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No, not at all. It's not what CS is balanced on either. CS is balanced for defusal maps only in fact. Not to mention the skill cap/gap is much higher on defusal than any other modes in CS.
You're honestly better off tossing in some money for the Operation at the 5.99 price right when it comes out and play quite a bit. You'll have two case drops within the first week which will already pay for the full price and you'll already have made money from it.Waiting till it hit 99 cents, and you end up recycling back into the same situation.I've made money from selling every case I get within the first two weeks and normally make around 20-30 bucks.Should invest...
Won't be till next week's patch I would assume. I was expecting it to be in the patch this week, but looks like it wasn't.I rather have Valve make sure they choose good maps this time anyways. New operation means new skins, new maps, new missions(?). Can't wait! Welp, that wraps it up.
CS:GO Update released
Just need to keep trying.
They lost pistol round, lost both eco rounds a first gun round, and a save round and they quit? They do realize being 0-5 isn't that big of a deal right?
iBP honestly has been overrated for a long time now. Ever since they stopped practicing, they started to struggle even more.What other game modes do you want? Nobody in CS:GO plays any other game mode besides the stock bomb defusal gametype. The skins are completely visual, nobody is forcing people to buy skins.The vast majority of the community enjoy the skins as it brings something rather simple into CS:GO without ruining its gameplay.NiP has only had one CS:GO team,...
CS:GO Update released.Thank gosh for the BOLD part.
hahahhaa, this reference is too good.
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