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Don't install the HD Audio or the Physx.
Doesn't matter. Just a player that people thought had insane aim, and there was a youtube video of him playing. He never really played at the pro level, and i'm not sure if he even played at the semi-pro level. Most of the french scene never picked him up because they thought he cheated. It was just a matter of time.
NVIDIA China typically gets the latest brand of NVIDIA drivers. They're typically very stable and offer slightly better performance than the regular NVIDIA drivers. Just remember to not install anything but the drivers.These drivers are used at Internet Cafes in China, since Internet Cafe's a very popular over there. Thus they need the most stable drivers possible with a slight performance boost.
Intel Quad Core. CS:GO loves the high IPC processors. You could easily get away with a 2500K with a mild overclock (4.5Ghz) and give him a nice 200+ fps when paired with the 7970.
GTA does not slow my gambling habits. Anyone know which skins were community made, and which were Valve made? I can't figure it out cause nearly all of them are so disgusting.....
Lets just say GTA V has been taking up most of my time I'm still up to date with whats going on with CS, I just haven't played any until this update.
New Knife is disgusting, and I think almost every new skin is as well. Haven't played too much of the latest update, so I won't judge the rest just yet...
Nope, there's only two cops there that you need to kill. You can take your time after you're through the tunnel.
How is adding skins, making the game worse? The skins fund the CS:GO Tournaments. They do nothing to change to the mechanical aspect of the game unlike TF2.Valve is working on this game, not Steam. Steam is a product.
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