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I’ll still with FPP where we normally only see one cheater that actually ruins our game maybe 1/20 games...
You cannot sell right after purchase.
  Ya I sold a bunch of keys for three times the amount.  Not really sure why people are buying it at that price...
  You realize when your game crashes you can just reconnect and not have a cooldown from competitive right? Also if your game is crashing, just join community servers through the browser like you would in Source, or play Casual...
  There's definitely Internet Cafe's around, especially if you live in a big city.  
 E6600 has better single core performance than that APU which is what CS:GO needs.
 What do you want them to talk about?  Developers never talk about how their going to prevent people from cheating, nothing new.... Theirs been 1.5Million players banned just from Battleye alone.00,000 They've already said things like:  .
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