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  Ya I have no experience with ARMA / H1Z1 / DAYZ or any of these type of games.  Still placing top #10 though about every game. Won my first game today!  
  Nope.  Maybe a AMD issue since Super Sampling is part of your drivers? NVIDIA DSR works fine.
Really fun game, i'm quite impressed!  
  $15 per DLC most likely, and there's 4 DLC's.  Or just get Premium for $50.
  DLC won't be going free anytime soon considering all the DLC won't even all be out by then...  Pimp leaves Liquid.   It's already been fixed...
  Plenty of servers in North America.  Quick Play > Conquest or whatever gametype you like you play and you'll be in a game INSTANTLY.
  What are you even talking about?  VRR is typically for people who are playing around 60fps as that's where you'll really notice screen tearing on monitors. Higher the frames, the less noticeable the screen tearing is, thus less need for VRR.
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