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I did notice that, but though there is nothing wrong with the write-ups at all (they're really quite good), the less time you spend writing, the more time you have to do... well, everything else you have set up for yourself. Personally, the pictures and diagrams with smaller amounts of text do well enough for me, but the proper logs with more in-depth explanations are certainly appreciated.
I just finished skimming/reading through this whole thread for an hour or so. Definitely subbed; this is a crazy project you have going here. I'm really interested to see where it goes.
Yeah, no overclocking here. I've run this setup quite a bit for the past two years exactly as is, and I've had no problems hardware/reliability wise. I'm heading off to college this fall with just a laptop, so I'll have to figure out if/how a desktop will work in a few months after I get settled.
Cooler Master Megaflow. All the gritty details of my build are in my sig.And before I ran that option 3 setup, I ran option 1. I switched after I finally got a 120mm fan filter. From what I remember, there wasn't a massive difference in CPU or GPU temperatures, but I think I was able to notice a difference in dust resting on various bits of my motherboard. Obviously there's still some that can settle from when my computer is off, but it looks rather clean on the inside,...
When you say "overwhelm", do you mean the CFM difference between intake and exhaust is too great?I did the quick math with mine, and my intake (two 140mm and one 120mm) adds up to 182.295 CFM. The 200mm fan in my case is rated at 110 CFM. And yeah, those are theoretical values since they're filtered and one has a radiator on it, so that'll mess with the flow. But would you consider that to be too imbalanced?I'm not going to be running this rig for too much longer, so...
I would go with solution 3. That is essentially what I have set up with an AIO CPU cooler in the front and a traditionally cooled graphics card. I also have the bottom fan on the back as an intake. As long as all of your intake fans are filtered (so if you do solution 3, the only ones you'd have to worry about are the ones on the back), you'll have positive air pressure (I think that's what it's called), meaning all of the random mesh and openings will have air flowing out...
After seeing your post, I decided to go back to the game today. And wow, it really has lost a lot of traffic. Really disappointing, to be honest. It could be the time of day that I checked in, but it can't really be good either way. I have stopped playing WoT pretty much altogether in favor of Armored Warfare, but I haven't been doing much AW either because I'm just not terribly interested in competitive multiplayer games at the moment.
The cheapest it has ever been is $19.99 at 50% off (though the current full price is $44.99, so I guess the base price must have gone up by $5 since then. But I'm guessing it should go down to 50% again for the summer sale in four to six weeks.
That special has me hooked again. We'll see how much progress I can make on my Challenger. But right now, it seems like money is more of a problem for me than anything since I seem to only play during specials.
Looks nice. Glad you have it up and running after all this time.
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