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What rank did everyone get? Solo'd the first 10, got 61. The hard carries were real.
Pretty much every MicroCenter is supposed to have 100~ as well!
3GB in 2016 is pretty pointless. NVIDIA would really need to price it below the RX480 for it to gain much traction as the RX 480 will be solid for people looking for a upgrade.
Anyone notice the different sizes for the Aftetburner Text. Usually that change is due to different resolution is it not?
Yep. You are indeed correct, already been mentioned above.Whoops. My apologies, some reason the reference clocks for the original slipped my mind. Kept thinking about the Ghz edition.
You must not be able to read my posts, let alone yours. You're literally cherry picking your statements., 1300 wasn't the norm. I could care less if i'm right or wrong, as I've already said I was incorrect in a previous post.Noticed this as well. Not really quite sure why, could it be because of the new Polaris Scheduler? Have these leaks been mentioned yet?
Already mentioned. Again the 7970 doing 30% isn't the norm. I own one.Was that the average clock?I've never owned one, let alone look at the 7850.EDIT: Ya, going up to 1340 isn't even close to the average. That's like saying 980Ti go up to 1625.
I'll agree with 7970's. Forgot some of them got into the 1200 range, wasn't even close to the average though.
Factor in GPU Boost 2.0, and it's no where near 30%.
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