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everyone who cares about CPU's already knows recent Intel CPU's have been priced according to the lack of competition
The 1050Ti and 960 are considerably more powerful than a rx460, in GTAV and across most if not all games.
You'll be waiting for a long time. ITX won't feature during Ryzen launch. ITX and the X300 chipset are still months away
I disagree with every one of your points and the inferences that you've made.
A 3Ghz Haswell IPC 8 core will not blow a 7700K out of the water by multiboxing MMOs, or streaming without a second rig. It will perform markedly worse.This is because almost NO MMO is capable of being multi-threaded beyond a couple of cores, and is entirely dependent on IPC and the core frequency you can hit to maximise that IPC as soon as you hit a large player-count scene. It's concerning that, as a "rig builder for average gamers", you don't know this.
How much R&D do you think goes into tweaking Sandy Bridge six times on different processes, compared to designing a whole new architecture?
While I understanding your feelings about overpriced parts, they are irrelevant, because no company in the PC scene is going to sell a product for any less than they need to price them in order to move the volumes that they want. They're all publicly listed companies who answer to shareholders that seek maximum profits. As such, overpricing will always exist until it isn't feasible to do so anymore (i.e., due to further competition, which we will never see in a duopoly...
It will help AMD if the product is worth the asking price. If the product and the performance make sense next to each other, people will buy it.Why would a company continue to make trash products just so they can price them in accordance with budget buyers? You don't shape a product to match your audience, if a) you can exceed previous product performance, and b) there's another viable audience to cater to.
This is a nothing response to Ryzen; we all know the HT i5 is not going to be sold for a price typical of an i5 part. It'll likely split the difference between a K-sku i5 and a K-sku i7. If Ryzen comes out and surprises us with performance, then perhaps we'd see a price shift in Intel's entire line (which would be a great move)
By turning the Endowment slider all the way down to 1, I can finally accurately represent my RL appearance in games
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