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Fanboys are in denial even when the results are happening in front of their eyes. Adren ended up with 14 frags total in a bo3 yesterday. People always make excuses for IGL but at the end of the day, if a player isn't fragging enough they will lose. was 13 frags behind the 2nd least fragging player.For every good game adren has if you want to even call it that since he only has good games against NA...
Chat doesn't work? That's just you....
That's strange. Ya i'm not seeing it either. I've ran Single Player 4 times to LVL 30's and I've never had that happen. I don't think the last mission gives medical, but I honestly can't remember.
You've finished all the Main Missions correct?Can you take a screenshot of your map?
I absolutely understand that, and it was quite a irrational thing to do. Picking up a player who you cut previously for continually performing poorly only to pick him back up after one good event is mind blowing.Renegades gets beat by C9. So tomorrow we'll be seeing C9 vs LG on TV!
Friends? You have that all wrong! They're not all friends. They've even made this very known to the public!
If you crafted a weapon from a blueprint, the weapon goes straight into your inventory. Liquid BOTDren is at it again. Made no sense in picking him back up when he was the one of the worst players in the Pro Scene.
All your blueprints will be at the crafting station.You can't create blueprints, I assume you mean you bought one/gained one from a mission?
Yep. E-League has been doing a fantastic job. Arena is absolutely incredible.
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