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CSGO sens to pubg.
about dpi, we already reached 12k+ max dpi. I swear if the next avago/pixart iteration will be even higher...
Maybe wrong thread cuz I have an MSI mobo (z77g43), but did I hit a lucky cpu or what? My 3570k goes to 4.4ghz no issues by simply upping the core speed to 44 in the bios, voltage still on auto. Temps 57° C max. Checked with CPU-Z and voltage is stable at 1.2.
Intelli 3.0 with material update, quality switches / scrollwheel and up to 1200 dpi would be more than enough. as for the shape, its extremely comfy, but the rightclick and how easy it is to click gets in the way of comfortably palming it. It needs a small ledge on the right or something so one could rest their fingers on it.
so what exactly does the angle setting change and how do I use it?
Hard plastic pads are stupid and just wear off themselves and the mousefeet way too fast. Its just not worth it. In fact, its stupid given the current materials that are used on mice. I wish there was more development in that area. The same old low lifetime plastic (teflon my ass) for 15 years. Like Sharkoon used ceramic feet for one of their mice and they are actually decent and last much longer. Like how about some PEEK mouse feet?...
how does the mousewheel rattle? you mean when u shaek the mouse? the only thing that seems to rattle a bit when I shake the mouse is the sensor/the lens thingy. anyway, taking this opportunity to praise the genius coating once again. Hands down the best coating of any mice I ever tried. Grips well but not sticky nor slippery nor does it collect grime and feels very smooth.
1. MX510 / 518 / G400 2. G403 3. -
Used logitech all my life. Why would they break? Feet and switches can easily be replaced. Nothing else should break as long as you dont smash it.
Took me a while but I found a comparison which lists the MSI gaming X as the quietest by far , followed by the Zotac AMP (non OC). Since the zotac is 40euros cheaper and has a 5 year warranty, I am probably settling for that one. Didnt really feel like spending 300 bucks considering I mostly play multiplayer games on low settings for max fps (csgo etc), but do I really have a choice? Paying 150 for a 1050 ti which is barely faster than my 660 ti seems to not be an option.
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