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While it is hard to see you go, as they say "change is inevitable." I cannot help but agree with your post regarding the unique community that has become the OCN of today. I myself had a small stint helping in the earlier years with those harder/stricter rules that were ultimately crucial to maintain and foster the community of mutual respect that exists here. It is hard t believe that so many years have gone by...OCN has been my home page ever since I stumbled into the...
Hi guys...been gone a LONG time and now my last system seems to be very ill and I am clueless as to what is wrong. I have been using it for 4 years with no issues (I know I know) except that start up has been taking longer and longer. Well, I was using it without issue then the misses got on it right after me (no power down/restart/change user) and the scree started to get what I can only call a kind of flickering, never saw it before. Tried a reboot and it hangs so...
Beautiful Picture Perfect V2 (or have there been others??)...makes mine look like poop.
We ended up going with the 32G Nexus and are loving it so far...a 2nd might be in order as she has like 10 words w friends games going plus reading and I'm enjoying NFSMW but have to wait till she falls asleep lest I monopolize HER nexus.
Does anyone know how well the Kindle HD screen does outdoors in sunlight when reading? I have seen the ones that look like paper and I was quite surprised by how much it looked like paper and was also not washed out at all in bright sunlight. I am worried that the HD screen not being the paperwhite version will suffer much like our iPhones do.
Guess I need to get out and look/touch/play with them to get an opinion.
Have seen the Nook...but that's why I'm asking "the experts"!
So the misses said the other day that she would like a Kindle but of course there are options and I have NO CLUE as to the upsides/downsides of the various devices out there. That said I am coming to you my ever so always helpful OCN community to help make a case for the best Xmas purchase. I will say that she has played with an iPad and didn't really care for it though we do have iPhones. Yes, she reads a LOT and it will likely be the primary use of said device, though...
Loved FC 1 and for the life of me could not get into FC 2 enough to bother more than 20-30 minutes...just didn't like how it looked/played compared to the first. Media has me thinking FC 3 is more like 1 so I might give it a chance...we'll see. Maybe I'll even give 2 another try though from what I'm reading here maybe I shouldn't bother.
All done...went with the HD 7870 in the FS section here. Not so worried about flawless performance (obviously) and it will fit my needs nicely. Thanks for the input everyone!
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