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Here's the actual parts being donated:
I'd like to clarify, the first 500 bottles are already sold and paid for, so I am basically pledging a monetary donation. I just wanted people to know where the money came from, in honor of Mick (who also had a very hard time recently).
I now am the "owner" of Mayhem's dyes, Mick has handed the entire product line over to me. 100% of the profits from the first 500 bottles of dye sold will go towards Syrillian's fund. I also am donating two 175mm reservoirs and two 3x120 radgrilles to the raffle pool.
I've been out of the desktop game for a while now, since I had to sink all of my money into a high performance laptop for work, that has been my only computer. I'm needing to build a desktop rig for product testing, and from what I can tell, the Antec TP-650 New is pretty much the best deal going right now. It's modular, has plenty of power, is highly efficient, and is only $80. Can anyone recommend anything to beat this, in the same price range, modular, and same amount...
Well, except that it likely runs on significantly less power at a given clock, and is almost certainly able to achieve higher clocks on a given cooling method.
Frankly you might want to come back in a couple months, pretty much every major player is releasing new products in the very near future. It will likely shake up the market to some degree if not completely, and obsolete most if not all of a list made right now.
Wow, this is really GTX580 neat. I can't wait until GTX580 this technology is GTX580 available in actual games. One more GTX580 step towards photorealism in GTX580 gaming.
Your PSU is WAY more than enough for that card. I used a TP430 to run a 5850 for several months. Your OC on your i7 could be pushing the limits though... I would try setting your i7 to stock and then see what happens.
It has nothing to do with the game's quality... it has to do with a studio that touted itself as pro-PC, and a studio that had released a PC demo on its previous title, now releasing an Xbox exclusive demo.
Sometimes I wish I didn't have to work to eat, so that I could just go down that list one by one and play every game.I agree, indie games are having more and more of an influence... the best parts is that the indie developers are once again putting pressure on large publishers to release quality products, instead of rehashed cookie-cutter 5 hour singleplayer campaigns with no story.
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