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Need an external drive I can format fat32 for storing raw files. Would prefer if it had a combo firewire 400/800 and usb 2.0 but can deal with just one if the price is right.
Sweet then that easily solves my problem. I can even move my budget up a tiny bid and get the 2.2.I assume you're using software? Or is it a pinmod?
i still use a p4 prescott... to heat my garage in the winter
I'm about the change laptops and trying to decide to keep my processor, a 2.7ghz i7 2620m or swap to the 2.0ghz i7 2630QM? I'm a multitasking maniac but I'm afraid that losing almost a gig of processing power is going to be really noticeable. What do you think?
How did you confirm this specifically? Just getting 5-10fps could mean that the 4200m simply sucks at gaming. Is there a way I can verify it's working or not in game?
what overclock options do i have for the nvs 4200m? I have the optimus version that switches between the hd3000 and the quadro nvs 4200m and it really preforms like crap in deus ex hr.
I've got all the settings turned down and it runs between 35 and 40 fps. What I don't understand is why I'm getting such bad mouse lag? I've got the logitec g5 and I've messed with the mouse sensitivity and even tried a normal laser mouse too. Is it just the low fps? Is there anything I can do to improve the playability more with my current setup?
Macbook air form factor is much more appealing imho. The heat problems are an issue from two generations ago yet people still quote them like it applies to macbooks made today. I wouldn't wait. Instead I would grab a used macbook air and install windows 7 on it. New they're only like 1k. You can find them on craigslist for much much cheaper if you are patient. Even better though. Get a macbook pro. When I was looking for size vs power for my next laptop the internal...
I actually just answered a similar question:
7k+ posts and he thinks the cpu is soldered on? You don't do much besides desktops huh? Most laptops cpu's are not soldered on and are very upgradeable. Most gpus are unless their the modular type.So here's your dissasembly guide. Page 86 or so has the processor. This will help make sure you didn't make any mistakes. second is a bios / hdd lock.Google would help...
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