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Either one should be fantastic that's a killer setup. I'd love to hear how that sounds.
Spykez what headphones are you using with that setup?
They added a gain switch to the Magni 2!? Must resist... purchasing..
I'd look at SoundMagic's HP150's $178 I own the HP200's and love them but feel they wouldn't be a good for electronic music. They are a bit bass light and treble is a bit accentuated but the soundstage is amazing. I hear the HP150 bass is a little accentuated and the soundstage is a little smaller. Personally i think the HP150's would be great for the type of music you listen too as well as for gaming. They have a similar fit from the looks of it. My only complaint is...
Save yourself some money and buy this out of the Audio classified. All that is left is to pick up a DAC and you're all set.
I'd love to know everything about that card . OC's, Temps, Loudness.
Agreed I wish they had a compatibility list. Not 100% sure if the T12 will fit my Node 304 or not. If the reviews turn out to be good though, I think i might replace my Tower cooler to free up some room.
As a former console gamer, I'm really happy I went with PC this gen. I'll re-evaluate again when the Xbox Two is released
Thanks for posting your thoughts +Rep.
You got those at a steal of a price. I've been wanting to hear the Dali Mentor series for a while, everyone who owns them seem to rave about them. I'd love to hear your impressions once you receive them.
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