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Well that was quick!  Congrats Robilar on your new 1080Ti.  
  The Gigabyte card in that review is not the same as the one Robilar is talking about.  The one tweaktown reviewed is not the Extreme Edition Aorus.
Grab the Zotac.  There's little reason to pay $70 bucks more for the Gigabyte card considering all these cards overclock the same when you do decide to overclock and the cooling is actually slightly better on the Zotac IIRC.
If you're using the i7-920, the CPU is most likely your issue.
  That's actually incorrect.  They rolled back part of the patch after they released the 5.5GB~ patch last night.   
  Are you using any launch options / config INI changes (If you are, remove them)?  Setting everything to Very Low doesn't guarantee higher FPS, I would play around with the settings.
  These benchmarks are outdated already unfortunately after todays patch.
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