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Uh.. Hiring a lead animator for a game due to release this year doesn't sound realistic at all. I highly doubt this is for Battlefield 5.
Because Asian markets.
Bad information.These cards are a notch lower than their 970/980 counterparts.
So, if the Titans are coming in April, that'll leave end of the year for any 1080 Ti variant so that Titan adopters can feel they wasted less money. Got it.
Nvidia= Want to play a $50 dollar game? You'll need to buy one of our $600+ dollar cards... Please buy our hardware.
40 bucks shipped for the short one. Well... I suppose it's folks like you that allow them to price things the way they are.
Definitely saw "graphical downgrades" coming, but cutting off half the map and turning it into a Destiny/Borderlands clone I did not.
I've decided I'll pick up this game in the bargain bin after a while. Ubisoft has turned into a crap publisher.
Lol, when 4x SLI has basically no returns.
I'll reserve judgement (graphically) until I see more on the PC. I'm rather disappointed in the Destiny/Borderlands aspects of the game.
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