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Would flipping the front 240 rad to have the ports at the bottom complicate the loop?You could have an outlet into a Q-fitting which you could drill a hole under, and then just put in a stop fitting with a g1/4* adapter.
This is glorious. Simply glorious. Edit: I was just looking over the blocks and rads... How on earth are you going to drain the loop? Things look really tight in there.
No solid dates as of yet.Tell-tales say June. I wouldn't hold my breath though.
The video shown in the OP doesn't show a slide to unlock feature but rather a toggle feature using slide gestures. This in todays patent court system still allows apple to keep it's "Slide-to-unlock" patent. Nothing changes with this I'm afraid.
Your name is fitting for this post.+1
Wait, so someone actually pursued his business interests in order to thrive and make a living off it? Yeah that's the definition of selling out, isn't it? Some people really need to get off their high horses and take a stroll in the real world.
Salam brother! I'm really liking what you've done with this build. Really solid. I hope to one day use your build as an inspiration to make my own extensively modded build. If you're ever in Qatar, let me know. I'd be happy to pick your brain for a few hours.
What are you using in your loop? Which tubing? Blocks? What are you using for coolant? Are you using a biocide or killcoil? This is all important info.
Yes sir.I hated highschool so I used to spend recess sitting in a library and browsing loved all the builds and the knowledge being openly being passed around, so I had to make an account.I wish I contributed more though, it sucks to sit on the sidelines and watch this place grow without being a real part of it.Ah well.. It is what it is.
Wow.. It's been that long already.
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