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If BF4 was on Steam, it'd be in the top 10 most played games list. That doesn't sound very dead..
It's really good to see that Gun Master is coming back. I kinda wish there were more presets but maybe they'll add more in the future. Free new weapons are cool too! I thought this game was supposed to be dead?
I think it feels worse than most games. It's especially bad when you use first person mode in a car. It hurts my eyes a bit to even use it for a few seconds.Direct is the only one that I found usable. Windows input was very laggy and made the game unplayable and RawInput was okay but still a little laggy.
I haven't played online in over a week because I use the FoV mod. I don't even want to risk it.I really hope Rockstar decides to add a few more FoV options because I can't even play the first person mode without the mod. I basically have to avoid online or avoid using the first person mode. I really don't like either of those options.
Do you actually know what situations caused the crash? I think it had to do with a massive lack of regulation, an over saturation of consoles/ungodly terrible games and horrible business practices that make EA look like angels in comparison. I don't think the industry is in that bad of shape.On this whole topic, when the list of things we don't know about the game is longer than the list of things we do know about the game, it might not be the right time to be complaining....
Is there any way to change the order of guns in your weapon wheel? For example, I would like the Assault SMG appear first instead of the regular SMG. Also, has there been any word on whether or not the FoV mod will get you banned online?
It's unfortunate that this is the direction that all threads related to EA, Ubisoft and so on go. There is warranted criticism for these companies but most of these people overdo it when trying discuss it and it disrupts threads that usually have nothing to do with what the person is talking about.It seems to be almost impossible to find a friendly gaming community unless it's a community based around one specific game. I find that really sad. :\
Doesn't he do a lot of charity stuff with his subs? That seems like doing good with his fanbase to me.
Indeed.Well, not necessarily stupid. Immature is more what a mean. I wouldn't believe anyone who says that they've never enjoyed something immature.Personally, I used to watch and love stuff like CatDog, Ed Edd and Eddy and so on. I find them all to be pretty immature shows now but I certainly loved and watched the hell out of them at the time.
You never liked something stupid when you were a kid?I think it kind of sounds like a pie made of poop and pubes. Yum?
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