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I figured out a workaround for the error. It had to do with defining the path of the bios file. Once I dropped the file to be modded onto the c: drive (not in any folders), I was able to mod the bios without an issue. I havent actually tried to make any changes yet, I was just able to load the bios and patch it successfully. edit: I am only able to select the power limit. If I enter ASIC and select confirm, I get an error.
I'm getting the same error others are reporting with the bios editor. I'll see if i can get this figured out.
From my understanding there was no way to mod any 7970 bios. Can you please provide a link.
What voltage are you running to the QPI (on chip memory controller voltage)? When I ran 6 modules on my X58 setups, I would have to increase the QPI to at least 1.25v, and sometimes to 1.275v when running DDR3 1600. Once I went up to 1866 and above, I needed 1.30-1.35v. basically more modules put more stress on the memory controller. So bumping the voltage is a must for ram stability.
I spent a week dialing in an OC on my 7970. I've been running 13.4 drivers with the latest 7.3.6 F@H client with 1180/1650 OC and I've only seen one core 16 over the past few weeks. I've been getting 90% core 17 WUs. The only time I really see core 16s is when I've just installed the client. Once I add the beta tag, and the first core 16 completes, I get 17s after that. Been going strong folding 24/7 with main rig and the 7770 in my HTPC. Surprisingly, the 7770 gets me...
GPU-Z definition of ASIC:From my understanding, the ASIC quality is a value assigned to GPUs during the binning process which is based on their electrical leakage. With a higher % in quality, you will see lower voltage at the card's stock clocks. With lower % in quality, you have more electrical leakage, which can require higher voltage at stock. And it looks like the manufacturers so just that and assign higher stock voltage with lower ASIC %.When people see anything...
I had an NZXT USB multiplier: NZXT IU01 (My Rampage II Extreme only had one USB header) fry when the onboard chip went. it took out my motherboard and every USB device I had connected to the computer (including a Logitech G15 keyboard and a Canon printer). They told me they would send me a T-shirt. I told them what they could do with that T-shirt and vowed never to buy their products again. I doubt they will offer you any help.
I don't know, I might in a few days. I'm just waiting or a day when I have some free time.
Mine also shows as an XT. Mine shipped with older bios, but I cannot flash to the Matrix bios:
DizZz got me to start folding again. I hadn't folded in a long time. Then I started up during the last Chimp Challenge, and have been trying to fold 24/7 since 13 April 2013 (the down times wea when I was OCing my 7970 for folding). I should be hitting 3M by tomorrow morning:
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