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Ive only tried fox and explorer, dont use any antivir or similar. Ive had greasemonkey for a long time, stopped using it 2 years ago tho. Removed it now. Cleared cache multiple times. No other plugins running. Again, no problem on any other website. Gonna try to reinstall FF then, see if it works. Any way I can export my saved logins?
yeah CCleaner is pretty much the only program i use besides steam, firefox and lightshot so thats to no avail
Dont have any of that since ages, and changed or mixed up nothing in my settings or elsewhere. And given that it gives me errors like "click thing is not a thing" and "line not defined", it seems its flat out broken instead of blocked! and its ONLY reddit. What the hell? its like someone doesnt want me to post anymore.
I just found out it doesnt work in internext explorer either - it says something like "line not defined" or whatever. Is there legit anything I can do about this?
Yeah I guess noone can help me with this, this other guy made a threat with identical problems and couldnt fix it either. I guess its just the magic unfixable javascript problem that randomly appears out of nowhere.
Only addons running are Adblock plus and Session manager, had Greasemonkey too but disabled it, no difference. Disabled adblock on reddit too, also no difference. This happened to me today even tho I did not change anything about my hard or software (and have not in a looong time). Wierd. Opening console even tho I have no clue about any scripts or whatever, found this line: "Client Error: "TypeError: click_thing is not a function" this likely is the error when I try...
Never had a problem, still dont have any problems on any other pages. However on reddit I cannot click on any elements that are not links like in the picture: I also cannot submit new posts. On some of them it shows no link info, on some it shows: Javascript:void(0). Also cannot vote on anything. what can I do to fix this? The browser is Firefox latest version, the OS is win7 64 bit.
again, I never said they are the same. where are you taking this from? are you drunk? are you trolling?Shut your pathetic mouth you confused troll.
never said they are the same, ur problem if u interpret that into my post.
mate, all feet are made out of teflon. i was comparing the old mx518 and the new mx518 and the g400, the latter two having feet which cover half the bottom.
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