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I knew well before buying the game that GTA online = cheaters. I'm not bothered by it, it is what it is.
Hey! A new DESKTOP CPU! On the roadmap!!!
Not my cuppa tea as far as things to watch on television.. Heck, I don't even watch television.
Since the game isn't "officially" released, has there been any word on updating the graphics?
Yeah, it's kind of a bummer but having the benchmark use the actual game makes it a pretty good benchmark.
Valve, just stop this madness before it gets out of control. Go to a donation system.
Steelseries is garbage. I used to buy a lot of their products and quality has gone down big time Double clicking issues, stuck switches, cheap thin plastic and that's just on their mice. I will miss Logitech mice for sure. The G5xx series is my "go-to" and they are solid.
What? Do you even game?
Or blindly follow an praise your corporate overlords. Everyone else is just a cry-baby.
Nobody's crying. Calm down. People have expectations when it comes to Battlefront. I don't care if EA or "Hipster Indie Inc." is making the game. When some of these expectations and features integral to the Battlefront franchise aren't there, people are going to voice their opinions.
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