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Especially when one can get two 970's for the same price.
Lol. "Puffery".
I know this is a stupid observation but I keep reading "Wiftech" on the side. They need to angle the font so it matches the "S".
Stocks are dropping everywhere.
This comment seems out of nowhere. Did you mean to quote somebody?
Servers need fixing.. for PC anyways.
You really need to contact them about it.
Servers were a bit hit or miss last night for the release, but the game is solid. Graphically, it looks great.. and there's a pretty cool card game (kinda like Hearthstone) where you get random players and use them in playing games.
Perhaps this is just reflecting Nvidia's horrible pricing structure of their GPU's (780, 780ti, Titan etc.) and why they've lowered their prices with the 9 series.
Whoa whoa whoa.. Is getting around 1500MHz normal for these cards?
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