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Hi everyone, I pulled an old system out of storage for a new build and my block are looking pretty shotty. They are Nickle Plated EK blocks. I read not to use abrasive stuff like Ketchup or toothpaste. Is there any other home remedy to clean these up? RAM Block CPU Block Thank for the help
Good to know.
Glad to know my build is inspiring people. Even if it is only you derickwm.
Looking for a Xeon E5-1620 V2 CPU. Look for a cheap one ~$150-$175 hopefully. I can pay with paypal. Heat
Still have this?
another derickwm thread full of empty promises but ya I subbed.
Looking for a 1150 CPU. Cheap being the keyword here, I will not pay more than $50 shipped. I can get a new Haswell from Newegg for $60. I pay with PayPal only and my heatware is under Fuganater.
Do you have any 1150 CPU?
Yup, all is good. Kevin milled some new parts for me and they work great.
I just saw! Thanks!!
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