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Do you have any custom configs/autoexecs running?Whats in your launch options?
Still no word from Ido.... Maybe Valve won't release a update during ESWC? Hmmm
Who cares what others think. Mute them if it bothers you, or use it for motivation to show them you're good. In the past, and even today, I always use any trash talk as motivation.Playing premades when you're solo queing will only make you better quicker. It makes sure what you call, is absolutely precise, being forced to play smarter or you'll die,etc etc.
Must be a lot more different in Europe, cause typically most DMG's in NA already do that. You could try FaceIT and see if its any better.
A little late about this, as I forgot. ESWC Viewers Guide for those that didn't know: $50,000 Prize pot I believe Production value has been disappointing so far....
It hasn't stopped Valve or other developers in the past, I don't see why it would change now. Honestly, if anything. Official Matches/Tournaments are the best time to test things. It's where everything matters, so teams/players need to be able to adapt quickly. Only problem is it brings in a random factor.Happens in DOTA2 as well. You'll notice the same teams always winning when there's any gameplay/mechanic change.
I'm going to assume so. Like I said, they updated content for CS:GO on the content server which means there's a patch ready. They must have ran into a big issue I assume which is why they're not releasing it.
Doesnt look like its tonight. Ido from Valve would announce it by now if it was today, well at least he normally would.
Same time frame as always.Patches for CS:GO have launched on Wednesday/Thursdays and always around 5-9pm CST.We get patches on Fridays, but those are never large, typically just hotfixes for the larger patch that happened earlier in the week.
I would assume tonight, Valve normally only uploads to their content server if its the day of the patch to get majority of the final files onto the servers before they release it.When they upload the content to the content servers, it normally means the patch is ready, and is just under testing for the rest of the day.
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