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Is there no audio out on the TV? A lot of them have one for hooking up to surround sound systems...
I have the Sennheiser HD380 PRO headset and I love them. Great punchy bass and mids. They are kinda bulky though. I only like using them at home or if I am working on my laptop somewhere.
Pictures of the back of all the equipment hook ups or some model numbers of what you have will help. If I had to guess, an audio Y cable might work if you are trying to get both audio from the apple TV and the cable box.
I figured it out finally. I just needed to calm down... Haha
I have done this countless times before, but now I can't seem to get it to work. I am giving up on trying to figure it out on my own and coming here for help. If someone knows what they are doing and is positive they can solve my problem, PM me and I will set you up with remote access to my server and you can help me out. Thanks a million. (( Apache 2.2 on a Windows box behind a linksys router. VNC setup for remote management. ))
So you are using this indoors with a rack mounted amplifier meant for a PA system or something? Most of those amps are meant to run cabinets that have an impedance of 8 or 16 ohms, not 1 or 4. I would get the sub that has dual 4 ohm voice coils and wire them in series so you have 8 unless your amplifier supports it being that low of a resistance. In short, post up your amplifier specs too!
Sweet. I have been here all this time and never knew this thread was here! I have a D90 with NIKKOR 18-105mm && 55-200mm lenses. EDIT: Here's some I have taken recently:
This thread just got better! haha. Just put together a breadboard of stuff that puts out the square wave equivalent of the fan and hook it up to your board. Don't ask me how to do it because I have no earthly clue.
Nice buy then! I haven't ever had any luck with Gateway or Best Buy... I am glad to hear you had a good experience with them. Maybe I will consider giving them another try.
Plug some smaller quieter fans into the place where the super loud ones are. Or relocate the server somewhere it won't be heard.
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