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Holy crap, my completely sarcastic post I made earlier was almost too true! So they are still game developers! At least he admitted that!
But I was bein sincere tho... haha
""With the Half Life series being an utter disappointment for gamers and an embarrassment for the company, it was probably a good decision not to continue with the awful story that left on a cliffhanger. A non-ending is generally universally acknowledged as the perfect ending for games such as this. So for that you have my sincere admiration, sir. Can we hopefully not expect anything but the godly gaming platform/service you are and always will be, forever and ever...
What can I say? Good move Intel!
AMD hasn't really gone and matched Nvidia's pricing yet. They haven't in the past and generally dictate their own prices. They'll undercut Nvidia like they normally do.
Once DX12 is implemented more it will use whatever cores it wants. So, most upcoming games, in other words.
Under $500 bucks is fine... Unless of course IPC sucks, which by all things we've seen, it doesn't much seem to be the case.
I can only hope most aftermarket air-coolers come with mounting hardware that replaces AMD's old, crappy system. *I should iterate that this wasn't/isn't an issue with me on more quality motherboards. I've put together a lot of cheap ITX systems with cheap ITX boards that like to mount the retention system with plastic. That's crap.
Let companies keep pumping them out! I like things like competition, choices and lower prices.
I'm not that pessimistic about Andromeda. Looks like it'll be pretty good... I hope. I think this will be the first year I buy a console in a decade. I miss sports games and I definitely want RDR2.
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