortunately.
Thanks a bunch!
I know we don't post these often, but I just hit a new record.
Yeah, it certainly seems like the charts are not up to date with the flatlines and all, but the tables are. It also seems that the daily stats under Blended Stats -> Teams -> [insert X team here] are out of date as well.
Okay, cool. Thanks for the info.
What do you mean by limiting factor? Sorry, the more I look into GPU overclocking, the more I realize how very little I know.Here's a quick shot of my settings, but note those clocks are stable, but they could probably be pushed a bit more. I haven't had time to test them as much as I'd like, and I got the card this past weekend.I don't think I'm going to fold much more with the 980 Ti during this Foldathon though, mainly because the temperature in this little room is...
As soon as I see an mATX X370 motherboard, I'll seriously consider making the jump to Ryzen, and probably rebuild my rig (again) in the process.On an unrelated note, does anyone know why a GTX 980 Ti wouldn't be forcing constant voltage even though I have the option checked in MSI AB? As a result, my voltage goes from ~1 V to ~1.2, and my core clock fluctuates between 1139 and 1481 or 1502, leading to my PPD changing by up to 100K or so.
Most everything you could ever want to know about GPU PPD averages, right here.
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