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4K really brings that to its knees with 38 min FPS Ultra HD
^ Holy.... 8xMSAA + this = win
Had to uninstall GF exp. due to issue with G25 wheel and DIRT I'll install afterburner today, loved that app with my TF II 570 I am noticing FPS dips with GTA V as I started playing with Trevor. That grass is tough. Once I track the FPS I'll report back
Hey I don't know anything about "magic" and I can't wait to uograde to 8 series K but:"What do you guys use to check FPS in realtime?"Was asked for a reason - I am playing in 4K on an LG c7p, full res and I maxed every setting I could find in game.I get some stutter in the mountains when on a dirt bike but it's extremely playable. That's why I mentioned it is "solid" in GTA and perfect in Tomb Raider (I will admit I did not play too much but first few lvls were perfect)...
Got GTAV installed and stock OC mode I get solid FPS max'd at 4K even with Sandy and 6GB RAM. This card is a monster. Tomb Raider max'd 4K perfect FPS DIRT 4 Oculus and 4K perfect!! unreal coming from a 570 in the same system. I want to install my 570 just to see that stutter. What do you guys use to check FPS in realtime?
I had a few PSUs die on me due to a faulty USB board in the PC. Any components that might be shorting or burning out the PSU?
Mine arrived last Thursday. First, I don't even know how to OC anymore , back in the day we have atituner, riva tuner and ntune. I got the Gigabyte software installed 33C idle, 55 during gaming at 4K // maxed out. Overall card is great, huge, pump is awful! It doesn't shutup. Luckily it's my HTPC so it's not so bad but I would not like this under my desk. Once I get some OC tools I think I can push the card. edit: and yes the fan is soldered on. I can remove it from...
This is thThank you for sharing this video, I nearly cried
Hola OCN, I am looking for 1 or 2 8GB DDR3 sticks. I am flexible on my offer price to be as fair as possible but obviously I don't really want to spend too much as I will be moving to Coffee Break asap with DDR4. so..... if you have just a single 8GB DDR3 that is more than enough to push with my 4GB and get a cool 12 I have the 2GB to trade if anyone is interested but I am just looking for a straight purchase, willing to consider a 2x8 set as well if the price is...
Flight Sim X or P3DLiterally been building PCs for this game for years and still don't have anything that really works well
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