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I've just left a good foot+ of slack cable ever since I got this mouse over a year ago. Never had the pleasure of using a mouse bungee. Somehow doesn't bother me despite me being a heavy FPS player.
Different coatings as well. Black is rubberized, white is glossy, and matte white is...matte.
Yup, active adapters are $$$. Don't think these korean single input monitors work with passive adapters unfortunately.
Active or passive adapter?
I haven't seen a brick PSU with a voltage and amperage range. Must be some really cheap stuff lol. Specwise I'd assume its compatible, but it would be nice for other people to look over it as well.
G403 wireless at best buy for $40!
Yeah I couldn't tell a difference between mercury and pmw3366 lol.
woah wait if this is true, then that's pretty big news.
Don't think so, G203 feet are too wide to fit in the grooves. You could probably rig it to work but it wouldn't be optimal.
I don't think that would age very well though
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