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I believe this requires a Snapdragon 800. Works fine on my Lumia 930.
I would run this to restore your phone to a total blank state before I bothered even Googling the error. is on the list. Try the fast ring.
On a 1520? Terrific speed. Battery life I'm not sure since I only use this 1520 to play with W10.
The new 10 Mobile build is fantastic. I've played with it quite a bit and not had a single stability issue. I'm very surprised after the last build was a total nightmare. it is a member of the Preview program, or will be soon.
You have to understand that optimization is usually the final step of software development. You should make no performance judgments at all until RTM.
You'd be happy to hear I've heard about split screen apps in Windows Redstone.
Lack of multi-tasking?
Probably a wise decision. I am holding all guns, all fire crackers, all white gunpowder snaps. Holding all of it for the Lumia 940. Come to me my sweet, come.
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