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Online really isn't that buggy. If anything, playing Online right off the bat gives you a good head start. Being at the lower level gives you a slight disadvantage in nearly everything you do.
Is your GPU overclocked? Are you using MSI Afterburner/EVGA Precision? Do you have Malware-Bytes?
If BethesdaBethesda came to Valve. Half of the people in this thread act like Valve was the sole company who wanted to do this, when in reality it was Bethesda who came to Valve to implement this.Lol, the amount of people who are confused and don't understand the situation is hilarious.Valve deserves some hate for implementing the idea that Bethesda tossed at them. That I don't disagree, but people really need to be reminded where the origin of this idea came from to...
Are you sure the game still uses Windows Media Player? EnvyUS vs NiP in Quad OT. 30 - 30 states the refund policy right there.
And sadly people still don't read even that part.My only issue with this whole thing is that Valve agreed to it.
This. People seem to not realize this at all because they don't actually read the articles. Instead they prefer to read only the headline.... Valve is not taking 75%. Bethesda is taking a cut, but we don't know the exact numbers of how much each are taking. Together they're taking 75%/
Where are you guys reading this part?Valve isn't taking 75%, Valve AND Bethesda are splitting 75%.This is something Bethesda most likely brought up to Valve by the sounds of it. Either way, Valve ended up implementing it. That's where I see the problem. The idea however seems to be from Bethesda.It's written right in the Skyrim Workshop Terms.
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