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Plus, that will turn the card into the best visual representation of an actual brick ever made. Almost tall as it is long. Beautiful!
Well.. It's the will of the Australian people. If I'm not mistaken they vote for their representation.
Maybe it's fun?
I don't see the issue. Valve is a private company, it's their service and they can operate it as they please. There are plenty of other ways to communicate.
Here's to hoping Gameworks dies a quick death.
"External PC Development partner"? Who's that, Nvidia? I'm pretty disappointed as a recent purchaser of two Nvidia cards... Nothing but driver issues. Do I need to go back to AMD... due to driver issues with Nvidia?! When did I wake up in crazy opposite land?
SLI isn't working at all.
So, anyone with a 9 series card that was having driver crashes try these yet?
But what about when you see cats being cute, playful, doing smart and silly things as being as evil as the little furry evil monsters that they are? There are no good cats people! CATS ARE THE HARBINGERS OF DOOM!!!
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