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2002 - ATI Radeon 9250 - $90 2006 - Nvidia 7600GT - $90 2009 - 8800GT - $60 2012 - AMD Radeon 7770 - $120 2015 - AMD Radeon 380x - $190 Grand Total = $550 I had more cards than I thought and I'm already thinking of upgrade again this year .
I'm not a fan of 5 speakers setups for the same reason so you could run a 3.0 (3 front speakers) setup. If that's too much for the space then the sound bar idea might be best. While majority of the audio people at OCN might say you're wasting you money, I'd try looking over at avsforum's soundbar subforum. There you should be able to find something that's not a waste of money and has decent sound quality.
If you were just planning to listen to some music I'd say you were fine. But if you're planning to watch movies with the setup, you really should look into getting a 5.1 surround sound receiver. The most important thing when watching movies is the dialog, most of which runs through the center channel speaker. You'll still get dialog with the 2.0 but the dialog will be harder to hear. With the 5.1 receiver it'd give you the option to add center channel later if you can't...
Not the direction I'd thought they go, but still hyped.
Gears was terrific, probably the most polished beta I've ever played.
I'm excited for anything at this point, BF5, 2143, BFBC 3, even a WW2 shooter would be good. I haven't been this excited for a reveal in a long time.
I had this happen for the first time last night, really bizarre issue. I'm hoping it's just a fluke and doesn't keep happening. I'm already having enough issues trying to play BF4, I keep having issues with the game red screening.
Just purchased this from MD as well, I've been looking for a replacement for my MX518 for a while. It's hard to pass up on a decent mouse for $30.
Any specific reasons for the closed headphones?
Your power supply is fine so is your CPU. What software are you using for overclocking? I know when I was trying to get higher clocks i briefly started using Sapphire's Trixx and ran into stability issues at clocks that were lower than what I had in MSI Afterburner. Didn't seem to matter if I increase core voltage or power.
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