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Now that's interesting. Scheduler in windows fixed or something?
Having 2 separate 'islands' of 4 cores is vastly different from having 2 stacked dies, and not what we're talking about though.
Stacking CPU dies sounds like a really bad idea temperature wise...
That's...actually an interesting point. Although multi-GPU setups have slowly been dying out, excluding benchmarking leaderboards of course. I still wish it were possible for GPU dies to be linked together in some way to create a single larger GPU.Will be very interesting though if AMD does come with some kind of HEDT version of zen.
What's the source of all this rumored 16 core zen chip?
Ah damn. Was really hoping that the rumors would be incorrect. 4 core parts that are just broken 8 core parts...yeah no way those will be really interesting besides the price they're going to be sold at.
So wait, you're saying I should not use the thumb drive that came with Win10 and instead invest in a DVD Burner?
Yeah that's what's I'm thinking will be the case with the mini-ATX ASRock board I'm looking at as well. Makes me really nervous when it comes to RAM, me and RAM never go well together for some reason.
Hrm. How important is CAS latency these days anyway?
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