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Hi guys! I suspect my fuse may be blown for my subwoofer. Please see photo attached....I cant remove the fuse box anymore!! Would anyone know how to remove this dumb fuse box so I can see the fuses?? Thanks for any help!
Eish Howena!!!!! Pay Back the Moneeeeey!
Am I the only person I know who's game is running perfectly on 1440p everything max and all settings enable on my pc since launch? It's playing buttery smooth at around 50-60fps......???
Finally some reliable benchmarks!
I don't understand why they upset with Apple letting people listen to music for free?? I listen to all my songs on YouTube.... That's free Noone complained then? Can someone explain the difference?
omg my account was just hacked!!
Disabling notification center fixes the issue.
Hello peeps... I recently got myself a brand new USB Flash Drive! Rated at 250mbs read and write! here is the link: Anyways, I am getting about 50mbs...spiking at times to 100mbs. On my friends PC he is getting 220mbs..... I have tried all my USB 3.0 ports and same story.... Please someone help me! I have installed the latest USB 3.0 Drivers from the MSI
Hi guys, I currently have the Yamaha RXv677. It is 105W X 7 channels. Would I beable to run the B&W 683 speakers? Thanks! Porky-
Hi Guys, I am unsure if I should go tripple monitor setup or wait for a 34inch 120HZ monitor? I currently have the ROG monitor running @ 144hz. Is it possible to connect two other monitors but let them run @ 60hz wile my middle monitor runs at 144hz? Thanks peeps!
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