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Just needed some fresh lube
FUBAR it is. Would you consider a 970 GTX a fair upgrade?
My GTX 670 went up in smoke. Not sure what caused it, damage is near what I think are called the Mosfets. Just my luck and I thought my year couldn't get any worse. Any chance this can be repaired by replacing some SMD components?
It's only moments like these that remind me of why I still go back and play Battlefield! Our team was getting wrecked, and this made my day. Yes, its my video
I see alot of rigs using dyed coolants. I can tell you now, distilled with no additives is the way to go! I can;t tell you how many times dyes and other things build up in your blocks and radiator.
I remember seeing a SHUMP (shoot em up) game that feature gameplay spanning over multiple widescreen monitors. I cant ind it, and tried google with no results. Does anyone remember this? It may have been featured on Steam, but not sure.
I just use heavy guage solid core wire as a boom for my zalman mic
This game gets deressing everytime I play it. I always get killed behind cover, can't play TDM without having to rage quit due to no sound. I am not going to play without sound, thats just stupid and game breaking. Luckily I only paid 48$ for the limited edition. Battlefield 3 was worlds beyond more responsive than Battlefield 4. I feel BF4 masks all it's problems with its fancy smooth graphics. I am torn... I might as well uninstall this and reinstall BF3. I have played...
woah Skyraid! That is one hell of a rig you had there!
Priority Mail 2-Day and insurance?! You are the man!
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