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I bought a white g102 while out travelling. No sensor rattle Noting seems to be loose Scroll wheel working good Wire is not braided, nor is it stiff Maybe you other people simply got a poor exemplar of the thing. MSIP-REM-DZL-M-U0048 810-005304
idk about windows 10 because I don't use unstable OS, but on windows 7 it's power options -> select the one you're using -> advanced -> hard drive -> shut down HDD after x minutes of inactivity
You're getting coilwhine because the developers are morons who forgot to put any FPS cap in the loading screens, causing the card to render at 300+ FPS which pretty much causes any card to coilwhine. Either ignore it or get a third party program to lock down the FPS duringthe loading screens.
Sweclockers made a review of the mouse: Verdict everything is good, besides click latency which isn't the best and the forced synapse software
I'm using the newmen gx1-kepler now. same shell as gx1 pro but with 3050 - no smoothing, feels goodman
Cheap table microphone - 5$ Document clip - 0.5$ Moronic gamer kids faces when they realize how wasted their money is when they see my ghetto mouse bungee setup - priceless
What are people saying? 3050 was the "budget" version while 3080 etc was out. I would still consider it better than the 3090 since it's fully smoothing free. The sensor itself got buried below obscurity since the early mice released with it had poor implementation, (mainly angle snapping). It also performs poorly at higher DPIs. I'm currently using one of newmens GX with 3050 and I prefer it over the GX with the 3090. I run the mouse at around 500 or was it 800 DPI so...
I have no idea where you got the rice stuff came from, but keyboards tend to take 3-4 days or longer to dry after you wash them. Also isopropyl alcohol can do stuff like dissolving the parts of keycaps so lol at whoever suggested that
Where in Europe do you live? Depending on where, the most important thing before buying a new keyboard would be to make sure it has the right key layout. afaik the KUL ES TLK comes with ANSI (US) layout. Some European countries use ISO layout instead.
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