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I remember the x850xt MSRP being $599 and saw it selling on Newegg for around $629 when demand was high.
I wouldn't call it confirmed. Those cards could never be released or be for the OEM market. I recall some other article where AMD claims "no rebrands" as that what the "delays" are all about. Who knows really...
It's not May yet. AMD couldn't of possibly unveiled a new graphics card yet. Also since there is more than one, you want to use the words "graphics cards". Plural.Title should read: "AMD will unveil new graphics cards in May at Computex 2015."
I don't see how any artists, storytellers, etc. would make something awesome and not want to complete it. Anyways, the Source 2 engine is a thing. They made the Source 2 engine for a reason... To make games.
Expect the earliest to be next Tuesday. You can pretty much always counting on drivers never being released Friday through Monday.
Nah, the gameplay is okay. If it sucked, it would... to me take away from the great aspects of the game, and it doesn't.
That's nuts. I enjoyed the first two Bioshock games, but I absolutely love Infinite. It seems to be the kind of game to take your time with and take in all the pretty things. It's been a couple of months and I'm ready for another playthrough.
A fair question and really... I don't care?Seriously though, I have no brand loyalty. I find the concept ridiculous. I just so happen to be using a very good clocking 7970 at the moment.
Business 101. When you price something too high, you won't sell as many. With pricing something lower, you can sell more of an item and the increased units you sell make up the profit.Amen.
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