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Hey there! Looking really solid. Would love to see how this unfolds. Would you consider creating a separate chamber for the GPU so you won't be limited to using blower-style cards? I'm not seeing any discernible airflow into & out of the case safe for that little fan at the bottom. Cheers and best of luck!
Thank you. Finally, someone who talks some sense/Companies making decently priced cases can keep prices low due to economy of scale. Mass producing cases allows to sell at a lower price point to allow to make back the money put into designing, fabing the prototype and so on.When you look at a case that's exclusive like this one, you don't have that luxury and have to up the price.Yes, this case is expensive, but for good reason. If you can't afford it, then there are...
Ne3? Neeee3?Well to be fair the aim of the touchpads is to introduce "mouse-like" control on a joystick. I remember back in 2013 they demoed it to show how responsive it is on an FPS. Allowing you to have an alternative to your typical god-awful analogue sticks and they way they work.As hideous as it looks, for 50 bucks and for what they're bringing to the table at that price I'm gonna still give this thing a shot.edit: wurds
I am so amped for this. I've been watching some EVO footage of this game and it looks like it's tons of fun. Would be great to see this on PC with x-platform play to try to compete with SF5.
Hey bud. How much do these badboys weigh? Looking to order some abroad and trying to find out how much they'll set me back.
I don't recall where exactly I saw this, but I remember a satirical quote about TF2 being a game where you collect hats and occasionally shoot people. Perhaps that's what people are fed-up with, the fact that the hat collecting became a central game mechanic.
To chime in on the urgency to get yourself checked (which is the message TB is trying to send out), my cousins wife has been suffering from dull headaches/migraines for years. She shrugged it off as pain from the result of the stress of a working mother of 3. The years went by and the pain hasn't subsided, in fact it got worse. When she finally went to the doc, it was far beyond too late. The doctor told her that she has an inoperable brain tumor, advised her to start...
I feel you man. If you look at something long enough, it's charms begin to wane on you. As for us, we get to see major changes in the forms of updates (yay us!).
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