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I edited my post earlier becasue I wasn't 100% sure, but I looked it up and the ports on the WNDR4500 are not USB 3.0 ports. All the BIOS files are a .sb extension but I used them with RBE\ATIWinflash and it worked. Try to force flash with RBE\ATIWinflash and if it fails, do it with ATIWinflash and it will flash.
Thanks for that information. From the description on the box and reading online, I thought they were different. One is supposed to disable the DisplayPorts and the other is to enable them, but no matter which position mine is in the DisplayPorts are enabled.
If someone has one of these cards untouched, could you please send me the BIOS from each switch position. I've looked for the BIOS and I cannot find it, TechPowerUp has some listed but they don't list which switch position they come from and I'm not sure of the source of those files.
Sign me up.
I need this.
It depends on what games you want to play. I have all 3 consoles and play different games on each one. Obviously any exclusive titles, but any game I plan on playing online I get on 360 because I think Xbox live > PSN. Sports games on PS3 and all the kiddie mario games on Wii.
360 for exclusive content. I just stopped playing but I'll resume in the morning.
1 150GB WD Raptor 1 500GB WD Drive 4x 750GB WD Drives (Raid 5)
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