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Thanks for this. Exactly what I was looking for.
Sure, I get that.If you're worried about people stating that your favourite CPU from 20XX is "capable" of a task or not, perhaps you're reading into their comments a little too literally. Stepping back from the situation a little bit, it seems very common to see hyperbolic word usage throughout this forum across a myriad of topics. If people weren't so caught up in these sorts of communication issues, half the posts on this entire forum could probably be avoided...
The problem with your statement is that you don't seem to understand that your opinion is subjective. Different people in this thread are going to have different standards of performance that they find acceptable to their use case.You've actually done this several times in this thread.
Could someone with a delidded chip pls give me some temperature results for your given cpu cooler (air, aio, custom loop, whatever) and voltage?
People who bought >8 thread CPUs in 2017 for theoretical games released in 2019 and beyond are lost. You didn't future-proof yourself at all, instead you simply blew your budget on 2017 IPC instead of waiting for 2019 IPC with whatever thread count actually ends up being needed.
Where is all this data available from?There are still people who care about frame times active in the industry, but no one has given them any reason to explore such things - there is pretty much no reason to believe BroadwellC is what it is beyond anecdotal posts in realtively obscure threads.If you want AMD to force Intel's hand, consumer bases need to know about L4's performance to begin with...
No one is really going to pay attention until someone systematically compares an overclocked 5775C system with low-latency DDR3 to an overclocked 7700K system with high-frequency DDR4.
Ask not what they can do about this, but what you can do about it. And yes, you can do something about can go back to Z97, and buy a 5775C.
Sarcasm doesn't translate well over text That sort of system is exactly what I'd love to see in Australia. The main challenge of that sort of system in our region is power delivery - we have plenty of open space in the center of the continent to deploy a HUGE array of solar panels and batteries, but we would need some way of delivering the supply to all corners of the country in an efficient and reliable manner (and also to not have coal lobbying)
You're correct, but South Australia doesn't have any issues with power generation - they have a problem with power delivery when one or more of their sources goes down. The battery solution is exactly was it appears to be; a proof of concept for the situation that their state is in.I'm pretty sure I understand your argument, but I think your argument is better suited to a different scenario
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