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Sounds like a dead GPU / bad PCI/e Try a diff PCI e if you have it, otherwise you will need a different GPU to test if it's the board or card.
At least there's that
I'm in it to win it
Hey, I currently have an EIZO in our photo processing lab and want to add a new station. The Eizo I have is a 24" which is a bit dated but fantastic! The new dell UP2414Q is $1200 on Newegg and seems like a steal with 100% sRGB and 99% Adobe RGB. Photo printing only uses sRGB.... I read that horror story with the bigger size version of this model and was just wondering if anyone has purchased and calibrated the 24" version? To compare, the new EIZO 24" version is $2200...
Hate to agree with you fateswarm but it really seems like the only real use of Bitcoins is to launder money.. It is to be expected tbh when you create a currency that isn't government regulated... hell even if it is it still is used to extreme money laundering schemes.
What a joke. They didn't even compare Kaspersky. Norton as number 1?? How much did they pay to win that? I've seen norton brick Internet connections, allow the basic viruses to take hold, slow down PCs. Like, it's literally the worst product you can use. It's like a condom with holes! Great protection, unless you know, you have to use it. Just a terrible article. PC Mag is a joke.
With Linksys gone just after they starting making good products and Netgear home stuff constantly failing me I've had a DIR 655(?i think) that lasted maybe 5 years until I upgraded my Internet. Currently installed a dlink media 1000 and it works ok. One reboot after a week... We will see what happens. Netgear business stuff is the best. Also I have a buffalo dd-wrt that works amazingly
If you play the game Trevor is actually [[SPOILER]] ALSO [[SPOILER]]
Looking for a Core 2 Duo e84-86 in good condition will pay for rush rush rush shipping. Price is negotiable I Please PM me if you have one laying around that works well! If you have a new one well... I need to find you right now! Thanks!
Click bait with popups, awesome...
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