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Still have this?
another derickwm thread full of empty promises but ya I subbed.
Looking for a 1150 CPU. Cheap being the keyword here, I will not pay more than $50 shipped. I can get a new Haswell from Newegg for $60. I pay with PayPal only and my heatware is under Fuganater.
Do you have any 1150 CPU?
Yup, all is good. Kevin milled some new parts for me and they work great.
I just saw! Thanks!!
pm sent
Still selling the CPU block?
num1sum: you have a PM from me for a donation
So I'm installing my rads and fans into the pedestal and the sides don't close with the fans mounted on the outside of the 140.3 bracket. I thought they were supposed to? I'm using standard sized 140mm fans. You can see the side panel does not "click" in to be on right. My fan bumps up against the holders. (IDK the proper term for them) Here you can see the fan blocking the opening for the peg to go through the holder. Closer image of the gap The back lines up...
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