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I'm running the 13.4 stock AMD drivers and am getting approx. 120k PPD. My HTPC with a 7770 is also running the stock 13.4 AMD drivers and it is getting approx. 28k PPD.
Save yourself some money and unneeded strain on your memory controller. Instead of getting 4x4Gb Ballistix at $140, go for the 2x8Gb kit of Ballistix of the same specs for $115: You can also save approx. $70 by going for that P9X79 board in the F/S section and put the $70 towards a higher capacity SSD, or upgrade to 2Tb HDDs.
The ram speeds supported by the X79 platform is heavily dependent on the CPU's Integrated Memory Controller (IMC). Buying the ram at higher speeds will not guarantee your setup can run it, just that if you have a strong IMC, it should be able to run it. DDR3 1866 is more than enough for decent performance with 2133 being the staple for the average OCer. Once you start pushing your ram passed 2133, you start having to add vccio voltage beyond Intel specs (1.10v is Intel...
I already have a transformer Prime 64Gb, and had the original iPad 64Gb. But I like to tinker, and have owned non-traditional tablets like the HP Touchpad and the Viewsonic Tegra 2 10.1" tablet. I know what I'm getting when I pick up a tablet as I do plenty of research. For me its parallel to buying an OEM Dell vs building my own desktop. I do it because I can. The Chinese market has some decent products which are currently running the vanilla Jellybean. They are a...
Its turning out to be a lottery on whether the Matrix bios will flash or not. I can get it to flash to my DC2T, but not functional passed being able to boot and load windows. The card doesn't brick, so its not too painful to fix. Yet others with a DC2T can flash the Matrix bios with zero problems.
Anything you can provide would be great. We can make this thread our own with the accumulated knowledge we've each gained. It could become a great source of info for OCN's ASUS 7970 non-ref cards.
Original post updated with condensed information from the 4 pages of posts.
Well if it is the same as PLL as Twisted1 stated, it would be the voltage to the clock generating chip for the core clocks. With traditional CPUs, PLL voltage is typically only increased during extreme OCing, and is usually a trial and error. it has nothing to do with the "power" of the increased voltage. Instead it is about rectifying the signal wave which distorts through OCing.edit: Twisted1 posted while I was typing:Exactly this ↑
DJ_OXyGeNe_8 and Twisted1 have provided some invaluable info! They have made this an informative thread for sure. Thanks to both of you!
Thanks Twisted1 for the info and comments. I don't know how new this GPU actually is, but its not too new. I got it after RMAing my original (it was flickering in Eyefinity, even when using all displayports) back in July 2012. I was disappointed at first when I couldn't flash to the matrix bios, but considering I can OC just by using GPU Tweak, I'm content. From all the varying results in bios flashing, I suspect a FW, or even possibly slight hardware changes when...
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