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I'm pretty sure G2A was outed by some developer last year for selling illegitimate keys of their games. This is definitely not the first time something like this has happened.And that somehow makes them less shady?..
Well, it's a bit subjective which is why I said it may be a better experience (things like a higher/smoother FPS improve an experience greatly for me) than the current gen versions but even if the PC version only matches the experience of the current gen versions, those just came out only a couple months ago. That's not really a long time into a game's lifespan.
How else should Ubisoft have handled this situation? Let the people keep the games they bought through an unauthorized key-reseller? Refund them even though it's G2A's fault for getting these keys through illegitimate means?It's so silly to make it seem like the people affected by this are the victims because it's partially their own fault. Ubisoft shouldn't be responsible for these people's bad decisions no matter what their excuses are.Not sure what you mean by that last...
No. If it's a site that's not an authorized game retailer, has been known for gaining keys through questionable means and has sold stolen keys before, then it's kind of shady.
Why does age matter in this case?I'd see your point if Rockstar was just releasing a simple port of the PS3/360 versions but they're not. It's an improved experience and may even be better than the PS4/XBO versions which, to me, is totally worth paying full price for.
So just because they don't know they're buying from a shady site, they shouldn't be at fault? They shouldn't be responsible for educating themselves about the sites they buy from?Meh. Ignorance is a horrible excuse and it's not even the case for a lot of people. I've seen plenty of people trying to justify buying from sites like G2A by claiming they simply don't want to support the developer or publisher directly and even in a few cases that they don't want to give their...
I don't think this is what PC gamers meant when they said that they wanted certain Xbox games on PC.. I just want to play Forza on my PC with no strings attached. I guess that's too much to ask for.
This all seems really dumb.. What did they even lie about? From what I've read, it seems like the devs didn't consider the airdrop mechanic pay-to-win because the drop can be stolen. You're not guaranteed to get anything. There's also articles from months ago that mention that weapons, ammo and whatnot would be available in these airdrops so it certainly doesn't sound like they were intentionally misleading anyone.
Hardline isn't meant to replace BF4.
They could always make it better since this is for Steam Beta.
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