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Irrelevant indeed.
Ugh.. With that attitude, enjoy your masters.
Not surprised by the price. Lol, no thanks.
Wow! That's pretty lucky.
The game won't be perfect on the PC, it will have some issues. That being said, they sure in the heck have done quite a bit of development for the PC this time around. But, whatever. I can work around whatever bugs are in the game. The GTA series is damn fun and with the discount and the perks, of course I pre-ordered it.
There is nothing athletic about this competition. Is chess an athletic event? Poker? Quilting? A game of Battleship? Nope. I once played checkers against a friend of mine who is a very athletic dude. We were not partaking in athletic competition.
With the amount of stupid on this site, reddit and Tom's may be a better choice. OCN has indeed gone to **** over the years.
The folks complaining about power usage are uh.. nevermind. I won't even entertain the thought of responding to children.
The car in the picture is a Model S. The Model 3 hasn't been shown yet.
Yes, because whining and getting angry is going to make the game come out quicker. Rockstar owes you nothing. If you're upset, don't buy the game.I'll purchase it whenever it's released.
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