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Hello, I have another request for new headphones for a friend. 1. Budget: $55 max 2. Music: Classic Rock/most anything 3. Nothing specific/special 4. Current products: No amp/DAC, only motherboard audio 5. Use: PC gaming and maybe music 6. United States, preferably Amazon Thanks guys!
Okay, sounds good. Thanks for the tips.
Oh, since you just gave me a number, I thought it was the model number of a completely different laptop and got kinda confused. So are you suggesting I just skip the extra storage?
Um... Could you link me to something please? I'm not sure what you're talking about specifically.
So are you suggesting one of these as an alternative? The only options that would be changed would be a 2TB HDD and a Samsung 850 Evo 250GB M.2 SSD (since I now realize I wouldn't be able to fit a 2.5 in. HDD and SSD at the same time). The only difference seems to be an M.2 SSD instead of an extra 8GB of RAM, which is perfectly fine.
I've been thinking about getting a Windows laptop to replace my old MacBook Air that I would use in college, and I'm inevitably going to be doing some gaming on it. I would like it to be able to run games on mid to high settings for at least the next few years. I came across this laptop, and I figured I could save some money by getting the RAM, SSD, and HDD on Newegg and installing them myself. I already have a copy of Windows 10 to use as well. This would mean the only...
Same, it makes it feel like a really high quality product.
The H630 looks to me like a simply larger H440. So, unless you need the extra space for whatever reason, I'd say just get the 440. It seems like it would suit your needs just fine, as it is indeed a very solid case.
Just joined. This should be really interesting.
You'll have no problems with 140mm fans in the front with the XB EVO for sure. However, I can't really recommend any good, silent fans, as I'm not too concerned about noise, so I just get a nice looking LED fan and call it a day. You could probably find some nice fan guides here on OCN instead and get some recommendations from far more knowledgeable people than myself.About dust and the 200mm fan, I'm not sure if you'll actually have dust problems without a fan. Another...
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