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Feels like the worst possible time to buy a monitor
Nope - overshooting is definitely the lesser of two evils, because it's much more predictable.Undershooting opens you up to more instability scenarios, particularly when the CPU is at full load and you're supplying less than your intended voltage.
The levels simply change the nature of how voltages to your CPU change as the CPU moves between states of low and high load
Due to a combination of load line calibration settings and imperfect voltage regulation components on any motherboard, the value you choose to specify in the BIOS for your Vcore almost always isn't exactly what the supplied voltage ends up being. The value entered into the BIOS is your nominated value, and the motherboard will do its best to provide that exact value, but the motherboard components responsible for managing voltages are imperfect and as a result the...
Not aiming it at anyone in particularYes, everyone is aware that you have experience with various watercooling builds and that you do some work for EK now...
I definitely recognise that added restriction will produce a reduced flowrate, and that a 24V pump is going to be capable of a higher flowrate than a 12V pump at any given amount restriction.My criticism is that people seem to have a poor understanding of the 'flowrate:temperature' relationship, and this is leading to this false impression that a 24V pump is required (or even desirable) when it in reality it isn't.
I'm fairly sure skinnee labs did a test regarding the effect of restriction of flow rate, and found a Perhaps I have gotten my wires crossed though
Hmm, is the single speed any quieter than a Vario at the same equivalent speed setting?Lol, it's not about fitting "my profile" at all, it's about fitting "any profile" - I ended up asking what scenarios a Strong is really a smart choice for, because the vast majority of builds (rather than just my own builds) probably don't equate to such a scenario. That is perhaps one of the best definitions of something that is less useful haha..As I hinted at previously, I only...
Even still, doesn't a regular 12V D5 still have enough head pressure for 5 points of significant restriction (and a reasonable length of tubing)? I'm sure we are all aware of the negligible impact that flow rate has on loop temps, so I'm assuming the "power" you're talking about is head pressure related..Well, anyone can choose to buy and run whatever they want haha, but that doesn't necessarily mean that their build required it
I didn't mention single speed as it is kind of a redundant design at this point. I'm still yet to encounter a reason why someone would buy a Strong..?
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