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270x uses 35 more watts than a 750Ti. I have a 750Ti and I love it in my HTPC, but in no way am I concerned with 35 watts if I needed a little extra performance out of a GPU.
It is? When is its replacement due out?
More empty talk from EA. I mean, they're basically releasing a beta for NHL 15 and charging full price for it.
Nice job at trying to make yourself look smart! You statement doesn't refute my statement in any way. Xbox is still a loser from a profit standpoint.
Okay Microsoft... Time to quit the console business and get back to supporting the larger customer base of PC gaming.
Sounds more like a factual statement then a "slam". I haven't seen anything on Freesync to give me the inclination that it exists yet either.
Most of the time the issues come from old profiles that are stored in AppData->Roaming and Local folders. I usually delete those after I uninstall the old drivers.
I don't care what the specs are. If it has great performance with 1440p and higher and price which isn't ridiculous I'm sold.
The graphics are great, but the game gets repetitive really fast. You might want to rethink "for sure".
Okay Ubisoft... Now put up or shut up.
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