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Tesla is using consumer deposits to fund operating activities. Deposits are liabilities. Considering the massive cash hemorrhaging, there is going to be a problem in the future if/when money runs out...
$90 after rebates. The PSU is added on as a gift.
What does that have to do with deposits not being escrowed?Definitely starting to look like a Ponzi scheme
Unless something is changing, these deposits will likely not end up in an escrow account just like with the Model 3 deposits...
Finally seeing Vega below MSRP: and still no aftermarket designs on the market
Intel's new GPU won't be around for at least 2021 by which there will be other optionsAlso, SK Hynix announced same speed GDDR6 back in April...
The issue I have with that is we have had the same product stack since May/June 2016 and prices had gone up in May of 2017 but overall, there is nothing new in the sector to warrant growth.
What I find intriguing is Nvidia's revenue projections for their gaming segment for late 2017 and 2018...Nvidia is expecting 25 to 50% year over year growth for each of the 2018 quarters and 66% revenue growth for Q4 2017 compared to Q4 2016... Considering that the 1080 and 1070 are basically the same price as last year, I am wondering where this revenue growth will come from. If it is from laptop GPUs, than the Intel and AMD pairing may hinder some of that growth come 2018.
You are right. They were both mathematiciansedited the list
I am starting to see a trend... Nikola Tesla = Dynamic Theory of Gravity = Unified shaders Enrico Fermi = creator of first nuclear reactor = GPU that ran as hot as a nuclear reactor Johannes Kepler = mathematician = 1st compute specific GPU launch (Titan) Blaise Pascal = mathematician = refined compute Alessandro Volta = inventor of electrical battery = the driving force behind AI and autonomous cars André-Marie Ampère = father of electrodynamics = ???
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