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Make sure to block instead of just declining.I've removed the google docs though, so lets see if that fixes it!
Fnatic is on FIRE right now.
Zemco said the same thing. Now we need to figure out whats the cause of this. Should I remove the Google docs for the mean time, and see if that fixes it?Google docs have been removed. Let me know if the Bot adds stop. (I havent gotten anything yet)
Whats a good replacement 200MM fan for the top? Mine recently started to click, and I want to replace it with something better! May also replace the one in the front as well! (650D)
Can you please post his Profile link here.
No. Please dont fall for anymore scams. Hey can you please screenshot this as well? This guy needs to be reported.Much easier. There's less recoil/bullet spread and the hitboxes are much bigger in Source.Nope. Rate of Fire is the same. It's because tap shooting is easier on Source. The bullet recoil "cool down" was much quicker.The outlets for 5vs5 were just as popular IMO. You just needed to know where to look. Back when Source/1.6 were at its prime, you had to...
I haven't played it just yet, but I enjoyed Tomb Raider and Hitman.
Tomb Raider Game of the Year $6.24 Hitman Absolution: Elite Edition $7.49 THIEF: Master Thief Edition $11.21 All of them require STEAM.
If you're not cheating, you have nothing to worry about.People shouldn't be judging another player simply because they are hitting shots though. It should be their sketchy playstyle/shots.Almost everyone I've ever reported has been VAC'd. I keep track of it on VACSTATUS.comThe amount of people in GE/SMFC/LEM who are triggerbotting/low FOV aimbotting is rather amusing.
He played for A-Gaming. He'll definitely be one of the better players IMO if he does end up joining HellRaisers. He should hopefully put HellRaisers back on the map.
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