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There's a Discord server set up for hard dance music, here's a link if anyone is interested. I'll probably do most of my music sharing there.
Awesome, let's keep those points rolling in!
Ah, thanks. Didn't know about that thread. I'm leaving the house on the 18th, so I'll see what happens.
Wow, looks awesome. I really love the minimalism.
I know it's still November, but are there any plans regarding the December Foldathon? Just trying to figure out if I'll be home at the time or not.
Thoughts on the new content/season? I took a break for a few months, but in the past few days, I've tried ranked for the first time. I only got the 10 placement matches in, and while I'm aware that ranks are still a little wonky because it's the start of a new season, I'm Silver IV. I'm quite enjoying ranked, especially as a solo player. For reference, I have 67 hours in the game, have all operators unlocked, and I'm clearance level 51.
Oh wow, I didn't even notice. Are you starting to fold regularly? Impressive output nonetheless.
Now this is what I like to see. No super-awesome work units right now, but just having all this in front of me is really sweet to me. Side note, I'm still having to turn down my OC by 5 MHz on those Furys every now and then, and it pains me each time.
Whoa, that looks seriously awesome! Nice work.
Forgot about this thread. Here's some music or whatever.
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