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Interesting. I've actually removed my Windows key because I kept accidentally pressing it while gaming.
He's an ebay noob. My take is that he cancels completed auctions because the final price isn't to his liking. Unfortunately for him, he will never get a price to his liking because he has already ruined his reputation.ProTip for new ebayers: Don't start selling your high end items first because people don't want to take a chance on unknown entities. You have to sell a few items to get the ball rolling and establish that you can be trusted. This guy has taken the...
I'd wager that it is a scam. He only has two feedbacks as a seller and both are negative. Neither of the buyers ever received their items.
I still haven't seen anything official saying that Win8 will play 360 games. I just see rampant rumors that are then passed off as definite truths...
Hmm, maybe you're right.Nope, I've had a lovely day. I'm about to throw some steaks on the grill and chow down. Why do you ask? How are you?
There's nothing quite like scamming your own family. My first reaction was to say "Get a job" like most of the other people in this thread but I've changed my mind. I can't think of many employers that would deserve an employee like that. If you'll run a game like that on your own parents then you'd likely rip off some random business owner without blinking an eye. Better to just drop the monitor out the window and keep it in the family, after all it is their fault for...
What do you mean "if"? It has been part of the collective OCN knowledge for a couple of years now (thanks to oliverw92) that you can in fact cook bacon with a computer. an i7 though, you may have to go with more of a "slow cook".
That would be my guess as well, but like you I'm just taking a stab in the dark.
Try aluminum foil (shiny side up) to test that guy's results from the earlier link.
People have used ketchup successfully before...don't know for how long though.Try regular yellow mustard and then compare that with Grey Poupon. Let's see if it really is worth the extra money or just marketing hype.
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