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Well.. If anything, hopefully Mantle pushed Direct X 12 into some of the features that it has implemented. So, things are looking good.
Fitting they come up with this to cover up the lackluster DLC they released today.
...and in the end, some lawyer will get rich and Nvidia will pass the buck to the customers. Well done all around.
Kotaku just gave this game a bad review as well. I'm more inclined to trust a review chastising a game than one praising it. Skipping this one until it's in the bargain bin.
Nah, they get exactly what they voted for. They limit themselves to this two party system and let the paid-for talking heads on TV do their thinking.
That is just ridiculous.
If I can get a 100% increase in performance from my 7970 at 1440p, I'll buy one. Hopefully AMD's partners will be able to mount air coolers to cut costs... I'd rather put my own block on it.
So expect $69.99 plus $29.99 for "premium". Possibly add ten bucks to each price.
I'm in no hurry. Looks like a fun game, though I can wait until it's dirt cheap be it a year or two from now. DLC aside, this game doesn't offer enough for its 60 dollar price tag.
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