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@Ramad Please stop. A couple people on this forum may have bricked their boards due to your advice...
I suggest you flash your bios again. Reset everything to default before you flash. Matter of fact clear CMOS too. And use the flash back method instead of bios or OS.Also no idea what bios you're on but 1701 should work well enough.
I see. So if you leave Pstate0 VID as default then you need to set negative offset to even get to 1.44v?Try changing it back to Pstate0 VID to default, set voltage to offset and take a picture after restart.
@Gettz8488 Did you change your Pstate0 VID to 24? If so, change it back to the default. And according to your screen shots you're not using offset CPU voltage. Its at auto.
@1usmus So is 312 better than 310 from your testings?
More stable in what sense? 0312 should be the latest EC and what Stilt appeared to have from the beginning as well.
Thanks Elmor. Is 0052 based off of 1701 or an earlier bios?
I know that AMD is RMAing these chips but any news on whether they can potentially fix it through AGESA code?
I am fairly conservative with voltages myself but I don't think going up to 1.4v (without using LLC) is bad. Try 1.38v and if that doesn't work, you can probably get to 3.8ghz with a lot lower volts as well.
You can most likely leave it as 1T, but you should enable Geardown. That alone should suffice. I am running 4x8gb as well with SOC @ 1.05v and DDR and DDR Boot at 1.375v.
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