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Eh, that's really not needed. You don't need to make your profile private, and not friend anyone from here on out....This is coming from someone who has a HUGE inventory worth over 10K+. a few simple things you need to remember. Don't click random links you don't know. Make sure when visiting links from people, you pay close attention to the links. People often use a "fake" steam link, that links you to a site...
His knife got bought already, that was quick lol.What the.....??????
Sure man, post up the footage :]Content is content!Anyone else watching NiP vs Flipsid3 right now? Intense match!
Problem is, this starts requiring people to load two different maps. Double the Warm up, etc. Plus at the end of the day it's still MM which is a pug. You play pugs for fun, they aren't meant to be serious. If you want a more serious environment, finding a casual team would be a better option IMO.
How do you decide who loses in a fair way? Regardless, MM isn't a place for people to really take CS:GO seriously unfortunately. The round timers, and defuse timers are absolutely terrible.
Imagine the amount of people trolling by hiding.... It would be a complete disaster IMO.
Haha yes. Whoops!Right now LDLC has two French teams already. very little sense for them to pick up another. Especially one from NA.
Considering they've already grabbed two French teams. I think its a waste of money for them to spend more resources on a NA team. Not a fan of teams trying to pick up multiple teams. Spreading their resources too much on mediocre teams.
CryEngine has terrible netcode. Not that Unreal is much better.
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