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Best Buy has the XFX Radeon R7 260X Double D Edition for $74.99: Note, they also have a PNY GTX 750 (1Gb model) for $64.99: *edit - Looks like it was $5 more two...
Thanks for the offer, but it is an Award bios. I think it is the limitation of the off-SKU CPU. If it is important enough to me, I can always just pick up an X5675 or X5680 instead of trying to source out a new motherboard. I only recently put this rig together because I miss overclocking beyond an increased multi, so who knows what I'll try next with this setup!
Just wanting to check on my overclocked system results and see if it is my CPU or my motherboard bios which is locking out some features. here is what I have: X5679 (SKU specific to HP vendor with microcode 206C2h) eVGA x58 FTW3 (latest v83 bios with CPU microcode 14) I am able to reach 4.2GHz OC with Turbo off, vcore set to 1.35v, all C-States enabled and virtualization enabled (will be running VM server OSes) My uncore multi is locked and my memory divider is locked...
Sorry Im late to your request. Looks like you found it though. Did you head over to Xtremesystems to get what you needed?
Just a little info to pass along from my experience: I recently built a system using an eVGA x58 FTW3 (eVGA claims board supports Xeons) and a more obscure OEM (for HP) X5679. It seems I am extremely limited on what I can tweak. I am running the latest bios (83), but cant adjust the multi, the uncore or memory divider. I can disable/enable the turbo, can adjust voltages and can adjust the base clock.
If a majority of the pin is still in place, try bending the pin so that it can still make contact. Ive seen some people have success.
I thought this info would be helpful for those curious about the even multi (and really down to the x20 multi which always seemed to create OC problems for the infamous i7 920)Odd vs Even multipliers... must read:Xtreme Systems "Core i7/X58 Overclocking Thread - post #876" post by dejanh, 12 December 2008A snippet from the post
Everything you are describing sounds like a RAM issue to me. I just picked up a used 2600K/Z68 with 4x4Gb. I went to install the OS and had the DVD drive disappear, windows 7 hang during updates, failed boots, and BSODs. As soon as I ran Memtest, boom... errors started scrolling. Check every stick individually with memtest (boot off of a disk, not the windows program) and see which stick/s are bad.
The UD3P was one of the best OCing boards in terms of quad core FSB overclocking (and dual core). I would highly recommend that board considering the fact you are getting this board as a fun project. The P5Q is no slouch either... but the UD3P is just a little bit better. I did some builds with DS3R boards and I didnt see the high FSB clocks with quads like I did the the UD3P.
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