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CTE for the next Patch is out. Lots of weapon changes.  
 Ya that's because it's a Rockstar Social Club Key and not a Steam key. If you can refund your Rockstar Social Club key, you should go buy the Steam version that's the same price (50% Off).
Dang, is there anyway to get a refund?   If you can refund it, I would buy it off of Steam since Steam still has 50% off on GTA V.
  Have you tried pausing the download and starting it back up?   That download is insanely slow LOL.  How much did you get GTA V for?
  Titan X(Pascal) is part of the Pascal Architecture.  AMD is taking shots at NVIDIA Volta with their ad, which honestly made no sense to me. 
 Fury X sold terrible compared to the GTX 980Ti, you know it's competitor?
All DLC Weapon Requirements                                   
  VP can't hear you. 3rd map   Incredible.
  Fury X was set to launch at a much higher price point, but the 980Ti launched which forced the Fury X to lower it's price before it even came out.
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