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Google needs to make Comcast look like a joke. These speeds can also make cable lobbyist look completely retarded witch is a good thing since their lairs and thieves.
I would say this is true for their older products almost all the failures i have seen are power supply related and even more specifically mains filter caps. Now their more recent products are a different story. Since they were acquired by MUSIC Group quality is way up. In fact any of their products that are carrying the Midas Preamps or the klark teknik FX i consider just as reliable as if they were produced to be released under those brands.
Just did my first GPU a EVGA GTX 460. Received the card in the mail today. Tested it and yep black screen no detection. So i cleaned it removed all the stickers. Cleaned the old paste off. Set my oven to preheat bake at 385 F. Placed the gpu face up with 2 lengths of angle steel wrapped in foil one on both ends of the card. Baked for 8 mins roughly opened the oven door a crack left it like that for 5 min then opened the door all the way. Once the tray was cool enough to...
Its still available.
Hello everyone i have an Atrix 4g in great condition for sale. It is network unlocked and has spent most of its life in a case with screen protector. Asking $100 Shipped or best offer.
I have the older version of this seasonic supply. Johnny Guru gave the one i have a 9.5 im assuming this one is just a minor update. Here is the review.
So my question is does this hold up outside of 3d mark cause as we all know intel cant make drivers to save there life. So they could have easily got a decent score in 3dmark just for marketing.
Mic chooses are great for your application. Unless you really need the full mixing capability's i would recommend getting a presonus audiobox instead since it has considerably better pre amps. But that board for the $ will get the job done.
My laptop audio died on me or at least one side died so im looking for a semi portable amp/dac like the Fiio's. Ill consider just about any brand if its reputable but i prefer Fiio and portability is a plus. Im on a tight budget so pm me offers and ill get right back to you. Looking to stay below $100 if possible.
The sats have to be in geo sync orbit so latency with this type of system will always be a problem. i cant say i like satellite net but for a lot of people its the only high-ish bandwidth option compared to 56k and it is good to at least see them upgrading instead of milking there old gear dry.
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