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Even a 780 Ti or 290X would cry at that crazy resolution, unless you sacrifice the ENB or turn your settings including AA way down. You would need at least two high-end cards to make the game enjoyable enough with all the eye candy. But If you have a really demanding ENB, even with two cards you might go below 30 fps in some occasions. If you mainly play this game I recommend SLI over Crossfire.
That 60% considering the performance scales perfectly with the bus which it isn't. 290 series have less performance impact at higher resolutions due to their wider-bus than your 780 Ti's. Ti went from 19% faster at 1600x900 to a meager 5% at 3840x2160 . And it has higher bandwidth than 290X at stock clocks.Bottom line filled with AMD hate....AMD is currently doing pretty well in GPU department and they...
Thanks for the thread Topic Clocker. I can't believe how slow the Phenom II in SOTC . Did you record with fraps? G3258 has an awesome performance though, especially for emulators.
7950 will destroy all those three. GTX 750 Ti is very weak compared to those AMD cards, and the worst value out of the bunch, it is just very slow to compete against Pitcairn and Tahiti Pro, as those two will easily give it quite a trashing, especially the 7950, unless you really like Nvidia it is the worst choice . 7870 = 270X, but the 270X is clocked higher out of the box and that's it.
Depending on the games you play. If you play intense multi-player and rts games like Battlefield/ Starcraft then the FX 4100 will massively bottleneck the 280X. If you play games like Metro Last Light with 2x SSAA 1080p you will mostly be GPU limited. If you play games that are not threaded properly like Skyrim, your CPU will bottleneck the 280X mainly inside crowded cities. So it all comes down to your preferences and choices of games.
To control voltage use EVGA Precision 4.2.1 . MSI Afterburner doesn't support 780 Ti voltage control properly.
Reference GTX 480 looks absolutely badass .
Simple answer. No ... If we are in 2012 I would say to you that Nvidia drivers are better, but that is no longer the case, AMD is in constant improvement since 2013 while Nvidia is stall long time ago. Actually going from my 7950 to my 780 Ti I see the other way around. The only thing that is bad about AMD is Raptr, that thing is garbage. it can delay loading in-games time and cause black screens randomly if you minimize/ maximize your games, I always deleted it at the...
780 Ti's don't work well with the LLC mod or when voltage is set to higher than 1.212mV like Titans/ 780s. To fix this problem I suggest :- 1- Download DDU, remove all your drivers and MSI Afterburner, along with personal preferences. 2- Reset your BIOS settings and Clear your CMOS. 3- Turn off your PC unplug the Power cord and re-plug it again. 4- Reinstall Drivers and Afterburner. See how it goes...
Basic mathematical understanding .There are a few problems with the results :1- Synthetic 3DMark benchmark.2- Different system configurations , ram timings and OCs all contribute to these differences .3- Probably different driver settings.So these results are null and void unless they are tested on the same system, and on the same conditions.290 is a great GPU though. Still it is not a 290X .
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