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None. Make sure you're using DX11. Those frame drops are a common issue with DX12.You shouldn't be seeing frames much lower than 120 assuming you're running Ultra @ 1080p.On a 980Ti and never drop below 125~ Ultra @ 1080p.
Not many scout players are using the flares yet, but they will soon as it gives your whole team a radar hack basically.Anyone else really glad that spotting has been nerfed drastically? Makes flanking way more viable now!
Won't be on till later, was nice seeing you join the squad the other day. We did good! 1.4 is Finally out, patch is amazing. This patch really turned the loot system around! Lots of goodies
Similar situation. 473 Skill 1026 Score/Min, literally always placed on the losing team.There might be a few Rank 10 weapons/unlocks. Not sure though as i'm not a huge vehicle player.Are your hard locks turning into BSOD?
No crashes every. Running DX11, if you're running DX12 make sure you go back to DX11. DX12 is very unstable, and gives poor performance.
Doubt this will matter once people are able to rent servers. Operations is a better version of Rush anyways.
K/D Ratio hardly shows much of the picture though. I can sit and camp and get a insane K/D, or I can storm into every capture point first in with a sniper and still obtain a 3+ K/D, while being exponentially more useful to the team.I see just way too many scouts who aren't willing to just go into a point, which this game just isn't about. Scouts are more useful when their pushing with their squad.EDIT: Does anyone know where the SPM (Score Per Minute) is?
I see too many people who are scared to objectives/go in after their teammate to trade frags. I see assault class players who rather sit outside of points then rush in and clearing the objectives. Always play with confidence, and you'll have a easy time. There's a lot of weapons you can unlock in the beginning. The ones you can't you need to be a higher rank on that class. So keep playing that class and you'll rank it up and be able to buy the weapon.Played a game a...
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