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I did a lot of research when I was getting my eVGA x58 FTW3. What I remember is that a rev 1.2 of your board will work, but not 1.0 or 1.1. You can send it into eVGA and they will mod it fore $50, or you can try it yourself. here are some links for some additional info:132-BL-E758-A1 Rev 1.0 Westmere ModMaxing out my e758... 980x, w3680, X5680EVGA E758 Westmere Modpost #1332 of 5825 of Xeon X5660-X58 Review & DiscussionEVGA X58 760 Westmere mod
You should have no problems doing this. I was able to access pictures and videos from a Win 7 install and from a Ubuntu install (had each OS installed on a separate HDD, so I just selected boot drive at startup). As long as the 3rd drive has a partition that both OSes can read and write to, you should be able to access the drive from both OS installs.
32nm CPUs are listed on the rev 1.0 board's CPU support list:Socket 1366 - Intel X58 - GA-X58A-OC (rev. 1.0)
The board I'm not keeping is getting donated!
Decisions, decisions, decisions... I've been running an eVGA x58 FTW3 for a few months now, but recently dusted off an old ASUS X58 Sabertooth. So I'm trying to decide if i should switch motherboards. After all, I only have this platform so I can tinker with it. Is it worth switching or am I wasting my time? This is still my favorite platform to overclock; there is something about the x58 that always draws me back! After all, I had a perfectly good 3930K I got rid of...
While the upgrades you mentioned might be great, it isn't something someone looking to spend $70 for an upgrade is likely to try.As for the OP's issue, it does sound like there is a problem with the CPU not being seated correctly. If the CPU did boot and was recognized, it doesn't tend to then not boot the next time if incompatible. But it sounds like the CPU was re-seated multiple times, and I'm assuming the original CPU was installed to change to different bios. ...
Those modded bios really only had new Intel OPROM with updated RAID support. so unless you are running RAID with hard drives, I would just stick with the latest stock bios. Here is a thread you can check out to help OC your chip: THE Asus Rampage Formula/Maximus Formula/P5E Deluxe/P5E Thread And I wouldn't worry about what HWiNFO64 is reporting... It's not relevant IMO.
I did some research on Xeon X5600 series on ASUS and eVGA boards. From what I found, all ASUS x58 boards with the latest bios (includes microcode for xeons) support them, while only the eVGA FTW3, SLI3 and Classified supoort them (original x58 and x58 LE can be sent back to eVGA for a $40 mod).Ive tested personally on an eVGA x58 FTW3 and ASUS Sabertooth x58. I've found many posts on multple forums showing P6T, P6T SE, P6T Deluxe, P6TW6 and W7 Workststion, P6T OC Palm,...
I have seen posts where a 6-core upgrade from a quad causes issues.Another issue: What I always do with a new CPU install is reset bios. If for some reason, after bios reset, the SATA controller switches to IDE mode, windows wont load. So check to make sure the SATA controller is set to AHCI and not IDE.
You have the latest bios, so just drop the chip in like you would any new supported CPU.
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