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Yes, bring out the APUs!!
This is absurd.
I run ad blocker, but to be fair, I understand that some websites need to earn money from ads. I'm generally OK with non-intrusive ads: as long as they don't block the main content & they don't suck my internet bandwith. Oh, and autoplay video is a big no.
I might be wrong here, but last time I knew, it's a way to recover from recoil faster (not sure if this is the correct word, but well.. ).
Congrats for all the winners!
Here, here, come & visit the dark side
I thought hackers can just play in any map?
Yes, and it also proves that Source engine is no slouch. Nice visual upgrades on nuke & inferno.
By inactive, you mean reserve group?Perhaps that's why.. I very rarely play reserve group.
Is it? I've been busy with life recently - didn't have chance to game for about two weeks plus.
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