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Same here. Sapphire Trixx is still working as well with my normal OC.
Sounds like you're dipping below 60 fps.
I'm not so sure we'll see another Titan. Perhaps when Maxwell comes around it's end of life.
250w for a high-end video card isn't that high! They've been regularly higher than that over the years.
Everything else aside, I just want a card that has high performance at a good price. I don't much care about power consumption or anything like that. By the time I decide to buy a card I'm hoping the 980 Ti and 390x are pretty close and battling it out for price.
In this case the word "powerful" is highly subjective.
Well.. if they say so. Nevermind, I already contacted my Representative about this. If anything, Time Warner and Comcast should be broken up like the Bell system was.
"The old days" 2013? One thing I'll never miss is people making themselves to be morons on the internet. Well done!
270x uses 35 more watts than a 750Ti. I have a 750Ti and I love it in my HTPC, but in no way am I concerned with 35 watts if I needed a little extra performance out of a GPU.
It is? When is its replacement due out?
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