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Sure, many people have read that article. Many people were also left with the exact same thoughts as one person wrote in the comments section: "why not CLP or CLU on K SKUs instead?"Contrary to some people's beliefs, enthusaists largely don't give a rats about solder itself. Rather, they want the performance that solder-like products can achieve. As to why Intel - with its large margins and respect for the negative influence that high operating temps can have on longevity...
Except that rationale is not consistent with any other HEDT architecture
Would someone from the brotherhood be able to comment on some good ways they've aesthetically and functionally handled dust filtration in their cases?
In the TweakTown review, why wasn't there a straight-forward "Temperatures" graph? Unless I've overlooked it (I've only just woken up...)
As mentioned above, your vehicle's coolant reservoir tends to be much higher placed in a vehicle than the radiator/s and components needing cooling. Additionally, because vehicles require coolant, their incorporation by manufacturers tends to be more critically designed for ease-of-servicing.
It's not a SATA drive; it's a PCIe NVMe drive, and he's tried two seperate m.2 slots on two different mobos Yes, there is something else you can try:Find one of the various guides to create a bootable USB of linux/ubuntu, and install linux/ubuntu onto something that isn't your 950 Pro (another USB stick >16GB in size will do)Install the linux version of Samsung Magician DC ( secure erase your 950...
Gaming PC's in general are stupid.
I don't know which tastes worse: the vomit in my mouth from the V1, or the vomit in my mouth from V2/3.
The DAN A4 had the exact same 3M riser cable, and people were happy to pay for it despite the well-known existence of the NCase M1 I think "even fleetfeather" understands that you're arguing for arguments' sake (as @gene-z has just said too)
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