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Inventory seems to be based on what you can physically carry, store in your ship and/or cargo hold, what physically fits in a container, etc. From what I've read/seen there are no imaginary inventory slots. Which... I'm interested to see more of. I'm sure at your home hangar or whatever you 'll be able to store as much as you want. The inventory on characters is limited to what your suit can carry. Guns and grenades clip-on to suits and belts, things like health syringes...
It wasn't a tech demo... :\
At 23 million there was a vote by the backers on their website to stop funding and get the game done or keep going... They obviously voted to keep going.They are using procedural generation but only as a template for doing the "handcrafted" stuff.
Well.. They are doing some big updates for DX12 and Vulcan plus a whole bunch of new tools/making it a bit more intuitive, but we'll have to wait and see how that goes.
If you're of the criminal mindset, yes! Difference between Elite though is there will be an actual person you're lugging around and not an item in your magical inventory.
Poor performance is due to the server back-end, which is one of the things that was talked about in the video which will start to be addressed when 3.0 launches. Any of the single player stuff can be played at high framerates no problem.
Same funding? Wrong. SC way more than ED. Development at the same time? Wrong. ED started development years before SC in 2013.Both fully released? Wrong again. ED is launched (retail) and SC isnt even in beta yet.Bah, I should of just said that all of the info in your post is wrong.
If it can use modern API's sounds great! If not, not interested.
This isn't the PC in your basement we're talking about. Businesses need things to work now, they need them to be stable and if what they have works well, wasting time, money and resources to use "whatever is new, just because things change hurr durr" makes zero sense in any terms.If things in my circumstances changed where I would need to use Windows 10, I'd install it immediately. But I don't and it would not work with a few necessary programs I use which haven't been...
If I "upgraded" my business to Windows 10 I'd be out many thousands of dollars due to non-compatibility of the necessary programs I use. Good thing I made sure to keep Windows 10 from installing before my employees accidentally did.
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