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Just tried for the first time the ingame Editor, and made a video from it. Pretty fun, check it out guys. YouTube - GTA 4 - Gangster High Cheers.
To hank123, My view is from consumer point. I mean why some people have to be a fanboi of a product. I always judge a product for the cheap price, functionality which are the benefits for me and around me. I dont really care about the corporates and the companies. What important to me is the six inches in front of my face. Meanwhile those companies, sue each other for their license, trying to protect their power, making the new player fear and limited; Instead of trying...
Cant wait for the price to take effect in my country. The q9650 is very tempting. This is the full list of which procs that get price cuts.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruredee The big difference would probably be the difference in temps. Ive heard those extreme processors run hot. What kind of temps does the qx run? 45nm processors produce more heat than 65nm thats for sure.
Just wait a little bit, there gonna be price cut from intel soon at 18 January.
I dont know, im not a fan of a case. I would just buy cheap 1 for like ~100$ and buy a processor or gpu or monitor instead.
Go to your codecs configuration. Find FFDShow video and audio decoder and add fallout3 in the "dont use list" under direct show control tab on both video and audio configs.
Quote: Originally Posted by Towik question should i get GTA4 will i be able to play atleast at like high 1080xXXX my custom res it's 16:10 i got like 12k average in 3dmark06 i dunno lately my pc act strange i did drivers reinstall still nothing >< so should i try get it lol ? You will be alright with the quad and gts 8800 playing 16:10 on maxed settings. I tested this game on both of my cards, maxed settings and the fps is almost identical. This...
Stay Quad, i mean you already have Quad cores, it would be a bad move. Other story if you only have Pentium 4 or single core stuff, it wont make so much different only in 3DMark. ATI and NVIDIA are getting ready to release driver to get more performance with quad cores. Like meticadpa said, i would also rather suggest to upgrade the GPU, you get more performance in game if you do that and cheaper than to buy E8500.
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