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There is a Single Player DLC planned yes, but it's not going to cost money. Rockstar introduced Shark Cards, and those pay for the DLC's.,1.html
They're not selling us DLC.
If I remember correctly, it's calculated by number of kills and how many objectives you finished.For example on A-Series Trash Truck. Every time someone puts a trash bag into the truck they get X amount of points, every time someone kills someone they get a X amount of points. Oh and also difficulty gives a multiplier of your final score.I assume you're getting money from a cheater, or giving yourself money via a trainer since your money doesn't add up either.48.7...
Yep, and ESEA continues to grow. ESEA currently has 50K Premium Users. Not even a year ago, ESEA was just under 30K Premium Users.
It was one of the Series-A heist setups. Can't remember which however. As psycho said, its 13 mins. your GTA name here so people know your name in GTA!
Have you ever actually used ESEA client? It's by far the best service.There's a reason why ESEA has by far the most popular service in North America still.
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