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Thanks for posting your thoughts +Rep.
You got those at a steal of a price. I've been wanting to hear the Dali Mentor series for a while, everyone who owns them seem to rave about them. I'd love to hear your impressions once you receive them.
Ahh, my bad. It sounded like you already owned the Yamaha RX-V765 which has 7.2 preouts.
I'll jump into the fray. Personally I think you should forgo getting an external DAC with your receiver initially. Your AVR has preouts and be used as a preamp, I'd just get an amplifier to go with the Maggies. If you still feel like you're missing something then I'd consider getting an external DAC.
Newegg has it in stock as well, but it's listed correctly at 329! They've managed to cut the length significantly on these cards as well. This should fit perfectly in my Node 304
I don't think you could go wrong with Yulong or Audio GD. Unfortunately I haven't heard either so I can't really share my thoughts. Personally if it was me though and I had to decide, I'd go with Audio GD.
600 Watt SFX just came out this past week. Currently its sold out at most places though.
Just checked and it's currently listed at Newegg for $139.99. I was hoping it would be a bit cheaper.
I'll second this. I hope this is well received so other franchises *cough* battlefield *cough* will give us a future shooter again.
I swear I looked and didn't see anything . I've never gotten anything from Massdrop before, how long does it normally take to receive something?
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