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meh, no thanks. keep the reddit disease out of here please. besides, there is plenty of cheap mousepads that are of good quality. examples: QCK, sharkoon 1337 etc..
Could you put up a mediafire link in the OP to make it easier for everyone? But on that note I would like to request a copy
+rep from me, changed my g400 without drivers to 500hz. I even consider 125-250hz sometimes.
#In most countries the average wage is like 10-15 dollars per are definitely wealthy if your hourly wage far excels 60 dollars.
To my understanding in a motion and tracking there will be little to no difference. It is in small increments where the difference happens. Afaik higher dpi picks up smaller movements more easily and starts moving sooner when you move your mouse around slowly.
any experiences with the D2F-01F vs the classic d2fc-f-7n?
I created a custom installer 3-4 years ago because I got tired of automatic updates and other windows crap interrupting my actions without my permission, its basically a modified black viper version. But now there is a couple of games or programs where the lack of having the most recent and uptodate windows version causes me some problems, so I wondered if there is anything I could do besides completely reinstall windows?
massive hand for reference. the g400 shape barely allows me to rest my entire palm, with the deathadder i already get cramped up, forcing me to bend my fingers.
i wanna grip it, so the back of the mouse has to be voluminous enough, like the g400. after asking the question i saw on the pictures that it seems closer to a deathadder which is too short and not fat enough for me
Glorious shape but too many unnecessary features. I might look into it tho. Its just nearly impossible to find a g400 shape-alike with the 3360. Tho I am not even sure I would need it tbh.
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