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Is wonderful. No fussing about, no headaches, just getting it done. My motherboard bios got corrupted and made the mobo inoperable. Filed for an RMA and immediately got the info I needed to send the thing in. The day the mobo was received I immediately got an email saying it was received and it will be a couple days. 2 days later, the replacement has a tracking number and is on it's way. After having to deal with other manufacturers RMA processes in the past... MSI you're...
Oh well! I suppose once I install Windows 10, I'll just uninstall it and not think about it again.
Will get Steam version for free. Title makes it sound like you can do it now.
Are all those free keys given with Nvidia cards included?
Yep. Hopefully by the time the 3rd movie is out we'll get a decent, more intellectual (other than some FPS clone) Star Wars game.
This is still a thing?
You should. If that's all you see, you shouldn't bother.
I share these thoughts.
I knew well before buying the game that GTA online = cheaters. I'm not bothered by it, it is what it is.
Hey! A new DESKTOP CPU! On the roadmap!!!
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