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NiP is the only team with no cheaterinos duh! /sarcasmEven with the amount of preparation they may have had, they were still still limited to one month. NiP is still struggling strategically IMO. The match against ESC, they never obtained enough Mid control on T side to gain any information or stop rotation. Granted Cache is one of NiP's weakest map, but it was ESC.....
I think he was watching it from his phone.
Correct. Maikelele is the new player on NiP that replaced Fifflaren (Who is now casting).
I think his computer crashed actually, but not positive. Usually means it couldn't connect your computer I believe.LDLC wins 16-13 on overpass over NiP.LDLC won on a eco! No Armor/Nades!
Ya, that was so close.Lets go LDLC!!!
It was just a Authentication error...... NiP vs Planetkey is LIVE you BEST BE WATCHING!
This is that fantastic Dust2 round.
Ya, this is just a beat down lolLets just say twitch chat too fast.
Who just saw that 1vs3 by JW with CZ! HOLYYYYYYY
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