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Hi guys, Hopefully i've posted this in the right section?!?! Been a while since I've posted anything on here, but i was after some proper advice. I have an Acer Aspire 5552 as per my rig sig. Done a few upgrades on it (SSD, RAM, LED screen). Been doing quite a lot of research on this for the last few months and I think i can do what i'm thinking, but just after some advice/feedback. Right so..... I dont wanna spend too much money (well, as little as i can) basically i...
When do you next plan to upgrade your Desktop PC? A: Within the next few months/when I make my mind up who's pockets I will line with my cash!! What do you look for when selecting a processor upgrade? A: Real world performance vs Price, what technology is coming up, is there any bargains from previous generations to be had!
The wired connection way is not a problem but I want the 2 routers to connect wirelessly
Hi Guyz n Gals, I recently purchased a new Internet TV and what I'm trying to do is to connect 2 routers wirelessly so then I can have one router by the TV and TV connected via wires. The space between the 2 routers would be a bit much and I would like to nkow if this can be done wirelessly. The 2 routers in question are a Belkin F5D8233v3 for Cable) and a Netgear DG834G (for ADSL). The Netgear router is the one connected to the phone line. The Belkin one was bought when...
Forgot about spec tech. Good shout!!
Mine WC'ing setup has been in a for a few years now and I havent had any problems with nothing until ther pump broke. I think the EK one might be the way to go by adding it in the loop as its the same flow rate as the broke one (400ltrs p/h) and the setup with be able to cope with that as its what its been running.
Wayyyyyyyyyyyy out of my price range there!!!Dont need anything too fancy, computer doesn't really get puched too hard often, with what I got at the moment it used to keep CPU temp at about 28-30c and gfx card at about 15-18c so it was a good setup.
Hmmmm.... actually a very good suggestion there. May have to look into that one thereOnly need something entry level, looking at the EK DCP 2.2.
Hi guys n gals, My submerged pump inside my reservoir recently died. I was trying to decide what to do about. Whether to either buy a whole new pump & reservoir combo or just to replace to pump. I've done some research and the net and haven't really come up with any answers to the question in the title. Wondering if any of u lot on here have an experience/suggestions for me?? The XSPC reservoir I have is the cylinder one, here's a pic of it...
I'm lead to believe that the beeps/buzzes were motherboard warning sounds for overheating as basically no cooling was happening. As DFI manuals don't really tell you a fat lot about these kinda fail safe actions, this is my best guess!!
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