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Oddly enough this is something I am currently working on with my case. My res has a top feed which I am bringing in from the rad, I have ordered a 1/4 Y connector, to allow water to flow down from the rad, with the option of bleeding/feeding through the y leg. I already have a draining tap at the bottom of my loop. I am hoping the setup will let me easily fill and drain the system without case manipulation as it is very heavy. The parts are due to arrive tomorrow or...
I should be getting the View 71 for review, although looking at pictures it looks like the view 71 is bulkier with some possible wasted space, I will update with info as soon as I can
Hey guys here is a LINK to the review
Having just fit an AM4 Heatkiller block and D5 Tube to a friend's M-ATX rig, I can certainly vouch for the quality, it has created a large sense of envy among my group of enthusiasts resulting, in many an upgrade plan involving Watercool products keep it up. If I manage to get hold of any of the pics taken I will get them posted up
The only problem with that Fumero is that it protrudes out and would come into contact with the end of my GPU Those Seahawks are massive
Review will be finalised tonight (it got too late last night), publishing should still be tomorrow, I will chat with the guys at Play3r I have to correct myself on top radiator thickness notes 30mm with 25mm fans does give about 5mm space before the top of the motherboard, however the cables from my CPU power connections make the radiator fit a tight squeeze. So 30mm in a normal setup is going to be the max thickness over the left hand side of the mobo. Now to find...
@PhotonFanatic me and the guys like to call those things LANdles and have been known to custom attach them to expensive Lian-Li cases It's ALIVE!
I saw some Fumero, nice looking case, a bit more expensive and I did wonder about watercooling capabilities in the top, especially with a lack of proper top venting. I have however previously used BeQuiet cases and they are great to build in, their fans are amazing too. Three of these going to sit on my rad btw
They always worked for me and its a very cheap thing to try out p.s. I used a bigger version to split out an extra amp from my mixer and that worked absolutely fine.
That's ok SavantStrike, the SeaHawk is going to live in my new Aerocool Quartz Pro case, which has airflow and space at it's disposal.
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