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For those who weren't aware, Copenhagen Games are this weekend starting tomorrow! All the matches with times are posted on the right side of Grand Prize is: 14,000€ Should be another fantastic tournament!
Ya was absolutely insane, I won another AK redline from that match. I won a total of 3 AK Redlines today lol. and check the matches they play. Go to Statistics > Counter-Strike: Global Offensive > Players > and click on their team name.
EZ skins EZ life is for any time you win a bet pretty much. I honestly hate it when people say it, it's really obnoxious to be honest. It really depends on who the underdog is, and what map they play. I've said it in my previous posts, but you must be doing research before you make bets!Anything can happen during BO1's, but you can increase your odds by knowing what teams are good on what maps, what side they're good at on each map. You also need to know what style of...
That's not true, there's been a underdog win just yesterday. MouzSports vs MYM. MYM won 16-3 There was also two underdogs wins last week!
Now, do people in Europe still use the word "war" for scrims still, or is that term no longer used?Back when I was playing in the Professional/Invite scene for CoD I remember everyone in Europe used the term war.
Pugs are the same thing as Mixes as people in Europe call it. Scrims are Team practice. I believe those are the correct terms for European players...
Is that the ESEA match or the StarLAdder?I'm personally trying to make a bet on Clan Mystik vs Titan on Mirage (ESEA). Putting some skins on CM Bots are done as always
It's the only one. That's why.
Because they did so well against Titan, I had a good feeling they would do well against NiP. That was the biggest factor for me to make the bet, if only the bots weren't offline....... EDIT:Clan Mystik vs Fnatic odd's are looking good... Depending on the map and how "on" clan Mystik is, people could see very good rewards.Debating on putting some skins on this.
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