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I would kill for WC1 and WC2 remakes.... WC2 was the game that got me into RTS as I got a demo of WC2 on a PC Gamer disc, it was amazing and I need it back in my life
I love this game, play it so much. Its great to just sit back and literally blow everything up in glorious 2d action. I love it, but does this mean that there wont be anymore updates or bros? There are so many more they can add....PLEASE DONT LET THIS BE THE END!
I have about 9 hours into the game. Played it on my desktop (770GTX) and also played it on my Titan (980M SLI) and the game runs smooth and amazingly on both computers. I like the story, I like the voice acting, the mechanics are fantastic and over all its one of my favorite games of the year. I like driving around collecting the different cars, working on upgrades, and finding roaming groups of baddies to blow up. Havent had much time recently to play as I have been...
As the owner of an MSI GT80 Titan I can tell you that its not easy...but 100% worth it
Agreed. I purchased a Wii-U for Mario Kart and Smash and have been really enjoying it. This annoucment from nintendo does have my interested....
oh man apple really knows how to play to the sheep
yea its big...but regrets.
are you kidding me....
So recently I added a new Laptop to the mix thought I might share it with everyone. I picked myself up an MSI Titan. Its my work/play laptop and everyone at the office loves to come over and bust on me about how big it is.....I aint even mad. I am currently in the process of reorganizing my desk and such so I will be posting that once I finish the cleaning haha Pictured next to my "desktop" for scale
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