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I am now almost sure that it's the speakers fault, because I don't have problems with my Roccat Kave USB headset, will update if it starts happening with them. And that will most likely mean that it's some kind of annoying malware.
It would suck to purchase brand new speakers only to find out that my trusty old Gigaworks T3 wasn't at fault. Seriously! Even at full volume they don't have distortion, it's impressive sound quality!
You know what I kind of suspect it is, because they're almost 7-8 years old and they've been abused quite hard. But the volume dial is analogue so I don't understand how? I haven't noticed the volume slider in windows change.
Oh yeah but that's not the issue, it's random and I'm sure I would notice if I clicked the icon.
Well damn... Upgrade path...Keyboard works fine, I'm pretty sure, I bought it back in December and the cords are not tangled or in any kind of strain, no liquids have been spilled.Headset isn't plugged in, and I have only experienced it on my speakers so far. When using sound over HDMI to my Samsung TV it works fine, my Girlfriend and I used it without problems a few days ago and I had the problem back then too on my speakers.Haven't used my Headset and I always unplug...
What do you mean exactly? On the mouse, I'm pretty sure it happens also when I'm not touching anything..
I have not tried a clean reinstall, I kind of would like to avoid that. Because I hate having to go through folders and backing up. Also having to download everything again, and all those modded games I have which I just know aren't going to work after a clean reinstall. I read on forum that it could be a faulty sound card? But I don't really believe that it would be Effed already since the motherboard isn't that old and the PC hasn't been moved a lot.
When listening to any kind of sound video, movie or music. Browser, spotify or anywhere else. Volume will change up and down not getting louder just changing so it goes lower and lower and back up again sometimes for a long period of time sometimes just for a few seconds, sometimes it does it quite fast. Just goes up and down quickly and keeps doing it.. I'M GOING INSANE THIS IS JUST SO ANNOYING I'M LOSING MY MIND! There's no pattern to it it's just so Random, I've...
Have done so, amazing that they just send them out for free.. So the LNA's will bring them down the 1500's down to 1200 rpm..
So when I run all my fans on the PWM hub on the Enthoo Pro: it goes front and exhaust fan on a y splitter together because they're the phanteks fans which I haven't replaced. So that's a 200mm and a 140mm exhaust fan. They go to lowest priority on fan hub (slot 6 on the hub). Then I have my front CPU fan which is a 140mm NF-A15 as the rpm reference on fan 1 on the hub because it's the slowest fan in the system which is 1200rpm, Phanteks themselves says no splitter on fan 1...
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