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600 Watt SFX just came out this past week. Currently its sold out at most places though.
Just checked and it's currently listed at Newegg for $139.99. I was hoping it would be a bit cheaper.
I'll second this. I hope this is well received so other franchises *cough* battlefield *cough* will give us a future shooter again.
I swear I looked and didn't see anything . I've never gotten anything from Massdrop before, how long does it normally take to receive something?
Does anyone watch Massdrop? It looks like they have the SoundMAGIC HP200 for 149.99 plus shipping right now. I'm really considering picking up a pair.
You won't notice the difference from 8GB to 16GB. You will notice the difference with a SSD.
Sound will be transmitted via the HDMI and you won't need the optical. This setup is ideal if you're running multiple different devices that use hdmi.
Charter just doubled my download speed yesterday for no extra charge. Currently paying $40 a month.
That's a really great idea! How'd you get the ssd to stick to the outside of the hdd cage?
So far it's the default.
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