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Sounds about right according to HWBot.
Yep I know, I frequently play Overwatch. 63 tick is still unacceptable for real competitive play, same goes for CS:GO which has been played at 128Tick since the game came out.Been such a dry few months with no tournaments in CS:GO. Feels odd! I miss having tournaments all the time. Astralis struggle is so real.
That's because Overwatch also has absolutely no competitor like ESEA/FaceIT/CEVO. Overwatch is also a brand new game with no established Leagues, where as CS has had established leagues running the tournaments.I agree Overwatch MM is solid, but if they were to ever get a competitor like ESEA, pro players that play in MM would quickly disappear.Tickrate is still awful in OW.
Probably because no one that's serious about competitive CS would play it. Just like how Matchmaking is in it's current state.As Psycho said, your usage sounds about right, but your drops are not normal. Have you tried running Maximum performance in your NVIDIA CP for CS:GO? It may keep your clocks a tad higher than the default "Optimal" setting. For anyone looking for the Source.
SteamLink?PS4 slim looks like a flattened PS3 to me.
That version of Forza although Free, lacks a ton of content.Forza Horizon 3 the "Full Game" will not be free, however it's no longer exclusive to just the Xbox, and will be available on PC Windows 10.
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