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Because the gaming industry is a bit more complicated than that? People on OCN come up with some of the worst analogies.
I don't think that's what he was saying.It really helps to have an understanding of what's going on in order to fix it. If you don't know much about the thing you're complaining about and it shows, how are you going get people to take you and your opinion seriously?
They are kinda alike..But whatever. I was just stating the closest thing there is to Destiny on PC. I'm not trying to get the thread off track.
They do have some similarities. It's the closest you're going to get on PC.
I'm pretty sure Activision isn't better at all. The last few Infinity Ward CoD titles were pretty broken on PC at release and they release a lot of broken shovelware.
The Borderlands series?
The thread is about Battlefront's lack of campaign. It has nothing to do with Origin. You can argue that it does, but it still doesn't.
Valve takes a pretty good percentage of the money from sales. I can understand why EA wouldn't want to keep doing that.Also, competition leads to better policies all around. Valve had no reason to change any of their policies when there was no competition even if they were kinda bad such as their refund policy.Anywho.. It's probably best to avoid this subject. It will take the thread way off track.
I wouldn't say it's the same people. There's just a wide variety of people with different opinions on this forum. There are a select few people who do complain about everything or troll others, but typically that's not the case. I've been guilty of saying similar things but then I realized that it usually isn't the same people.There would be a pretty large number of people complaining if this thread was confirming a campaign for Battlefront, though. You can't please...
It may not be that they don't support campaigns. Some, like myself, may see it as unnecessary in this kind of game or don't feel DICE is the right developer to be making a story focused game especially when it's about Star Wars. Even BC2, their best campaign according to many, had very typical and basic gameplay that you'd expect out of that kind of game. They made some really good characters but I felt the rest (story, gameplay, etc.) was rather ordinary. I'd rather them...
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