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its enabled in the settings....but dont know how to use it??:/
Im using a keybourd and touch screen
how do you take a photo? I cant kill any warchiefs....I keep getting killed by them and their body gaurds....and then I get poisoned...any tips?
Hey peeps, So I have made a few tutorial video's how to play the IS-7 on World of tanks....thought I would share the vids with you guys if anyone is looking for some cool tips and spots to play this tank. Enjoy:)
Thanks dude, Again, im impressed how you have made something pretty boring (Tube addapters connectors?) into a pretty interesting picture, good job! 8.5/10
6/10 Nice tones, but the image itself is just boring. However if I were to have taken the photo it would have been a 1/10:D Good job on making a boring shot pretty cool. Heres another from a recent shoot, I like this one a lot, hope you guys do too:)
8/10 I actually love this shot, the compisition is really nice, but I find its blurred and the overall quality of the pic seems not saying its bad quality, but try using a tripod next time and a real fast shutter speed and you should get a really crisp image:) Heres one from a recent shoot I did
awww okey:)
5/10 , perhaps a tighter crop would be better to focus attention on the car. Guys, Does this photo look cool? Im not sure if I like it....? tst2_pp by porky102, on Flickr Or this one tst2_pp3 by porky102, on Flickr
7/10 Interesting subject. Picture of my younger cousin lex jumping5 by porky102, on Flickr
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