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I have absolutely no sag with my Asus Z170 Maximus HERO. I did however have some when I was on my Z68 Asrock.
Looks like a pretty big ban wave came in today. Hopeully this will get rid of a lot of cheaters for a few days!
They're nerfing the 100% accuracy that the Balanced Talent has.
patch notes
GS even beyond 150-155 is irrelevant to be fair. One could be running trash secondary/sidearm which would lower their GS heavily.Really wish GS was more relevant.
You do understand how easily inflated GS score is right? I could be running a full 240 set with 204 Primary/204 Secondary/204 Sidearm and do less damage in PVP and PVE than a non-inflated 172 GS.I see a tad over 160K crits and that's without pulse with a 204 AUG. My M1A gets nearly 700K crits with pulse. That's all with a 172 GS setup.I've solo Hard Incursion already.
Stats go out the window with a 4 piece sentry.I'm running 230K DPS, but the second I proc a player/PvE they melt instantly. I can solo run Hard Mode Incursion/Challenge Mode Missions. Gear Score 190~ because I don't care enough to inflate my GS by using a HE Pistol/HE Secondary.
Why not just play Incursion for the guarenteed Set Piece? Or a much higher chance in the DZ? You're grinding things that aren't even fun to you, why you would do that makes no sense....Got three set pieces from Supply Drops last night in the DZ, and another 4 from doing the weekly on Incursion for Hard and Challenging. That's 7 pieces in 3 hours...
Same type of garbage software as ***ast. Not to mention if you go to Kill Pings site, it's all kind of sketch.
Sweet giveaway! Entering for the MODA PRO with Brown switches. Floating key designs look so good!
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