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Where was it confirmed it was running in dual channel?
Looks like most of the "good" boards are all pre-ordered out on Newegg.
You sir are a cynic and/or a nay-sayer. Have a lovely day. Really it's happened before with Athlon x64. It could happen again.
None of that GST money goes to Valve or publishers, it goes to your government.
Looks better in 2K and 4K, noticeably.
Who says they or anyone else isn't?
Holy crap, my completely sarcastic post I made earlier was almost too true! So they are still game developers! At least he admitted that!
But I was bein sincere tho... haha
""With the Half Life series being an utter disappointment for gamers and an embarrassment for the company, it was probably a good decision not to continue with the awful story that left on a cliffhanger. A non-ending is generally universally acknowledged as the perfect ending for games such as this. So for that you have my sincere admiration, sir. Can we hopefully not expect anything but the godly gaming platform/service you are and always will be, forever and ever...
What can I say? Good move Intel!
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