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Quantum computer & consciousness? Please stop, this is OCN, where everything is measured by fps / framerate :D:D
LOL this makes me want to try Fiio K1 with my ATH-M40X.
I'm not sure about the data.. on the revenue chart it shows the high-end Titan X & 980s in 3,4 & 5, but not in the volume chart. Also, in the last key takeaway point, "The average price of the video cards ranked by volume is $385.70.", which probably means that the volume is not that much.. statistical mode should give better understanding, if Newegg choose to disclose them And is that from newegg sales only? Worldwide revenue perhaps will show different outcome (for...
Just my 2c - I personally think that Vega doesn't have to compete with 1080Ti. As long as it occupies an empty spot in the market and priced just right, then it has a chance to fight. (And the 1080Ti probably only contributes to a small percentage of Nvidia GPU sales profit anyway)
Being fellow asia residents.. I understand your situation on price of electronics.
Other than MEE Audio.. well Audio Technica, Shure, Sennheiser and Sony.Creative also have some nice earbuds, but try to stay away from the basic Creative EP series (ex user here).Some people like Etymotics, Klipsch (but apparently they don't suit me).See & compare their features; if you prefer BA or dynamic driver, detachable cables, etc.Finally, same advice: best if you can try them in-store before purchasing
I opened the link you provided;, and I found the Sennheisers. The rest.. well you might need to try ebay.It's the cable that's usually broken / snapped, so if it's detachable, you don't need to replace the whole headphone/earbuds.
For headphone:Not sure if you prefer open / closed back, but:Audio Technica MX earphones are good choice.You can also try:- Sennheiser HD 471 / 461 / 451- Creative Aurvana Live 1 / 2.- Philips SHP 9500For earbuds, try Mee Audio: durability reasons, I usually get ones with detachable cable.Best if you can try them first in the store. Good luck.* Edit: I really don't suggest you to wear them 12 hours a day, though.
Yes, bring out the APUs!!
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