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I think getting Gunnar glasses or something of that nature is pretty pointless since they exist for the exact same purpose as programs like Flux, which it sounds like you already have. I doubt having both would do much, and it'd save you a decent amount of money.
Sorry if I missed it, but what cards are those? The whole deal looks fantastic. Glad to see the color back from LUMO.
Fair point. I'm just perplexed, as I thought I had stability figured out. I'm interested to see what went wrong.UPDATE EDIT: Folding rig is back up. PPD is a bit low even on new WUs, but I think that might just be the ones I'm getting. Resolution is still locked, but temps and clocks and everything else looks as normal. I'll have another look when I get back in person.
And now it looks like my whole folding rig restarted at some point yesterday evening/last night, so I just had a look at it right after I noticed. The resolution was locked at 640x480, and my Radeon Settings app wouldn't open. I did a restart, which always works since AnyDesk (my remote monitoring software) starts up with Windows, but this time it refuses to reconnect. So either internet went down in my dorm, or something else just crapped itself. This means I can't fold...
I'm heading home for spring break (coming back on the night of the 26th). My folding rig will stay in my dorm with no scheduled power outages, and I'll be monitoring it with AnyDesk from home. All should be business as usual, but if something's out of the ordinary with my PPD and I didn't catch it, please do let me know. And I'm assuming everyone else is trundling along nicely, which is great to see.
Just missed the 75 million.
Yeah, earlier in the day you sent me the invite was the last time I've played in a while. I think that was the day I got the stash tab, and I've been doing other stuff since. I'll hop on real fast and accept it. Thanks!
Well dang, that means I actually gotta play and cube the loads of stuff I got this season, because it sure won't all fit in my stash. Thanks for the heads up!
Signed up and ready to go. Hopefully I can leave my rig running in my dorm over spring break, otherwise I'll just use my gaming rig at home overnight.
I agree about the tie, as both teams have been seriously impressive. But if in history, tie breakers have been used, that works for me too.
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