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Quote: Originally Posted by DJ.BigBear ATH-A700 What DJ.BigBear said, I got those a year ago and absolutely love them!
Yeah I have tried replacing the power and sata cable to no avail, somehow when I turned on my pc today it found the drive and I ran a HD tach test, it got a burst speed of 4.5Mb/s so i tried the drive on another sata port on my mobo and now it works fine. now burst speed of 220Mb/s or thereabout. Thanks anyway
Hi About 2 weeks ago I reinstalled windows on a new 500gb 7200.11 HDD. Previously I tried to install on my 7200.10 320gb and XP couldn't install, something to do with it not being able to format. So I installed it fine on the new 500gb and then when into disk management, it saw the 320gb and I formatted it. I then preceded to put some of my stuff on it. All was fine. However last night I tried to play a episode of anime and the media player (zplayer) said something or the...
im in
I want to write zeros to the entire disk then reinstall windows because I have a virus and read that even if I reinstall windows and reformat it could still be there and I don't want to take any chances. furthermore it cant hurt to install windows again on a completely clean disk.
Hi What is a good free program that can write zeros to my hard drive? Thanks
Wow this build is amazing - but making your own water block has just taken it to the next level. My hats off to you sir, *sits on edge of seat eagerly awaiting updates *
mmhm I dont know what I did to them when I was testing them with my laptop but I got them to work again . I cable tied the cord at the top just to be sure and the the plastic around it had started to split anyway so the tie should stop that from splitting more, yay for killing two birds with one stone.
mmhm ok I will try on another source and will reinstall drivers. Can I even RMA them because I live in New Zealand and I bought them from Audiocubes? Thanks
Hi So I've had my ATH A-700s for about 2 and a half months and I love them, paired with the X-fi prelude its just amazing . Earlier today I was listening to music and playing some CS:S when I heard it jump a couple of times - I put this down to lag of something else and didn't think much of it. Anyway I went away and came back and started to listen again and the sound was very soft and distorted but when I moved the cord it would sometimes come back. What is going on? Is...
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