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I have two of these from 4 years ago in RAID 0. Still working, great HDDs. This one as a rebranded Seagate, would it be able to RAID 0 with my Samsung F3s, no problem?
In FTW! I would so love this right now: CPU - i7-3930K HSF - Corsair Hydro H100i Mobo - ASUS Rampage IV Extreme RAM - Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer 32GB (8 x 4GB) DDR3-1866 GPU - EVGA GTX 680 4GB Classified SSD - Samsung 840 Pro 256GB PSU - SeaSonic Platinum 1000W LCD - BenQ XL2420T SPU - ASUS Xonar Essence STX Case - Corsair 900D $500 overbudget but you did say "more expensive". Thank you so much for the...
I guess it's still a deal if you regularly upgrade your PowerDVD. I was actually going to get this until it said it can only upgrade from versions 9 and up. I have 8.
haha same here. I don't why but I just like looking at all the hardware and wires even if it is messy. That's why I have my towers facing backwards. Also so I can have easy access to the wires.Thanks! I got it from my first DT concert, which was their 20th Anniversary at Radio City Music Hall.It's a USB powered monitor. I got it from I don't think they have it anymore but it's from a company called Lilliput.Yep. Though mine is not touch screen. I use it...
Kicking myself in the nuts now. I literally had it in my cart and when I pressed checkout it was gone
damn that was gone fast. I was looking just for that kind of card.
Try these first: -Turn PC off, wait a minuite then turn back on. Sometimes a quick hard reboot can fix alot of minor problems. -Update or reinstall GPU drivers. Update Windows as well. If those don't work, it looks like it's applying to one of the GPUs. I would reseat all of them. Also what I would do is remove one of them one at a time to see if it still causes the problem. That way if it is one of the GPUs you can isolate it the problem.
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