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Installing a heatsink without any type of thermal transfer material is a bad idea. Just don't do it.
If you are looking at the 750ti, I would go for it. The card is really powerful for what you pay, and it is uses barely any power. I would recommend doing your searches based on price not on what it is equivalent to. If you are just looking for a card to power a media center, really any low profile current gen card is plenty powerful enough. Even the integrated intel HD graphics are really powerful. I have a pentium G2130 and it plays minecraft perfectly on the intel HD.
Welcome to the board. Have a good time.
Welcome to the board. Sit back, relax and have a good time.
Unless you are doing big overclocking, you aren't really going to see it in games. Most people don't overclock for the performance gains anymore, they do it just because they can do it. Also verify that your clocks are taking effect by monitoring with a program like MSI afterburner.
Cliff notes. They said stuff, and it is funny.
He is running nvidia, so that might not work for him.Go check out DriverFusion OP.
I believe the purpose of that was to demonstrate that even with excessive load on the GPU, his clocks are not staying normal, and are fluctuating when they shouldn'tHad he not provided that screenshot I would have asked if he is using something that stresses the GPU enough, but furmark/kombuste is doing that without a doubt.Now, op, have you tried removing your drivers with a driver sweeper program and re-installing them?
I just checked my Nikon D80 the other day and it was at 62k roughly. I just got another D80 from ebay for my GF and it only had 2100 on it. Thing was like new.
Phobya is an underrated brand. Everything I have seen they have really solid quality stuff. Those pumps are good for starting out. They aren't super strong so you have to be mindful of that, but they aren't bad by any means. That kit would be well worth the 240 dollars for sure.
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