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You may also need to purchase a DAC depending on the integrated amp. The speakers you're using are also really easy to drive, so you have a lot of options. Are you using your computer as the source or is this for a Home Theater Setup?
I'm coming over... . I was considering getting the Asgard 2 as next upgrade. Let me know what you think of it.
What type of music do you listen to and what do you feel you're missing with your current headphones?
I've heard good things about it. Didn't bother looking at your MB but assuming you have optical out or coax it should work.
Audio Engine D1 or something similiar. (Aune X1/T1)
Great story indeed, thanks for the post.
Are your speakers powered?
There's actually been a decrease in violent crimes. But again this is a bit OT.I looked over the first few pages and didn't see it mentioned. Kerbs on Security wrote a really nice article about this. He's been on the bleeding edge of most of the lizard squad reports.
It'll work fine.
Antlion Modmic
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