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hmm im not too far off I guess
thank you:)
What is your boost clock? My highest stable boost clock is stock @ 1404mhz. Crashes any higher... So can't oc atall
Hi guys, I currently have a 120hz 1080p screen Is it possible to connect 2 more screens @ 60hz,but keep my primary (middle) screen at 120hz? Thanks
dont matter. 100% or 124% cant get it above 30mhz without a crash. Needs more volts.
Hi guys... It seems if I increase my GPU core clock by 50mhz I am getting driver crashes and grey screens. I can only add 87mv which is not enough!!! My temps are great...does not exceed 50c under furmark. any way I can give it more voltage??
It's a gamble dude. If you are happy to risk loosing the 150 go for it. If this is your last bit of cash then hold off. Let us know though
I once picked up a 5930k for 200 bucks. It was a huge gamble from my side, it was just a processor some guy won at a competition of some sort. Sold it for way more. And worked great
CN Name - CPU @ Clock speed - GPU @ core speed / memory speed - Score - Date (DD/MM/YYYYY) CPU = 4970K @ 4.8ghz GPU = GTX 980 @ 1500mhz (boost) stock memory. Score : 13632 Date: 17/12/14 
guys, im at 4.8 @ 1.35v in bios (1.377v cpuz is showing) is that ok for 24/7? I have been running my pc playing crysis, wot for days no issues....
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