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Then he would of said two new graphics cards.
The Fallout 3/NV profile kind of works.. but it doesn't at times and it creates some texturing issues.
It's a shame that SLI isn't working properly with the "game ready" driver Nvidia released for the game...
Exactly. They went with an art direction and it's not supposed to look all that realistic... Kind of like Bioshock Infinite and other.
Can't wait! I'll be playing the heck out of this... while many at OCN will be playing tech demo's of things with nice graphics. Have fun!
Kind of a lot of work for nothing considering the 1.3 patch is somewhat broken with CPU and GPU usage.
Of course there will be aspect ratio adjustments, like a lot of games it will do it automatically. This game doesn't really need a fov adjustment, but it can be done in the settings.ini or .cfg.
I have no doubts that Half Life 3 will be released eventually.
This is a great mouse... Until it develops a double-click issue. It's happened with two of them for me now.
I never had any issues with this game... Other than during the initial release I had a few performance issues.
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