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Sorry to hear that (no pun intended)If you know how to replace PSU fan, then I guess why not..Edit:The manual ( says that the PSU uses 120mm fan, so you might want to start with that..
Fan noise? I almost never heard my SG08's PSU fan. I mean, it's spinning but very quiet.FYI my case is on my desk, about 60cm from my head.
True.. but it's equally fun to throw a molotov and burn a group of snipers altogether
No problem.Indeed SG13 is newer than SG08, but since the dimension is different, I can't really call SG13 an upgrade. More like different case types for different hardwares.Perhaps it's more accurate to say SG13 is an upgrade of SG05.
The classic SG08 has that 180mm Air Penetrator (AP) fan that can cool your motherboard & nearby components. It's silent & powerful enough even at low RPM. Not sure if it's still available as a default option with the new SG08 Lite.I use Zotac 950 mini and it fits, but not sure with the Zotac 1070 mini.You can install any fan as long as they fit size wise. As of now I replace my Air Penetrator fan with a Thermaltake Riing 120mm, because the AP fan blocks Zotac 950's top...
LOL it looks like the whole mouse is coated with a glossy spray
Congrats to the winners!
Thanks for the info, indeed that's the place where we usually put our thumb (regardless of grip type).My mouse wheel has been solid so far. Not as smooth as my G402 (optical wheel decoder), but at least no grinding noise / feeling.
Please count me in, thanks for the generous giveaway, and congrats for staying sober!
Congrats to all the winners!
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