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That isn't possible, unless there is some kind of physical damage on board.There is a single VRM for the DIMMs and the same output voltage goes to all four slots.B2 slot is furthest away from the from the CPU, so it generally gets the least amount of air flow which escapes from the CPU cooler.Also remember that the software voltage readings on this board have 21.8mV LSB accuracy. Therefore e.g. 1.4500V reading can be anything between 1.428V - 1.472V actual.
If that the case, then the original issue was related to ASRocks own code and not to AGESA itself.All of the firmwares found in the 1004 bioses released by ASRock are identical to the ones found in ZE 0801 bios.AGESA can contain some minor fixes despite that, but they cannot affect any low level functionality such as memory related things.
Depends on the workload. If your workloads are latency sensitive or extensively utilize 256-bit instructions, SKL-X is the only choice. Threadripper is excellent for certain workloads, but it is essentially a 2P "system" which generally isn't optimal for consumer workloads. SKL-X has the IPC advantage (12-35% depending on the workload), but TR is better cost and power wise.
Thanks.Can't comment on the apps since I have never tried them
The code base / firmwares (AGESA) for Zeppelin is pretty mature at this point, so the lack of bios based on the latest AGESA isn't a big deal anymore. For example between the AGESA & (ThreadripperPI) there are no changes to any of the firmwares, which control the vast majority of the hardware. Basically the only changes to the bios code would be the changes affecting the platform specific custom code from the ODM side.
With the reseller.It was impossible to exchange the CPU directly with Intel, because their warranty portal has been broken for several months.Their online chat support said they cannot help, since I'm not living in NA. Intel has no local support (except for SW products) either, so I had to send the chip abroad for the reseller to exchange.It was pretty sad to see that Intel essentially has no warranty services accessible online for customers living outside the NA. Even...
Was, until the chip kicked the dust.Surely it had nothing to do with the cache thou
The default is significantly lower than the core voltage (=1.025V was enough for 3000MHz on my 7960X.Apex (and probably other ASUS boards as well) set it to fixed 1.100V if you increase the cache speed beyond the default OC (2.7GHz).
I know that it should be reliable, since the information is sourced from the VRM controller itself. The information that leaves the controller is correct, however what emerges from the PCU (as the reported power draw) is totally off (~57% like I said). Maybe there is a mailbox command or something that can be used to skew these figures.
Those SVID reported power figures are useless.On my 7960X the actual power draw was 57% higher.During video encoding my CPU pulled So no, your 7980XE running at 5.0GHz doesn't pull 450W+ is closer.
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