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Correct, they were not tied together in Lynnfield. And I guess the correct term is "decoupled". And yes, it is the PCIe controller integrated into the core as you stated above. Once Intel started focusing on the power envelope of their CPUs, they started coupling everything together. But the power state issue is what led Intel to change from the way it was locked in SB and IB.But it does look like the bclk will not be what it was with 1366 Nehalem/Bloomfield, but...
True, they are all tied together *they don't have to be from my understanding). But it was the GPU and CPU core specifically I thought was mentioned in the reasoning behind the power state issue.
What we do not recognize as a main brand is a main brand in China. There are a few competitive Chinese brands to consider, like Pipo, Cube, Teclast and Yuando. You can see lots of info on these at forums specific to tablets: Slatedroid is a great place to get some info.
I was hoping for some strong performance from the Rockchip 3188 (china quad core). I've been waiting since march to see what tablets would be on offer. I think the biggest concern with these no-name brands is warranty. And second, trying to find one with a decent IPS panel. I've also read bad reviews on battery power.
I thought the reason for the unlocked bclk was due to a problem with power states, and that Intel was making this move to keep the CPU's power envelope as low as possible. it was when the system would come out of sleep, the CPU/GPU would kick on full power state. So the fix was to unlink them. I guess we will know soon enough!
The matrix and matrix non-platinum bios were a no go.I can flash each of the bios for the matrix, both Platinum and non-Platinum, but I get errors. The system boots, but GPU-Z cannot recognize the card correctly, and I can't install drivers.When I try the 2.2.14 ASUS GPU Tweak with my factory bios (and DC2 non-Top), I can adjust voltage, but can't raise the clock speeds passed the hard set ones in the bios (1125/6025).It looks like there might be two revisions of the DC2...
Here is a great read on 7970 Crossfire power, ASUS Radeon HD 7970 Crossfire reviewby: Hilbert Hagedoorn on 01/08/2012
Is the "matrix.rom' different from what is posted at techpowerup? I'll give the matrixnonp.rom a try.
But you should be able to OC using the baseclock, eliminating the need to buy a "k" series. So while it might not make sense to upgrade from current 2500k/3570k or 2600k/2700k/3770k, it would still be worthwhile for others wanting to pick up a cheap CPU to OC for fun. Unless the rumors are not true about the bclk....
The worst case scenario is that you stripped out the mounting holes, but you would know this happened if the screws just wouldnt tighten anymore. if that did happen, going up one size for the screws wouldn't hurt anything. You would just have to go to some place like Ace Hardware with your original screws, explain the situation, and have them help you select the next size up.
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