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I pray a little every day that AMD stock goes over 11 bucks a share... Which is what I bought mine for right before Phenom 1 came out. In it for the long haul!! lol.
...and that's how one stops being able to afford things in the future. Stupid spending.
Or not. I love that they're doing this.
Downside... It may cause most humans to grow a third arm or something. Win win.
You realize that macros and "automation" very much go hand in hand, right?
Why would you buy used old tech anyways?
Or "underpriced". 1070 could be the price/performance deal, so why not focus on the 1080 and the premium price!
This card will probably sell under $599 as it is what Galaxy has been doing since they became an Nvidia partner. This is the cheapest of the cheap version. If I was bothering to do a water cooling setup on a 1080, I'd probably get this card.
While I'm no fan of Nvidia's pricing, if you want to compare the 1080 to the 4XX series, it would be more in line with the 470.470 = $3991080 = $600 (sorry, but no one should by a "founders edition")= ... the price still sucks.
It would be nice if they did the comparison in the same locations. FPS is less in GTA V in the country areas than in the city.
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