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about to enter similar, maybe slightly 'lower budget since it wont be certified... any tips of controllers etc is appreciated.. Also is FSX no longer deal? subbed
Re: melodramatic - I am just trying to say that the solution sounds about as realistic as the problem -I agree completely with your second point, I and you're right that it is entirely based on it being a QC issue. Is it possible that in the process of hardening the aluminum or whatever they use to treat it had some that had a bad batch or two? I know they were really rushing to get the 6+ out on time and we can see that they still haven't been able to meet demand...
Look forward to obtaining one in Nov which is when availability is more expected (when I ordered it wouldn't ship until Nov anyway). I guess I will keep an eye out but yes the only lines I see are when is the 6+ in stock, everyone is talking about this bending issue but I haven't found people with it yet and NYC is hipster central so it really just seems like a social media blowup rather than a real issue.
I don't use cases or screen protectors and haven't had any issues since iPhone 3G.. well besides the antenna issue with the 4 which I survived until I upgraded to 4S but tons of dropped calls.I don't wear skinny jeans but I do have some nice pants that are tight, is this an actual suggestion? I can wear whatever I want and if my phone breaks during normal wear and tear it should be a warranty issue.. That's ludicrous that people are actually suggesting that you can't wear...
So I canceled my 6+ order which was due to ship out Oct... Is this a real issue or just anti-apple propaganda? I really enjoyed the phone but bending is a deal-breaker for me and I'd rather wait for 6S+
Sounds like a dead GPU / bad PCI/e Try a diff PCI e if you have it, otherwise you will need a different GPU to test if it's the board or card.
At least there's that
I'm in it to win it
Hey, I currently have an EIZO in our photo processing lab and want to add a new station. The Eizo I have is a 24" which is a bit dated but fantastic! The new dell UP2414Q is $1200 on Newegg and seems like a steal with 100% sRGB and 99% Adobe RGB. Photo printing only uses sRGB.... I read that horror story with the bigger size version of this model and was just wondering if anyone has purchased and calibrated the 24" version? To compare, the new EIZO 24" version is $2200...
Hate to agree with you fateswarm but it really seems like the only real use of Bitcoins is to launder money.. It is to be expected tbh when you create a currency that isn't government regulated... hell even if it is it still is used to extreme money laundering schemes.
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