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Posts by dmasteR BenQ XL2411Z since you're in Canada. Get this over the VG248QE (I'm a VG248QE owner). BenQ is currently cheaper, and it uses the same exact panel as the Asus. BenQ has better colors though as the matte coating isn't as heavy.
Looks like someone meant to sell it for 152.4x and missed a digit... Moment of silence for this individual. Whats everyone's favorite skin around $10-15? Trying to get a idea of what everyone likes, for well
Did you add your trade URL?
I find myself caught with nades out a lot more when I would do this.So I kept only my flash to my front side button and my Smoke to "F". You're going to have trouble finding a mouse though that fits that requirement that isnt a MMO mouse these days.If you don't mind only two side buttons, then there's tons of options!
There's almost no mouse with 3 buttons on the side besides the MMO mouse. Which I don't suggest....
Where does it say I have 100,000 kills? o.OThanks! I didn't even know haha.By the way, those posted rosters on HLTV for the french scene are confirmed. I talked to Happy from LDLC about it.
Market price / 2.50 then just bargain to get a cheaper price.
Buy keys from a key seller (i know a few) take the keys and trade it for a butterfly knife
Not sure yet, gonna watch C9 first.
My bets for tonight. Will most likely put some money on ClouD9 vs iBuyPower too.iBP doesn't throw, people really need to stop saying they do.
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