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Did you really just say that about Vantage? Worst of them all. Heavily CPU dependent and it had PhysX.
With GTX 10XX series cards installed: Latency problems.With No GTX 10XX series card installed (in my case a HD 7970, GTX 970 or onboard GPU): No latency problems.
Yep. The limit seems to be right around 10-12 mph but only for eggs.
Such a shame you're using all that old and obsolete hardware. Really though, what a silly comment.
Around 160 watts maximum load? No. Not even close to make any substantial difference.
lolwut? Take out the brand names, heck don't and it doesn't really make much sense.
I pray a little every day that AMD stock goes over 11 bucks a share... Which is what I bought mine for right before Phenom 1 came out. In it for the long haul!! lol.
...and that's how one stops being able to afford things in the future. Stupid spending.
Or not. I love that they're doing this.
Downside... It may cause most humans to grow a third arm or something. Win win.
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