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Didn't realize we were casted again. Second time this week!Unfortunately we lost tonight, but we have many more matches coming up! Our train is just so bad.
In! Thanks for the giveaway. It would be going into my current rig in my sig.
Fixed the link to the video.
Actually enjoyed this video. It seems a lot of the newer generation CS players don't know about these mods. Enjoy :] GREAT way to enjoy CS, while not playing it competitively!
It took me 10 wins in a row to go from SMFC to GE once.Updated.
I can edit for you, what rank are you now?
If you head to OP. You'll find a lot of OCN members who have posted their rank/location/Steam Username on there that you can add.
Are you doing your missions?How many hours have you put in since Wednesday? (Drop reset day)
KennyS is on Titan.LDLC vs Epsilon.
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