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Yeah, it's something I realized a long time ago. I just can't resist the opportunity to make terrible and stupid jokes.
You know.. It seems like CoD threads have gone the same way as the franchise itself. It's the same damn thing every time!... xD Sorry. I just had to. While this map doesn't look the greatest, I like how the game itself looks. The movement looks fun and it would be cool if its freshens things up as much as it looks like it could. However, I'm finding myself enjoying the games less and less as time goes on and not for the normal reasons a lot of other people seem to have....
And..? That was still before Halo was the name it is today.You should think beyond game sales.Maybe you shouldn't speak for most people because Minecraft has sold over 54 million copies at this point. To put that into perspective, that's over 10 million copies more than Super Mario for the NES. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, it's the third best selling video game of all time and the best selling PC game of all time. Those are both very impressive titles to have.
I have a feeling some of you don't really know how big Minecraft actually is..
That was before Halo even came out, wasn't it? It was also quite a while ago and gaming is much bigger now than it was when MS first acquired Bungie.It shouldn't be that hard to believe and if it's true that it was Notch who went to Microsoft instead of vice versa, then it really doesn't come off as a move of desperation. I think a lot of companies would have jumped on the chance to acquire one of the biggest and best selling names in gaming.I grew up on consoles but I can...
I'm sorry to have made you type all of that but I really wasn't trying to argue any of what you said. I never said consoles were a better bang for your buck and I'm fully aware of the many reasons to own a PC over a console. I don't even own a console anymore. xD
Ah, okay. I misread what you said.
*edit*Are you saying a $400 can or can't outperform a PS4?
I'm really not trying to start a PC vs console war but does a PC of equivalent cost really outperform a console when it comes to gaming? Either console is only $400 here in the US and it's easier to optimize games on consoles. I feel like a game will perform better on a console than it would a $400 PC.Also, on the topic of Nintendo and frame-rates and resolutions.. apparently they do care. That's not a unique example, either. I've seen plenty of discussion regarding...
How would the PC version looking better affect sales negatively? It's not a lost sale if a person buys the game on PC instead of say the PS4.
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