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Posts by dmasteR For those that didn't know. Starting in a few minutes the FaceIT Finals are happening. $44,000 dollar prize pool held at Milan, Italy. The above link is the viewers guide. Great weekend for CS!
Price changed. $140 shipped.
Winners were the post number.So its Pyscho, zemco999, and GonX.Sorry for the confusion.Please lock thread.
Have you verified your game files? I wonder if this would fix the issue.
I thought the same thing. I'm wondering if Valve is taking a closer look at the user created skins this time to avoid the issue they had last time. This could potentially be the reason why it's taking so long.Oh and another HotFix patch just came out as well.
Already over.You're post #2!
Whats happening? Been tuning in and out so I haven't been paying much attention. Is it DDOS, or are they having VAC errors?Happened at CopenHagenGames 2013 as well haha. Winners have been drawn. Results in the post above.
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