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Whoa, this is a thread I forgot about. Lot has happened since I've started playing again. Made a solid bit of progress to all skills 70+, only 7 to go, and I finally got my first 99, and it's in Runecrafting, of all things. Currently working towards 99 WC. I'm glad I got back into it; I've been enjoying it. And just out of curiosity, does anyone here use RuneMetrics Pro?
In the next few weeks, I'll be setting up a folding rig with a pair of Fury cards. I plan to run it on Linux and possibly dual-boot Windows as well, so I'd be more than happy post a comparison if I get the chance to.
Woo, just barely broke 600K. And I managed to stay in the top 50 by just a smidge. I'm thinking it'll be hard to top that for me. Awesome result as a whole, though, congrats guys on smashing that goal.
Okay, that B-Stock stuff does look like it's good value, but I think I would still rather have something from AMD and something that's brand new. I know I'm being somewhat annoying/stubborn, as some of my friends do this with computers as well, but I do appreciate the responses. The main thing I was concerned about in the OP are the motherboard/CPU combo, and it sounds like I'm good to go in that respect.
$279 each. They're Fury non-X though.
Thanks for the heads up on the OS. I'll give Linux a shot at first since there's not really a reason not to, but if I find the need to run Windows, I can make that happen as well. And I'm glad to hear the AMD CPU would work fine; I appreciate the info.Yeah, I kinda expected this. Power consumption isn't much of a concern, and for what I plan on spending (I'll probably pick up those Furys very soon since they're 10% off), I think one or two Nvidia cards wouldn't be too much...
I've been thinking about building a full-time folding rig since I already have half a computer worth of parts lying around anyways. Here's a proposed list, what do you all think? The parts I already own: NXZT Kraken X40 Samsung 830 128 GB SSD Cooler Master HAF XB Seasonic Platinum-1000 And the parts I would purchase: AMD FX-4300 MSI 970A Gaming Pro Carbon GSkill Ares 2x4 DDR3 1600 One or two Sapphire Fury Nitros I plan to run it on Linux, and it would be used pretty...
I'm still rocking my 7990 and now I'm starting to mess with settings in MSI AB for it a little more. I've undervolted recently down from 1.2 V to 1.1, and I can run Heaven for 20+ minutes with no crashes, and I've been folding with it nearly 24/7 for the past week or two, and I've had no crashes unless I try to open a game at the same time by accident. From what I've recently learned, increasing the temperature limit as well as the power limit can be beneficial even if...
And there it is!
Awesome. I've undervolted the 'ol 7990 since the last FaT, so folding has become a little more bearable. I look forward to this one, and hopefully I can squeeze out a few more points.
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