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Breakdown of the trailer. There's lots of cool stuff. Lever action rifle and that second armor are awesome!
Some, but mostly NMM. I'll post my mod list/load order later when I get back home.There is still the chance that some of the crafting mods or other smaller things may not be working and I won't be able to check most of it until I progress in the game a little bit, but all of the settlement stuff is there for sure. Someone just uploaded a new version of Settlement Keywords which helped with that.Unrelated.. Would an R9 380 be a good card to go with in the $200...
Woo! Finally got all my mods working and playing nice with each other and can actually start my survival playthrough! It's taken me long enough.
When the 1.5 patch notes came out, they said something vague about support for Far Harbor and that it would be out for consoles in the coming weeks. It looks like they're gonna release it across all platforms at once which makes sense I suppose.I guess it really doesn't matter now that it's open for for PC users. I won't get to mess around with anything until Thursday, though.
Time for a fresh install! Is there a release date for 1.5 yet?
I honestly think something is probably in the works already. I know there was an issue between BethSoft and Obsidian about bonuses but it doesn't seem that Obsidian has any hard feelings about it, or at least not any towards BGS. I just wouldn't expect it until late 2017.
I'm admittedly a fanboy who loves most aspects of the game but I can definitely see where a lot of people are coming from. It's a very flawed game in certain ways, but also shows a lot of improvements from BGS and how they're handling their games. I would have loved to have seen more unique quests and things like skill/SPECIAL checks along with more weapons and armor variations, but I also enjoyed the story, characters and most certainly the world a whole lot more than FO3...
I'm sure there will be no shortage of replacements for AWOP for FO4.
You could try asking for help on the Fallout modding reddit.I have a quite a few ideas for mods written down and some started, but I'm trying to keep them a secret for the most part. They're mostly small things but I have a few larger ideas like an interiors project kinda like the AWOP mod from New Vegas that will take me a while.I really can't wait to get my hands on the GECK.
I don't know about the lakes but the rest sounds like it might be possible. Maybe the settlements can be given an upgrade system similar to robots or weapons with the GECK being a workbench where you can get very costly upgrades for your entire settlement like better resource production, more efficient resource consumption, healthier looking vegetation, modified boundaries, etc.. I'm sure at least a few of those things are going to be possible.
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