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  Right, but they don't ever mention it's actually happening for VEGA. In fact, Raja even says:  Not to mention Raja has said numerous times and shown numerous times the BIG VEGA.  Or did you all forget?
Where did AMD mention a infinity fabric VEGA Multi-GPU SKU ?Pretty sure AMD has said many times they were showing us BIG VEGA.
There is no infinity fabric SKU's for VEGA....
  Benching in DX12 for BF1 is essentially pointless.  Nobody plays BF1 in DX12 because there's so many issues with it running in DX12.
Cloud 9 can't make it past groups once again.
BIG beats SK, what a incredible win.
Exactly this.  The way it currently is fine, you should be able to remember something as simple as your meds/boosts/nades.  Opening your inventory to check isn't that hard either.
  They happen throughout the whole tournament including group stages!
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