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The snap to apartments is nothing suspicious. He killed a guy A ramp, the only other logical place a player could be is A apartments. The witch hunt is getting obnoxious.It's honestly the logical thing to do. You're trying to save your weapon/armor after the round win, you'll quickly snap your crosshair to the most logical spot the enemy would be. Also notice where he "snaps" its the entrance of apartments where he also hears him running out of.No way am I saying it's...
HahahahhaaMore to come boys! Get that popcorn ready!
Yes, by the looks of it. and Epsilon Disqualified Officially. Sf from Epsilon banned. Welp, DreamHack Winter is gonna be really interesting. I believe this means Epsilon cannot participate at DreamHack.
Mousepads these days are all going to have essentially the same amount of precision. It all comes down to what you prefer, fast/slow cloth, or hard pad.
Are you looking for another cloth pad? A faster cloth pad? Slower cloth pad? We need more details!RIP comcat users.
KQLY getting banned in the top 10 of reddit.
@Fusion Racing just showed me this sticker, I will be buying many of these if they ever become available!
People get past it, just like people get past it in real sports. It's unfortunate, but it does happen. We can now only assume they were cheating the whole time, as no one will truly know when they started to cheat, and when they stopped cheating.
Confirmed Clean my friend. :] won't be attending DreamHack by the looks of it. This changes a lot....
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