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Hello peeps... I recently got myself a brand new USB Flash Drive! Rated at 250mbs read and write! here is the link: Anyways, I am getting about 50mbs...spiking at times to 100mbs. On my friends PC he is getting 220mbs..... I have tried all my USB 3.0 ports and same story.... Please someone help me! I have installed the latest USB 3.0 Drivers from the MSI
Hi guys, I currently have the Yamaha RXv677. It is 105W X 7 channels. Would I beable to run the B&W 683 speakers? Thanks! Porky-
Hi Guys, I am unsure if I should go tripple monitor setup or wait for a 34inch 120HZ monitor? I currently have the ROG monitor running @ 144hz. Is it possible to connect two other monitors but let them run @ 60hz wile my middle monitor runs at 144hz? Thanks peeps!
When will this be on sale??
Poker is luck in the short term (less than 10,000 hands. If anyone claims otherwise they idiots. Over that it's definitely "skill".
Can you do the benchmark so I can make a direct comparison please
1x 290x will eat 220W of power. 3x = 700 Watts. Leaves you with 150watts for the rest of your system.... I would try it and see what happens....its cutting it close but you may beable to get away with it. *edit...oh I see your running two cards (Tri threw me off) ye your fine for 2 cards.
Hi guys, I got some new ram and am wondering if this is a good score? Thanks:D
Quick this a good memory score? you can download it here :
Ok So I tested the ram in World of tanks and crysis. I am very happy with the difference in WOT. Game runs at higher FPS and Lowest fps are higher. There is no question in my mind about this. I saw for the first time 125fps in WOT. This is at 2666mhz. I played crysis 3 and I was getting horrible stuttering at times....@ 2666 it is actually worse, I lowered the speed to 2400 and tightened the timings and no more freezing in crysis. There is little performance increase in...
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