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I guess not only CS:GO players
I LOLed so hard.Anyway.. I use the "snipper" button on my G402.
Q1: What do you think was the best shape for gaming mouse released in 2016? I think both ergo & ambi can be equally good as long as it's done right. It's easy to find out the most popular choice in both ergo (for example, Razer DAs, some Zowies) and ambi (for example, Logitech G100 or perhaps SS Sensei). Follow these basic shapes, make further fine adjustments, and you should be good. Q2: How many mouse buttons do you use while playing your favorite game (please list...
My only gripe is the front-right side lip of the mouse, which, IMO, protrudes a bit too far to the right. As a result, there's a big gap between my middle & ring finger, which gets tiring after a while. (This is pretty much the same with DAs and most generic right-hand ergo mice shell design). Other than that, it's all good.
Should've used better wording.. I meant slot loading.Yes, just like PS drive. This picture should help.* Edit:The original SG08 model uses the tray loading optical drive. The Lite model, as @riziko said, seems to be available in both tray & slot loading optical drive.
Upon further checking.. Now I feel stupid. Yes it seems that there are two versions of this SG08-lite. Hopefully you can find the one you want.
I'm not sure.. Silverstone website only lists one Lite, that is without PSU suggest you to email them to confirm.
If I recall correctly, there are 2 versions of the case;1. (Let's call it) original, comes with good 600 watt PSU & accepts slim tray-loading optical drive.2. Lite, no PSU & accepts slim slot-in optical drive.Not sure if the original one is still in production, but I guess you can try to find one. Good luck anw.
With all the early positive signs, is it safe to hope that the APUs are going to be great as well?
SEA seems to be OK now. Did a quick game last night.
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