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For those of you that have been wanting a MW MP game besides MWO (or those of you who remember), Mechwarrior: Living Legends is NOT dead. There are still servers running, and one clan is even running organized events on the weekends. The only problem is all these servers are up and all the maps have developed tumbleweed! In other words, we need players! Go here for detailed download and setup...
Doesn't look to me like there's any significant difference in performance between 7 and 8. Drivers and such might help with that over time.
OK. So, depending on what I'm doing, I might have four equalizers "available" at one time. I'm not a big audiophile, and don't need the absolute best when I'm listening to/watching/playing something. My question is, can I just turn all of them off and just have a "master" equalizer, like my sound card's? When I have them all on, I don't know which one is acting as the "primary", which ones are just along for the ride, or the "weights" between them, like "does changing...
I must be missing something, here. It looks like a top-down RPG to me, how is it "innovative" and "groundbreaking"?
For me, it's a toss up betwen X-Blades and Assassin's Creed. Both are very fun for like the first hour, then non-stop repetition.
Expected, but... First Windows 8 and now this. Keep pushing the enthusiast PC market away, MS.
Wow, it's about time! Loved the first two, the first one was the only point-and-click I ever liked.
Just got SimCity 4 for $0. Thanks!
If they offered phone service with the plan, I'd be all over it.
If there is a contract between Sony and Lambert in effect that states he can't endorse competitor's products, then this lawsuit has a good chance of succeeding.
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