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Talk about misleading information.
Sigh.., lets not dwell on the cables . How much Thermal Paste did you use? A grain of rice, a BB, More?
I'm so disappointed... I can't believe a waited for these cards to come out. This might be the end for AMD.
Dunu Titan 1 is back up on Massdrop again. I've been looking for a second pair of IEM since I exclusively use my Klispch S4 at work. Looking forward to hearing them.
Wishful thinking on my part. Blacklist emails coming from the State Department?
I don't see it mentioned so I figured I'd ask, does it come with a power supply?
Duckie you're too nice.. More people need to read the article before making assumptions.People in here seem to be laughing that a "dumb user" clicked on a suspicious link. While I agree it's not smart to click on link, the email was legitimate from what the article says and came State Department email account. Not only that but they mentioned it was a Spear Phishing email which means it was probably crafted using that persons signature and looked official.What they need...
I currently have a Seasonic X560 installed in my Node. You'll most likely be fine if the GPU you're installing is 9.5inches/241mm or shorter. If the card is any longer it'll come in contact with one of the PCIE cables coming out of the power supply. I'm currently in the process of deciding which will be my next power supply myself, so I can fit a larger graphics card. Play it safe and purchase a different PSU unless you know you'll be using a short GPU.
There's no difference between these two cards.. they're the same. Newegg shows the Core clock at 1216 as does Evga's website.
Try running through this guide: How to connect one router to another to expand a network
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