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Posts by moocowman, if you're using NMM then just update to the most recent version and it will fix the issue. Just make sure you re-enable your plugins before you launch the first time. It should be fine after that.Considering how easy the workaround is, I don't think this was done intentionally to prevent mods.
I thought Bethesda was working on its own distribution system so it can support consoles? And I believe they said that they weren't doing that.
I just used the creation kit to build homes.
Wouldn't doubt it. When you're exploring the coast underwater, there is a bit more detail than what you'd expect in a game where you spend the large majority of your time on land. It was probably one of the last features they were working on but didn't get to finish due to time constraints.
Is that a Jaws reference?My guess is that there is more aquatic life that is canon, just nothing that's appeared in the games. I remember seeing concept art for a giant catfish monster but I don't remember where it was from.
Is there a mod that allows you to modify Grognak's axe?
I'm guessing your friend was pretty close to the dog? That's happened to me but only when I'm extremely close to the enemy that I'm targeting in VATS.
I thought this issue was because of frame rate, not FOV? My FOV is at 100 and I've never run into the problem.
I don't think having no clear evil faction makes it's any less of an RPG. *edit* What's the point of hanging out in a thread for a game that you think is crap?
The soundtrack and ambient music are pretty awesome, but I like the music of gunfire and explosions the best. I was not expecting the sound design of weapons to be as good as it is. The guns could be a touch louder, but the sounds are pretty accurate.Did you know that you can tag components so the game will highlight objects with that component as well as the containers that the objects are in? It's very handy for finding much needed resources fairly quickly.Only if it's...
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