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I really wanted the Strix for $40 more. But I kept reading review after review on Newegg that startled me. The X99-A II had some reviews stating dead CPU as well, but not the shear number the Strix had.
Just wanted to share my findings on ASUS repairing damaged sockets. I purchased an X99-A II on eBay for cheap with the description of bent socket pins. What I got was a board with broken socket pins, missing ferrite choke, and broken dimm slots. I was curious what ASUS would charge to fix the socket, so I emailed customer service stating I had a board with a physically damaged socket and wanted a quote for repair. Here is their reply:I remember the days of a socket...
Yes... I took a screenshot showing my boot order (Ive got 2 SSDs in RAID 0) with the Boot manager first. The FAT 32 formatted USB drive is showing up because it was plugged in to save my screenshot.
Can you please go into your bios and take a screenshot (F12 with a Fat 32 formatted flash drive installed) of your boot devices and boot priority? Im wandering if the Windows Boot is condigured to be the first boot device.
So far the system is stable... more so then when I tried JDEC 2133 or 2400 at XMP settings (both manual and XMP was finicky).
I went ahead and added vdimm and SA, and tried DDR4 3000. System has been stable through multiple runs of Cinebench. Now I'm going to do some memtesting.
I was asking myself that... LOL. No insult intended! I know you've been around a long time...What bios are you upgrading from? I remember with my X79, I had to transition to a bios after my current bios before flashing the latest. Are you on 3402 now? That's what I flashed from.
Are you downloading the zip file and extracting the actual bios file?I have the non-USB 3.1 version as well, and I just DLed and flashed the new bios last week. I always use the USB 2.0 ports when flashing. The USB 3.0 are blue, so I don't use the blue USB ports.
I dont trust the Boradwell-E chips... SA is my main concern. I bought my 6850k on sale and got insurance through newegg, and purchased Intel's overclocking replacement plan. I've definitely minimized the risk!
Yes you are right, the kits are for Skylake. I don't think I've ever bought a tri-channel or Quad kit. I understand those kits are tested to run at rated speeds, but I have always picked up dual channel mits and tweaked voltage and timings to make them run whatever the can without overvolting them. Its the risk I take, which is why I've kind of accepted my fate with my current setup. I always assumed you paid more for the extra testing needed to verify quad kits, and...
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