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Your power supply is fine so is your CPU. What software are you using for overclocking? I know when I was trying to get higher clocks i briefly started using Sapphire's Trixx and ran into stability issues at clocks that were lower than what I had in MSI Afterburner. Didn't seem to matter if I increase core voltage or power.
That's a really good score! I ran the same test on my Sapphire Nitro 380x and just barely scored higher. The extra stem processors must of done it.4670K @ 4.2Sapphire 380x 1122Core/1620memScore: 8462I did the reg hack last night, and adjusted my power limit to 35% but wasn't able to push the core or memory higher.
Highest temps of seen on my card is 73c and that was while running Fire Strike benches at 1122 Core/1620 Mem. Otherwise the max I've hit in games is 70c.It is a little louder than my previous card a HIS 7770 but it doesn't have any sort of high pitched noises or clicking like my old card did at times. My only complaint with the card is when it increases it's fan speeds, it makes almost like a revving sound. Other than that, I'm very happy with how quiet it is.
Westside represent! Nice choice. The Sapphire Nitro 380x is a great card, should be a bit quieter than your 290's as well. Post some benches when you get it.
Stock Volts Power Limit 20%
Here's my 380x at stock clocks. Seems like I lucked out and got a decent Overclocker. Power Limit: 14% Core Clock: 1115 Memory: 1598
I keep meaning to reply to this thread but I keep forgetting. I purchased the 598 SE's to replace my 681 evo's in my living room. I typically use them late at night when I'm trying to be quite for movies, shows, music though my Marantz Receiver.I was initially impressed by the 598 SE's but the more I listened to them the more faults I found. The only thing the 598 SE's do better than the 681 Evo's is soundstage. The soundstage is significantly bigger while the soundstage...
I changed my mind on the XFX and ended up rolling the dice and went with the Sapphire 380x Nitro. We'll see how well it does when it gets here.
Fiio makes some decent portable headphone amps. Not sure what headphones you're using, but if they're under 150 Ohms impedance something like the FiiO A3 would work nicely.
I thought the latest XFX card was a new revision, like they made changes to the card. But it sounds like it's just a rebrand, that kind of stinks. But regardless unless I plan on upgrading my power supply I need a GPU that's less than 9.5" in length. I'll have to give it a bit more thought on what I'd like to do.
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