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To all who stumble on this thread in the future:   Celeron G530's DO NOT work with this board   This is contrary to MSI's website, where it explicitly states that these two work together.   This is how I know: 1. Old CPU / Old Mobo     ----Replaced Mobo---- 2. New Mobo / Old CPU     ----Replaced CPU---- 3. New Mobo / New CPU     ----Purchased i3---- 4. New Mobo / i3     ----Worked!----   Inside of this chain, the only way for the mobo and...
Tried with onboard/discrete, yet no avail on either. One thing that was just suggested to me is to use the hdmi out onboard, as some do not output to the others unless the user sets it. I am currently digging through my piles of stuff for a speaker. Will report back soon.
I built the following computer recently, only to not have it post: CPU - Intel Celeron G530 (Sandy Bridge 1155) Mobo - MSI H67MS RAM - 2x4 PNY Optima, 1333 @ cas 9 (crap ram) PSU - Antec 'Green' 380W Video - Zotac GeForce 210 (inconsequential) So after some troubleshooting, I figure the motherboard is DOA, since the likelihood of 2 bad ram sticks is very low. This is RMA'd. Fast forward. New motherboard, still will not post. Tried another psu as well with no luck. Even...
This is a shot in the dark... Does anyone know if intel motherboards allow the treatment of discrete gfx cards as pci devices? I am trying to use the onboard sandy bridge gfx for my Xen host and then pass the discrete card through to the guests. Is this possible?
new mobo/cpu/gfx card? youre getting a lot out of your processor, but the duos are starting to drop off and go to the world of p4's lol and thatd mean a new PSU for you too... lol. one piece will probably mean a whole nw comp O.o
yeah the cost for the [minimal] use it would get was not worth it. I just ordered today, hopefully pics/unboxing in a couple days
is there a program that will auto backup hd's based upon use/time? and is free?
I am planning on making a short-striped raid 0 on my new machine, bring the active partition down to 1/3 of the total usable drive space. So this leaves 2/3s of each drive free, or the total size of the short-stroked raid 0 array. Would it be possible to dump the contents of the raid 0 in to this remaining space on both drives at scheduled times, essentially creating a backup on both of the raid elements? For the visual types: Drive 1:...
Alright One last question: usb 3/sata 6gb/sec. Im assuming that these are not worth my money, as I am going to be using platter HDs (they arent at the max bandwidth on 375 mb/sec already, even short stroked) and mainly mp3 players/flash frives (they can only go to a max of about 20mb/sec, 1/3 of usb2's speed) it does not make any sense to me to have the upgraded ones Edit: Ordered everything! now to hold my breath O.o
an 80gb SSD [intel] is 229.99. my raid is 98.98 and yeah i probably shoud, considering that theres no front intake fans on that case, just a rear/top exhaust, side intake. It needs some more positive pressure, ill be able to run them all at lower speeds then [less noise]
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