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Better off buying the Standard Edition and getting the Season pass if you like the game.Ultimate Edition has the Season pass included and some cosmetics, Deluxe Edition is just cosmetics no season pass.I think the real question is which one? They both struggled.
Just realized I posted the wrong GIFV. I was so confused as to why you said car.... we go......
Have you been watching the WESG event? VP was super close to losing against DarkPassage this moring!Oh and Ex-TSM have been signed to MisFits a LoL organization.
The context of his tweet is exactly what it says, its was shortly after all the GTX 1080 reviews popped up. There's no hidden messages.He deleted it within the hour after realizing how wrong he was. With in the next month, he lost all his possible reviews samples.
Not sure why you don't think there's a way to reproduce identical runs in CS:GO.'ll stop trying to educate you though.
Why do people continually say this when it's not true. a few examples. Battlefield 1, GTA V, CS:GO, etc all benefit from faster RAM speed.EDIT:
I'm sure you've seen his twitter post then as well? This was posted when the GTX 1080 came out.Quite hilarious honestly.! Which one of you is this?
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