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The custom ROM is really nice. It is striped of some unnecessary apps, has a nice launcher and is more customizable. There should be some SD storage development to allow the installed micro SD to be utilized as primary storage.
Can you list out everything you've tried so far?
The initial cost is going to be more with the i7 3820 vs the i7 4770k. If you go with the i7 3820, you are going to spend more on the motherboard because it is a 2011 setup. And the only reason to go that route is if you plan or running more that 2 video cards, or if you are video editing, encoding, etc. Basically the 2011 system is a desktop platform based off a server chipset (C600/X79) with more PCIE lanes.With the 4770K, you get the newest Haswell architecture with...
I'm planning on selling my Transformer Prime to buy the Kindle Fire 8.9" HD with LTE.As for this tablet, I'm now in the process of rooting and trying a custom ROM.
My local Walmart here in Anchorage has it in stock. I'll be picking one up tomorrow. I've tried lower end 7" tablets and didn't have a very good experience. I wanted the Nexus, but don't like the lack of micro SD. So hopefully this will fit my needs. My Transformer prime is just a little larger then I would like. I just wish there were more 8" - 8.9" tablets out there. Edit 1: got it! All 3 Walmarts in my area showed it was available in store. But only 1 of them...
Price reduced to $500 + shipping and added a Rocketfish HDMI mini to HDMI cable (just found it).
This must be included with the USB 3.0 case revision. I'll have to order one. Thanks!
Thread has been cleaned for the 6th time. Please keep in mind all the PMs and polite warning that have gone out. This is a final friendly reminder to remain professional and on topic to the thread. Please do not post off topic; i.e. mentioning AMD drivers as this is not relevant to the topic of the thread. Please do not quote a post and leave an off handed comment. Do not single out individuals as a "target". Please do not use profanity, or short hand for profanity.
I bought this as an impulse buy. I originally had an H80, but replaced it with the Noctua NH-D14. My only issue is my case. its on the "unique" side with its 180mm fans...
I ended up posting it for $189 + shipping. I know it is worth a little more, but I know OCN expects to pay less than market value. especially with a niche device like this.
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