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Oh my God! Bicentennial Man for PS4! Though it would be cool to be the robot running from Deckard all Blade Runner style.
There is a production company here in Philly that made a 360 degree rig and filmed stuff for a trade show. But it also pointed up and down. It was an actual sphere. There was a guy they found who make some custom software to stitch the images together. I was actually going to stop by some time next week to check out the footage. I was always curious about how they synced, though. In the pro world we use genlock and timecode locking all the time for this. I'm...
The big deal is nothing. I film people for a living and NO ONE'S hair looks like this unless you shoot a hair product commercial at 120fps. It looks like some unnatural wig. LIke Cousin It couldn't sit still for more than a second. I feel like Geralt should be proclaiming all about his "lift and separation" between layers rather than monster kills. Most peolple have very flat heir that DOESN'T move almost ever. It is all silly really. So I turn it off. That said I...
I'm guessing it supports the Rec.2020 standard. But I do wonder... Too much thinner and you get paper cuts turning it on!
HAAHAHA!! There he is! I can't thank you enough for that. 2004? Wow I was in Iraq then. And look at the video quality on that! Beta SP format for sure. Good presentation, though. Even back then he was knockin' it outta the park. My first thought on seeing him was he looked like a cross between Mark Ruffalo and Fred Savage.We're all proud of you, NIck!
Wow... I looked and didn't even realize it was 8 years ago that I first joined this forum. A lot has changed for me since then. But, I came wanting knowledge. Didn't know much about putting a PC together, but now 5 builds later. I don't post much ever here anymore and I usually was always just here to read about current events. But STILL its a good website. One of the best forums for community computer knowledge. I was always happy t come here and learn and read,...
Abeir-Toril is huge. Lots of places they can set stuff in. I'd like to see it switched up, but still... I'd take this game over nothin!
I go to see Ikegami's 8K camera setup with an 8K lens and images displayed on an 8K TV. It is called Super Hi Vision (SHV). Other than being unforgiving for focus I was really stumped to see a difference. It was... unimpressive.NHK had an 8K camera pointed at a model booth. I didn't like the image. THE TV's have to be huge to get a better concept of 8K. Like silly huge. I'll be curious what there is at NAB this year.
12K? Sweet goodness. I'll still film in 4K... And then make it 1920x1080 haha.
I live IN Philadelphia... I wonder if/when I will get this. Oh to be living in the HOME of Comcast... *sigh* I make silly promo videos for Comcast. Why don't I get free internet? Lol.
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