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Its not a free or even what I would consider a cheap solution since you need a License on each computer at currently $37 each. However Dante Via I believe will do what you are looking to do and it works over most networks. I use Dantes other products daily and they are rock solid on my home network.
I just got done looking at both speakers specs. Nether Mackie nor AudioEngine give a frequency response graph so I can only speculate based on what they do provide. Generally from my experience equipment branded for use in a studio specifically has a close to flat response across its whole response range. Consumer equipment tends to have a more tailored response for one thing or another depending on what application the manufacture intended. Personally as a live and studio...
Just came in UPS today. Road-case gets in tomorrow then this guy is off with me to do some large shows.
So if you want portable by far the most common solution is the Zoom line Its quality is good enough for most applications and the additional XLR inputs would allow you to use a different mic if you still get too much room noise with its built in mics. Something like an Audix Om2 witch has a Hypercardioid pattern and can be purchased used on ebay for a low as $25 once you add a mic stand and XLR cable to that you might be looking...
I can clear up some of this regarding AoIP. I use 2 different types of AoIP as a Live Audio Engineer (Front of House primarily but I can float as a system engineer or monitor engineer when need be) Dante (Layer 3) and AES50 (Layer 1). Over the years I have used both on various systems and in a range of different environments ranging from large format line arrays down to small home studios. I have never run into a situation where the CAT5e or CAT6 cable made any difference...
It is but once you go to pay Oculus adds $25 for shipping. On top of the 1-2 week wait. My order with them turned out to be $375.
Im not sure if this is the right category. If its not I apologize in advance to the admins. I bought this just before Christmas to play around with VR. But quickly realized that i get motion sick extremely quickly when using it for anything but simple tech demos so its time to let it go. It has spent most of its time in the original box with all the accessorys and only saw light use. I'm looking to get $355 Shipped
If the point is to get clean audio then that is not the answer.... Even though its dynamic webcam mics tend to pick up everything.
This is the only Dynamic mic with an interface built in on sweetwater. Honestly I would just get a cheap interface and a SM58 over getting that Samson. If you really want to remove background noise instead of the 58 get an Audix OM2 witch has a hypercardioid pickup pattern. The OM2's can be picked up on ebay for as little as $25 with a few bucks shipping.
First driver = speaker Second its going to be a blown surround as it sill makes sound so the voice coil is at least still functional. Best bet would be a replacement driver. If there is a suitable replacement online if not then there's not a lot that can be done.
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