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Various AMD setups?What setups exactly?
They still have.You can find Android phones like the Mi A1(stock Android) with 4Gb RAM and 64Gb storage for 200$.
I know where you got those numbers but Displaymate's controlled environment doesn't mean the maximum brightness they measured in Auto is a hard and absolute limit and the clip I made references to proves it. GSM Arena also measured above 800 nits for the Note 8 and the S8+ was even higher than that. When they need to be, Samsung's displays are very very bright. At the end of the day it looks like iphone x's display doesn't go above 809 nits no matter the lever of Average...
AMD has to increase their sales of gaming GPUs and improve on how their GPUs are perceived.Like I said some time ago the key is to get as close as possible to the top of the gaming charts. That is what people mostly care about.Anyway even if the 680 sold much better the 7970 still did good by AMD's standards and it's a GPU that is generally described in a positive way by people online. AMD needs to make a GPU like the 7970 again.
Well search for LG V30 OLED vs. Galaxy Note 8 AMOLED Brightness Test! on youtube and you will see that the Note 8 can get much brighter than 423 nits in direct sunlight.Also about color accuracy the Note 8 at it's best is around 2.5 JNCDTo me it sounds that the Note is quite color accurate if that the most important thing ever.Also Note 8 still has the highest absolute peak brightness which makes it the only true HDR1000 capable phone currently on the market.
Variable refresh rate is supported by Android and Qualcomm SOCs.Right now most phones are limited at 60fps.Razer simply taped in a feature that wasn't used by other Android OEMs. It's a nice exercise for competitors on the smartphone market to see how a 120hz phone feels in a final retail product, how battery life and performance are affected.Price is the deal breaker.Remember Essential?Although it looks like the software execution with this Razer phone is much better.That...
You sound like Ryzen is broken or something.AMD anounced plans for Zen 2 and 2 when their launched Ryzen at the beginning of 2017.Also we had a few rumors about a Ryzen refresh on a 12nm process(which is bassicaly an improved 14nm process) to be launched at the beginning of 2018.If somebody has been doing small improvements it's Intel or you forgot what they have been doing since Sandy Bridge?
Yeah especially in benchmarks.
That study you are talking about sounds fishy to me and can't be taken as a general rule. For some games it might increase sale for others it might not, it's not a sure deal.Fifa 2016 and 2017 haven't been cracked and it's hasn't hurt EA's sales at all.Also Fifa games always had oficial Demos from EA so the game testing argument doesn't apply here.
Yeah ECC matters only when you defend Apple.
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