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Go confront him directly for the property. Have some friends or associates with you. You seem to have all the info you need, why not just go get it back? *As far as " the law" goes. International law, law of the moderators country? What? If you're going to allow "stolen property" conversations on OCN asking for advice on how to get something back, perhaps you need to be lawyers as well.
Yes. This is what I want. I mean, they have a half-built titan, mechs and hover-tanks in the latest DLC. I say they take those a step further and make them all operational.
What hype? There's one premature article on the drivers. Again, what hype?
Don't need to sell me on these drivers.. they're free!! I'll take a free performance bump any day if I can get one. Also, hopefully we'll be seeing some more leaks on their next gen card.. Seems to happen when an overhauled driver comes out.
There's nowhere to download it.
I'll wait for the Ti.
What? Tell me. How DOES this business work? I'm very interested to know.Most folks are saying that these consoles are underpowered due to sluggish and low frame rates on the games they play. Are they wrong, or do they have no clue how frames per second works?
At 1080p? Nope.
Dude.. 3Mbps was super awesome fast.. back in 2002.
Frontier should be fine. A very small minority is all up in arms, so what.
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