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This is my current internet speed with which I am really satisfied, but of course faster is always better and is always appreciated. There is currently an undergoing cabling process of fiber optics in my apartment building which should be done in the upcoming weeks. Once that is done, and the local internet providers will start making use of fiber optics within the apartment complex, I will then gladly upgrade to whatever is going to become available. Would be great to...
Where did I mention that I was expecting performance improvements in games when I was upgrading from 16 to 64 GBs?I upgraded for an entirely different reason which had absolutely nothing to do with gaming.
You are always welcome, enjoy!
Despite it being more oriented towards comedy and having less seriousness, it was far more fun and entertaining to play through than Battlefield 3 or 4. I mean the campaigns of those two are just pure trash, and the fact that I had to play through them using that battlelog crap made it a very counter-immersive experience. I didn't even finish the campaign of Battlefield 4 because of how bad it was.I don't prioritize Single Player in Battlefield games all that much, but I...
Some people here are trying to portray Bad Company as inferior to Battlefield. it is not inferior, it is different. Whether you like that difference or not is a matter of personal preference, not superiority.
Thanks for the heads up, will add it to the OP.
You are welcome!
Are there really people out there buying or planning to buy the Titan V for gaming?
Ladies & Gentlemen, if this is indeed the case then I am coming back to Battlefield big time. Bad Company 2 was my most played instalment and at the same time my favourite entry of the Battlefield franchise. Battlefield 3 and 4 were decent, had my share of fun and entertainment but they were nowhere near as good as BC2, at least in my eyes. But if Bad Company 3 is coming out next year and it will be set in a somewhat more modern Vietnam then I am really excited. However,...
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