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JoshOG isn't very good. Just your typical CS:GO streamer who entertains, but has no in depth knowledge of CS. probably the most helpful streamer. He's a ex-pro who streams for entertainment, but he does explain quite often.However I suggest his youtube channel more than I do his twitch channel as it's more helpful. out the "What Is:" videos, and also the " Tips & Tricks" videos. Demo reviews...
You may want to post your Steam Profile and your location. Easier for people to add you
Although they don't make the AD700's anymore, they have replaced them with a newer model called the AD700x seems to be replacing AdreN/Mou combo as they've been using oskar / styko for their last 4-5 matches.
Pascal is supposed to have HBM2. NVIDIA even stated it in their slides a few months back.
It does indeed do something. you're not cheating, you honestly have nothing to worry about. Overwatch is made for people who are blatant.Nope, you can not play on anything VAC secured if you have a CS:GO Vac Ban. The rest of Thoorins top 20 CS:GO players of all time. In case you missed the link for the first 10:
I honestly don't even see the point of reducing the Zues max run speed. People were holding close angles to catch people going around corners to taze them. Reducing max speed seems rather pointless IMO.
Pretty sure it used the same max player speed as if you had your knife out. So 250, if it wasn't 250, it was 240 as I know it was either identical to Knife run speed, or really close. Top 20 CS:GO players of all time. Top 11-20, I assume the rest will be coming out shortly! Just a small patch released.
Personally I would prefer all Operation Missions to have nothing to do with Competitive on the Operation Maps. They're impossible to queue at Global Elite. I've sat in lobbies for 5+ hours before and got nothing.
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