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It's totally going to be a mini retro console akin to the NES one Nintendo released recently. That being said, I'd love to see a 3rd console compete with PS and Xbox.
Lol, what's the problem here? Metals aren't being mixed. Aluminum in cooling systems has been used exclusively in many other fields like aerospace, automotive etc. Makes these kits affordable and they work! Don't like aluminum? Buy copper stuff!
Ugh.. Call of Duty is the Ford Taurus of video games.
Stop questioning and keep buying!
Doesn't really look all that different lol.
I've "updated' the firmware of a handful of John Deere's in the past year. Very easy to do, all you need is a PC and a USB stick. Most farmers I know won't touch John Deere anymore. The company is screwing themselves and will shortly be relegated to solely selling cheap Chinese made tractors at Wal Mart and/or go bankrupt all together.
But do we know they weren't developing for it before making it exclusive? I've definitely heard them mention both Vulcan and (before it) Mantle. With them stating from the beginning that Linux would be supported, naturally the step to actually support it must take place at some point. Nothing is free.
This game makes people emo.
Well.. from the beginning they did mention Linux support. This seems a surefire way to get that. I really see no problem with it as it seems more a branch in development than some drastic "scrap and replace" decision.Huh? You could refer me back to where this game changed or even mentioned API's in the past?
I too remember the free boxes of salt I received for pre-ordering HL3!It's definitely takes less time to develop for one API over a few. Plus, with Vulcan it opens the game up to Linux, Mac and "other".
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