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Well, 140mm fan frames with 150mm fan blades might be an issue too, but my experiences are based off using a pair of Phanteks 140mm fans with 120mm mounting holes (in this instance, the model is F140FP)
Just a heads up to the FD rep: The front intake filters on the Nano (and I assume other cases) could benefit by being completely magnetically secured to the chassis rather than using magnets on one side and little plastic tabs that slot into the structure of the case on the other side. The reason why the little plastic tabs are less desirable is because they can interfere with fan blades or non-square fan frames secured to the front intake position.
All that budget to spend, and you pick a poor man's Ncase M1 to put your components in? Also a 1700X won't help you, as the 1800X is a superior bin of the same chip, wherein AMD have explicitly stated they are binning not on higher frequencies but lower voltages. You should also do some reading on how to accurately measure your 1800X's temperature (if you can't find the right source, you should be subtracting 20C from whatever your temperature is being reported as, unless...
Phanteks F140HP's come in white, perform better than any Noctua equivalent at nearly half the price.Review conclusion here:
Deep learning solves that pretty quickly lol
Would also be on a waiting list for a tempered glass side panel option for the Nano S; tempered glass is the only sort of 'window material' that interests me these days.
Nearly 2000 posts in the thread, many of which are discussing the reasons why there are inconsistencies in gaming review results across reviewers, and this is your contribution?
I assumed that posting on a chipset launch thread meant that the intention to upgrade is imminent, but yes, X299 isn't too far away now either. That's personally what I'm waiting for You kind of understand me, but also kind of don't. I'll try explain a bit better:CPU for CPU, I think there are only marginal differences in the performance between Ryzen 8C/16T and Broadwell-E 8C/16T.The larger differences are seen in the motherboard chipsets; AM4 for Ryzen, and X99 for...
A move to Intel's X99 platform would make more sense, particularly since it has 4 channel DDR4 support and doesn't have issues with heightened queue depth (which may or may not get fixed over time on Ryzen)Not everyone has the budget for such a move though
I'm asking about Voltages, not Frequencies
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