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I'll buy it for Zelda and whatever else, get bored with it and sell it.
Compared to other games it's a decent price... Its a bargain on consoles. Not sure why different pricing.
So.. maybe sometime in 2020 we'll see it for PC. Not holding my breath tho.
You think the million+ people who pledged care what you think? What are you trying to accomplish here?
The game gets articles written about it because it's the most successful Kickstarter project ever and the media feels it needs to hold them in a higher standard of accountability since it's people's money and not a publisher. You're just starting to regurgitate SA forums now. The schedule was changed based off of a community poll. No, you don't sometimes just have to "hit your schedule" because they need to please investors that don't give a crap one way or the other...
Can't argue with that lol!
I'm pretty sure that in the video of CitizenCon I just watched they had a whole bunch of clear/defined goals in their powerpoint demonstration. It's strange I have my concerns about this game and all but some people (I suppose this is true with all topics on OCN) will just say whatever to sound like they know what they're talking about, or to just further drama, sound relevant. Unfiltered idiocracy is spreading like a plague.
I'm still excited for this game and think we'll eventually get a good product but.. (most saw this coming) Let the feature creep begin!! CIG did ask the community if they should of kept going with the funding and they all (duh) voted "yes". Granted, some of these features are turning out to be pretty amazing. Also, some people need to stop thinking that their "predictions" matter. Especially when few were disputing it as it's more of a general consensus rather than a...
Same reason people crap on consoles. They stifle development.
I see nothing in the article other than their "word" proving the game is locked at 30 fps.
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