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Actually, according to the Asus broadwell-e overclocking guide only 20% of them will do 4.4 at 1.36v so it's s good chipI trust the guy on the marketplace tooas he lowered three price some for me.Now to decide, brand new 6950k chip in box for $350 CAD, 5930k with warranty until July 2020 for $300 CAD or this decent 6950x that'll do 4.4GHZ.The first two I can have Friday and I read some on the newer generation broadwell-e's perform better or a guaranteed good...
The FE block works according to this.
Good catch! Rep +1
You know what they say, 'Anime in the streets, hentai in the sheets.'
I can get a 6850k that'll do 4.4GHZ at 1.36v but that's sub-par I believe, correct. It's $300 USD. I would I do better with a 6800k in box new in a silicon lottery for $300 CAD? That's about $50 less CAD with USD exchange than the 6850k. Also the 6800k I can get on Friday, the 6850k would be coming parcel post from the USA I think when I pay up front Friday from the marketplace. I'm thinking the 6800k just because it's basically a placeholder until I get...
Raise RAM voltage .02 or .03 above RAM Eventual. Say if you have Eventual a 1.4v put RAM voltage at 1.43V or so.
I can pay $300 USD if you can cover parcel post shipping to Canada with tracking of course. Thanks if anyone can help!! My really awesome 5960x died and working part-time with paying $400 CAD in support I'm really a charity case. I can get an E5-1650 ES v3 for well under $300 CAD with free shipping but can't confirm the multiplier is unlocked.
E5 1650 V3 ES QEZ0 Unlocked anyone know?
E5 1650 V3 ES QEZ0 is unlocked anyone know? I heard some ES are, some are not.
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