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Solid frags :]
Played a MM game on my alt account today and 3 people got UNTRUSTED Accounts in the game lol. 4/5 of them were cheating.... and were still barely winning rounds lol.
This didn't happen nearly as much with the past CoD games. Specifically speaking about CoD, CoD:UO, CoD2. The player base on those two actually grew after the launch quite a bit, and was rather steady up until the next iteration of CoD came out. CoD1 player base stayed roughly the same up until CoD2 came out, CoD:UO player base didn't affect the CoD1 user base.I agree those games aren't the rule, but there's a reason why those games continue to have a growing player...
Why be sarcastic? I never said it's a game that no one enjoys. Clearly people do enjoy it, the point i'm making however completely went over your head. You don't start off with ~120K PC players concurrently and end up with ~32K PC players a year later, clearly there's a issue if the majority of the people who bought your game aren't playing anymore.
For a AAA title, BattleField clearly isn't pleasing the vast majority of the FPS gamers. People are clearly disappointed/upset/bored/etc. The concurrent users on BF quickly declines shortly after launch, I wonder why? EDIT: Hardline concurrent players are even more disappointing lol.
Negative. Nothing yet from Valve.
First off, it's not only up to Valve to make it a Reserve map. FMPONE has to approve it to be put in the reserve.Not only my opinion and the opinion is the same for the majority of the competitive scene (Not talking about MM, but Tier1/2/3 teams). Rotates on CT are too long, you often see 4/5 man executions into sites and teams rarely do a standard "default". Because the rotations are so long for CT's, they're also insanely long for T's which makes fakes insanely...
They've acknowledged that their Steam Support is bad.
What you think is a nice sticker, isn't nice to others. I personally wouldn't pay a dime extra for a sticker on any gun, nor do I ever sell any of my skins with stickers on them for a higher price.My .02 them passwords on Twitch!
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