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Posts by dmasteR Comes with Rise of Tomb Raider and a MSI Sistorm GAMING Mouse Pad
You'll be able to keep the clothes. The Christmas update was all free (assuming that's why they removed it), you didn't need to spend a dime on any of it.I just spent over 3Million total on everything. Both Valors, and all of the Valentines clothing/Masks for both of my characters.Confirmation: Valentines update out! Valentines Update is out!
Open Beta has now been confirmed.
The cheaters have been essentially gone for weeks now. I haven't seen one in nearly a month.The Division Open Beta has been confirmed:
Your sensitivity does not change going from 16:9 to 21:9..... Visually looks different because of the aspect ratio, but still takes the same amount of swipes to do a 360.
Can't really compare Console performance to PC gaming performance.....
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