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how do you mine?
I am a noob...I dont even know what ship I have? I have filled up fuel but it keeps saying I dont have enough fuel to make the jump? I can jump to closer planets but not to the mission planet:(
can someone help me please, I am playing the beta, I took a mission but when I try jump it says 0.60fuel needed or something like that???
Ok solved, deleted each file individually....I was unable to delete the entire folder....thanks for the help guys, 60 gigs back! woop:D
*bleh...its not solved!!! I try delete the temporary folder and it says it is currently in use...60 gigs!!!! I have nothing else running...? please help
Windows key+ R ---->> Type in the run console %temp% this took me to my temp folder, 55 gigs restored!! Thanks guys!
Apparently my temp folder accourding to space sniffer is 40GB...however I cant find it under the path Space Sniffer is showing me?
16GB of ram, will check space sniffer out
Hi guys.... My SSD drive 120gb (C drive) keeps filling up??? I have looked and can only count 40gbs of installed stuff if I check the size of each folder...however on the drive I have 2gb available???? My recycle can is empty.....I delete stuff, get some space back and every day my available memory gets less and less? any ideas?? Maybe I have a virus? Thanks peeps!
its enabled in the settings....but dont know how to use it??:/
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