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Those temps seem kinda high to me. Especially if you have a True. With my stock cooler I would get those temps. I have a monsoon now and my temps don't go above 50-54 at 100% load.
I'm on stock Hsf and I get the same temps. Seems normal to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by nivan2 Who was in crater with blue car??? By the way im Mr.Rampo so if you see this player on server that is me. I have no wheel controller so i will play game when i get me one. Edit: Since i use raid this game looks damn nice . That was me I'm very new to the game, put in maybe 2 hours total. It's fun and I play with a analog controller. my user name is Bombf1rst looking for people to play with
After reading so much about F@H I'm proud to say.. I fold for OCN! Just started so far I have my 8800gtx folding. Overnight I'll have my rig running both Gpu2 and SMP. I hope I'm doing everything right
Something new! -Bombf1rst
I went with the Asus P6T. It's not the most expensive or the cheapest out there but I think it'll do everything your asking. I got mine with an I7 combo. So about $200 for the board and it's very solid.
Yes. Then reinstalled the game and still get the same error.
Did you ever fix this? I'm having the same problem and the only thing I found was something about core I7 support which sounds silly to me. I hope we find a fix.
I just had a board RMA'd and they didn't ask about my receipt at all. I did have it but they didn't seem to care either way. I think you'll be fine.
I'm down, looks like fun. < Bombfirst7
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