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No, I am a backer and that's the reason I don't know. I can't remember the last time I visited the site while not logged in. Heh. ...and yes. The threads/posts there have a bowel inducing cringe to them lol.Also, the Retaliator is going to get a "go-through" again. It's quite broken currently. Quite a few ships are. This is the downside to developing on the fly... We're the testers and most of us have quite a few criticisms of the ship. Lots of stuff are going to be in...
"Paywall" meaning you need to be a backer to see/post there? Okay.
I literally can't find any information in your post that is true. Please provide examples of your points because, truly I am confused.
So until the game is fully released you have free reign to word vomit whatever you feel and be right? Why should I care how much "faith" anyone puts into anything. It's irrelevant. The development of this game is relatively open, there's days of information to sort through that anyone with any sense of genuine interest can read through. You're taking some of the lunacy that can go with pretty much anything, bringing it to the forefront and basing your opinion/arguments off...
It's not that hard to realize. Half his posts are just bait and the other half are generally bad information.
It's also not likely anyone is going to "rule" anything considering the player-base will make up only 10% of the population in a (more or less) fixed economy. In PvP? Yeah, people with better stuff are going to have an advantage at first. In all likelihood that kind of thing will be rare though as someone flying a starter ship would be more conducive to being in more friendly parts of space. People who bought a lot of stuff pre-launch are, in most cases just going to have...
What the heck are you talking about? Clueless statement. A vast majority of "AAA" games have taken and are taking longer than 4 years.Yes, they are using their own assets from the ground up.
I love using popular buzzwords because it's cool too!
Sega would like a word with you.
I know who not to buy computers from for my business.
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