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Sounds like your only option.
There are many reports of 48Gb working with i7 920 and x58 boards. Check out this thread at Tom's Hardware I'm currently running 2x8Gb ram in my eVGA x58 SLI3 no problems. Not sure about 16gb modules.
First think I would try is updating the bios (hopefully you can use the front USB ports). The rear IO USB is controlled by the x99 chipset, but the LAN is typically a seperate chip (Intel or Realtek chip on the board). So I don't understand why your chipset and and seperate LAN are both going out. If a BIOS flash doesnt work, I would contact MSI.
Does anyone know the going rate to replace the CPU socket? I've heard ASUS will replace a socket for $25/$50 when you RMA. Not sure personally as I've never sent in a board with a bad socket. But might be worth contacting the manufacturer about.
This video goes over they exact way to install the Intel CPU. Watch for key points in orienting the cpu to the socket. i.e. gold triangle, notches and pin alignment.
Yeah, X5600 replaced X5500 45nm, to include 6-core. There are also low voltage 6 core in the E and L series. There is even a dual core 4.4GHz (X5698 ?) 32nm Westmere-EP.
Aren't all of the 6-core 1366 based on 32nm?
People are claiming to have support with their GA-UD7 as of bios version F3:Xtreme Systems: Official Intel Gulftown (Westmere) Overclocking and Batch Tracking Thread12 June 2010
I have to agree. I notice much lower temps with my X5680 then when I ran a W3520 (i7 920 equiv). My X5680 also seems to run cooler than my i7 980X. I am able to hit 4.4Ghz with my X5680 vs 4.1Ghz with 980x... I understand I could have just had a dud 980x though, or the lower temps helps.
I also remember the die shrink of the Tualatin being huge too! I didn't realize the Pentium M had anything to do with the P4. I thought it was all P3/Tualatin linked. Great info! Still to this day my favorite Intel chip is Conroe. And I loved the Q6600. While not a true quad core (two dual cores in one package), it was an extremely fun and powerful chip!Good riddance to Pentium 4chips!
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