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Got to be honest with you if youre going to watercool it simply get the Zotac or Gigabyte ref card as they are the cheapest. I have one of each and they are excellent with zero coil whine and overclock well. zero need to waste money on anything else
Anyone repaste the ref coolers and get anything significantly lower temp wise? 2c isnt significant in my book 5....maybe
Im running this Bios on SLI Ref cooled cards with an aggressive fan profile. Im using a Corsair 540 case and the temps NEVER go above 75c playing the witcher 3. this is about as demanding as youll get on these as SLI usage is typically 90% plus, meaning this is likely the high end of temps. Games with less SLI usage will be cooler
ADMIN - this bios should be pinned to the front page under Modded Bios. this one is excellent
Absolutely did and WAY less heat
Bro, thanks for the legwork on this. This bios is the best on here hands down. I was able to get my Zotac & Gigabyte refs in SLI stable and boosting to 1528/2003 rock solid stable. I use an aggressive fan profile in AB because I game with headphones and hear nothing but the game. This bios rocks
Your room and case must run hot then and if you think two open air coolers will be cooler then you are mistaken. Quieter...yes.. cooler in
Ack my Usb stick died and it had my original bios files on it crap! Could anyone post the Zotac and Gigabyte reference Bios files here or link me? There is nothing on techpowerup yet Thanks in advance
"toy" with G-Sync and youll no longer be happy with what you have. Its a no going back, game changer for me
Headphones ftw. I hear nothing but game
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