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This is console only right? Cliffy did claim the PC was dead.
Anywhere there's a traffic light, there may be a camera. I know of one in a rural area (where I live) that is constantly getting shot up by a rifle. I know this from the local small weekly newspaper. That is the only way I know about these incidents... I swear!!!
Other than actual game support.. But we'll see I guess. The only reason I would "upgrade" to Windows 10 would be for DX12... and I'm waiting until the last possible moment.
I cannot stand Windows 10 updating. turn off.
MY GOD that price is ridiculous. Don't bother with UVerse if it ever comes around, it will most likely have a bandwidth cap.
Yeah, I don't get it... Unless making this larger cooler is somehow cheaper than using better paste or a soldering method for the IHS.
EU, probably but in the US, no. The US government and Intel are far too intertwined for the US government to take any kind of action against them. The country is run by corporations like Intel.
Blah blah blahbitty blah bblah. Excellent input to this conversation. Really, you've outdone yourself.
There is a subset of people that believe that if it isn't Thrustmaster or CH products, it's garbage. They, generally are horrible at using the devices anyways. Saitek does make decent stuff... It's not the highest end but so what.
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