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Processor seems like a bottleneck with the cards. Seems like a ton of money is used for a system that wont do as well as something 500-1000 cheaper.
The graphics are fine even at medium on pc. Its the gameplay that doesnt stack up for me. Seems to be hard somewhat to find other pilots and the better team gets titans first and always wins if they know how to use them. Minions seem like filller and at least in beta dont do anything at all. They wont shoot you or do anything and just stand there.
Too much like cod for me wont be buying. Glad I tried the beta. Still cod 4 with blah blah like everyone else has mentioned.
My settings stay. HWI says 1.37 core and temps ate 40c in prime with h100 at level 2 and only 1 120 blowing out of case.
Been playing around with mine at bit seems i can run stable at 4.5 with no increase in core. Gonna see how far I can get over the next few days.
No clue it was always run cool and never even overclocked. Just randomly died overnight and wouldn't turn on. Had to get a new mobo and ram.
Ended up getting some new ram to try and it booted right up. Guess the new motherboard has an led to tell you the ram is not working properly. So my 8350 was ok but the sammy ram got taken out.It was rev 3.0
My UD3 just died 2 days ago it was only about 3 months old and never overlocked. I jumped ship.
So I woke up and the computer was off. Tried to start it and nothing. Tested psu it was fine so I ordered a new Asus a99fx pro r2 and a new case. Got them in today and set everything up. System powers up but I get no video. So I dropped my old 9800gtx in and still nothing. I'm wondering if the motherboard took my CPU with it but I guess I have no way to check. Just wondering what you guys think I should do. The processor is only a few months old, is under water, and was...
Why not just let it run at native?????
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