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Not really true. You need the higher memory bandwidth as well. Not saying that they go together but it could be a limiting factor. When past cards have gotten an increase in Vram, the results are less than good. I don't expect 4K to be much better with the 8gb card.
I wonder if it will actually make a noticeable difference like it hasn't in the past. I'd like to see what kind of bandwidth it produces.
People's insatiable need for self-affirmation (and the crap they buy) on the internet is above all things. Sadly...
Especially when one can get two 970's for the same price.
Lol. "Puffery".
I know this is a stupid observation but I keep reading "Wiftech" on the side. They need to angle the font so it matches the "S".
Stocks are dropping everywhere.
This comment seems out of nowhere. Did you mean to quote somebody?
Servers need fixing.. for PC anyways.
You really need to contact them about it.
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