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I currently have a Seasonic X560 installed in my Node. You'll most likely be fine if the GPU you're installing is 9.5inches/241mm or shorter. If the card is any longer it'll come in contact with one of the PCIE cables coming out of the power supply. I'm currently in the process of deciding which will be my next power supply myself, so I can fit a larger graphics card. Play it safe and purchase a different PSU unless you know you'll be using a short GPU.
There's no difference between these two cards.. they're the same. Newegg shows the Core clock at 1216 as does Evga's website.
Try running through this guide: How to connect one router to another to expand a network
You can set it up that way, but at this point you won't be able to control the volume. You'll most likely want a headphone amp with a volume control to connect the TT to. What kind of headphones will you be using? Edit: The more I thought about it, the more I think you'll need a Phone Preamp. It's needed to convert your Phono signal coming out of your turntable into a Line Level signal that can be connected to a headphone amp. Something like this would suffice: Phone...
Kerb's on Security dives into it a little deeper. Here's some quotes from his article regarding it. The full article can be read HERE
i like the setup. Looks nice
I don't think it's necessary to spend 300 - 400 dollars if you're going to be using your headphones for mainly gaming. I'd go with something like the Superlux HD681 Evo for 40 bucks on Amazon. I currently own them and think they're amazing for gaming. My only complaints are they're a bit bulky, the mids are a bit recessed, and it lacked airyness. You'll only notice these downfalls when listening to music, mainly rock. But we're talking about a 40 dollar headphone here.
Yeah I get it. Unfortunately I don't know which powered speakers are good or not. I was hoping someone else would help answer the question.
Number of Speakers . Number of Sub woofers = X.XSo in this case I was asking if he was looking for 2 speakers and 1 sub or just 2 speakers.
Do you have a budget? What are you looking for as well, powered speakers or passive? Are you looking for a 2.1 setup again or 2.0?
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