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Hey guys , Im using a 7970 for my Audio device and I have it connected to my amplifier using a HDMI mini -> HDMI full converter -> HDMI cable -> Amplifier. Windows shows it as recognised and windows is not showing any problems , however if I try play music , youtube video's , any video under VLC or other program the sound stutters terribly! I get half a second of sound and about 5 seconds of silence when I play a video or music. If I launch World of tanks or call of...
Hey guys , Built this over the weekend....gonna store it now and wait for star citizen and then will get a X52 perhaps! quik question : I already have a nice joystick , can I buy any throttle control and those feet control things and will they work with my Logitech Freedom 2.4? or do all the components need to be part of a single set? here pics and a video of the video I found it on!
^^what he said
I have that one , it rox:D
any idea when they gonna charge my credit card? I just put money in it but hasent gone through yet!
by "Pledge" ships you mean the ships that you buy now? I got myself a whole fleet waiting for me when the game gets launched , will all my ships be insured or only the big ones? (constelation and frigates) or my little ones too?
Apparently you get lifetime insurance if you "kickstart" this true?
I told people 5 years ago AMD was a singking ship!!
Iv been using Panda virus software , atleast I can sleep well at night and rest assured my anti-virus aint gonna try murder me
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