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You won't notice the difference from 8GB to 16GB. You will notice the difference with a SSD.
Sound will be transmitted via the HDMI and you won't need the optical. This setup is ideal if you're running multiple different devices that use hdmi.
Charter just doubled my download speed yesterday for no extra charge. Currently paying $40 a month.
That's a really great idea! How'd you get the ssd to stick to the outside of the hdd cage?
So far it's the default.
Asrock Z87. Thanks for reminding me, that's the other thing I should have mentioned. I was able to get my SSD installed using one of the hard drive cages but I'm having issues connecting my 1TB hard drive in the same cage. Mainly because of the orientation ssd facing one way and the HDD face the other it puts a "U" bend into my power cable that faces towards the U14S fan. I'm thinking maybe if I flip the drives and have the connections facing the front fans it should give...
I had been running this monitor on my old pc. Finally put together my new build together using all new parts except the video card. Upgraded from windows 7 to windows 8.1 and installed catalyst13.9 video drivers. I have to say, the monitor now looks absolutely stunning!! No longer does it look all washed out, blacks are blacks, whites are white but not overly piercing like before. The color banding issues I was running into as well are gone. Super happy . Maybe this...
Just did a build with this motherboard, it's awesome. The 8 pin cpu socket is in kind of an odd spot but that's my only complaint so far.
Finished putting my pc together today. The build went really smoothly. I still have to clean up the wires in the case though, its a bit messy. Someone had previously asked about the U14S installation. I installed it and the only snag I had was plugging the fan connector into the header. Took a couple attempts but I got it. If anyone else is considering it, go for it.
Thanks for linking the blurbusters site. While it's still not perfect the picture is much better using their program/settings. There's light at the end of the tunnel.
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