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Thanks for the info. I set defaults (which set ram to auto at 2133 cas 15) and I still get bF Q-Code while refusing to wake from sleep. Is this just a product of running Broadwell-E with this board?
Thanks for the reply!Everything is running stock including the ram at DDR4 2400 CL 14-16-16-31 1.2v now. I've had to disable sleep for the time being, but I did some ram OCing this weekend, but I put it back to 2400 this evening. I don't use XMP, I just set the ram to 2400, set the primary timings and I set the voltage to 1.230v for all channels. I haven't touched any of the other voltages as I wanted to run the setup at stock and "ease" into the OC. But I want to make...
OCN, I'm trying to figure out a sleep mode issue:I just built my system with the X99-A, 6850K, Seasonic 750W Gold, and 4x8Gb Team Vulcan DDR4 2400. I also have 2ea Crucial M500 480Gb SSDs in RAID 0 (will upgrade to NVMe in a few months) * This issue happened in non-RAID setup and with only 2.8Gb*. Windows 10 Pro x64 and drivers are up to date. With everything at stock, system runs fine with one exception; when the computer goes to sleep (default power setting set to...
These turned out to be a great buy! I picked up 2 kits totaling 32Gb (4x8Gb) for my X99 setup and they are running DDR4 3000 15-17-17-35 at 1.25v vdimm. I read a reviewer for this claiming they were SK Hynix ICs; Who knows. i didn't disassemble mine to verify. Did anyone else pick them up? I'll definitely be picking up more kits if they go on sale again.
OP, sounds like you want to combine your HDD storage similar to JBOD (just a bunch of disks). Windows 10 has a function called "Storage Spaces", accessible through the control panel. It will erase your data, so you will need to figure out a way to back it all up first. Storage Sapces is just software level RAID from within Windows: You run the program,...
I picked up an X5680 on Amazon for $80 back in April. Just keep an eye out for a good deal.Here is one for $115 on Amazon:
They sent me a like-new board back.
Yep, I just checked and you are correct. Sorry, I thought it was a 7 year. I RMA'd mine April 2016 and got it replaced. I pulled my email notification to verify. It wouldn't hurt to try RMAing it!
Just wanted to point out the X58 Sabertooth has a 7 year warranty (for all Tuff series boards). Mine would only recognize 2 of the 3 memory channels, so I RMA'd for a replacement a few months ago. I highly recommend you try for an RMA!
I helped a friend get a build up and running, and he gave me some extra parts. I'm looking to either keep the X99-A motherboard and sell the 4820K CPU, or keep the 4820K and sell the X99-A . I think I'll finally upgrade this old 2600K system. What would each be worth here on OCN? X-99A (2011-V3) Motherboard $_____ 4820k (IB-E) CPU $____ Thanks!
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