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Hahha.Updated OP. Thanks Pyscho!
Where is this magical squeeky door and hut on Inferno??? (I know you meant Nuke)
If you die second round, and you guys don't win second round. You shouldn't be buying period. A full save is required at this point as you'll have under 2K. CZ75/P250 only, but definitely do not buy armor + SMG.I suggest watching some of the pro matches, and see what they buy. It's honestly the best way to understand this game quickly. If you watch, during ESL, SMG's are almost never bought because they're so weak against a team that buys CZ/P250 + Armor. In MM...
UPDATE: Tried posting in the same thread. Issue seems to have resolved itself. Must have been just been a issue while the site was moving to the different data center as I don't see the issue anymore.
Oh, well got that mixed up haha. Whoops!Glad you corrected me :]EDIT:Found a pretty nice looking AK Case Hardened! Practically all gold!
Yep, Beuwest from BF3/BF4.
What happened? Everytime I post I'm getting this. There's a "second" OCN page that brings up a error. Are you able to reproduce this problem consistently? I tried posting multiple times and it gave the same error. What steps did you take to reproduce this problem? Just replied to the Official CS:GO Thread. Post would not go through, and would result with the error. What action did you expect to occur when this...
Best to download the demo if you wanted to watch the match. The people who casted it missed a lot of the action kills lol. I can link the stream in case anyone wanted to watch it, but like I said. They missed a lot of the action. at 12:52
Honestly can't wait for this!
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