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Posts by dmasteR LOL, gotta love s1mple.
It's being sold on exclusively. No aftermarket cards like all the other Titans. With a price tag of $1200, I'm going to assume it will still sell out.
Nice to see DDK casting!
DVA is overpowered at the moment. Literally every single player above 55 Skill rating is complaining about how overpowered she is.If Blizzard is seriously balancing the game towards the 50 skill rating mark, its a bad choice. You always balance for the best players.Pharah used to be such a good choice even at the top level. The Mcree buff was really unneeded IMO, he's absolutely insane at the mid range.EDIT:Is it me, or does the PTR seems a tad pointless considering no...
Nope, but it looks literally identical to a Deathadder. Rather get a Deathadder.....
XFX still has Lifetime warranty, but the card must be bought through BestBuy. Bought one the other day for a friend as a gift.For everyone not in the USA however, this won't matter. Pretty nice Interview with ELIGE
Knowing the ID Tech engine, almost everything is tied to FPS like the previous engines have always been.
The game already has a legal gambling implemented called Case Openings
For those that were too lazy to find it.
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