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Your ramblings are fine. I'll agree, I love how comfy the HD600's are the headband is perfect and they're so light, I can wear them for hours with no fatigue. The only downfall, although very slight is the ear pads and clamping force. I'd have to give that to my prior headphones the SoundMagic HP200's.
I owned the SoundMagic HP200 and thought it was a fantastic headphone. I preferred it to the Sennheiser HD 598's which I also owned for a bit.The HP200 excels at punchy bass, soundstage, and imaging. It can be somewhat of an analytical headphone but I found the sound signature to be very fun an engaging. Downsides are the mid-range is a bit lean and the treble is bright. It's a headphone that will do well unamped but can sound better depending on amplifier.In regards to...
What's the consensus on this game, is it a buy? I put a lot of time into BF4 but thought the BF1 beta was meh. I'm still on the fence whether I should pick it up or not.
I disagree, I don't think you should go with the HD600 if your budget is $300 - 400. The HD600 are really picky about amps, you'd need to go with either the Vali 2, Valhalla 2, or Bottlehead which is already going to put you way outside your budget. That's not even including the DAC! I'd be more inclined to go with the AKG 7xx and whatever dac/headphone amp you want. That way your still within your budget. I think you'll really like the sound signature on the AKG...
Audeze LCD-2's are on sale at Adorama for $700.. Never been tempted by something so expensive..
I'm really curious what you think of the Arcam IrDAC. I've heard really good things from reviewers but not a lot of people seem to own it.
Have you tried bypassing the router and plugging the computer directly into the modem? I'd do this first if you haven't, then test the download speed. If it's still slow then it's an issue with the modem and/or ISP. I wouldn't toss the Linksys AC1900 yet either. Try updating the firmware on it to something from Linksys or DD-WRT.
I've had the Gustard now for 5 months? I supposed to get my HD600 this week, but from what I hear these headphones along with the HD650 are supposed to pair extremely well with the Gustard.From what I've currently experienced though with the Sound Magic HP200's and the Gustard, the Gustard seems overrated. The amp is definitely has an analytical sound as did my HP200. So the combination while good; toned down the treble peak, gave me a more rounded and punchy bass, it...
With what headphones?
2002 - ATI Radeon 9250 - $90 2006 - Nvidia 7600GT - $90 2009 - 8800GT - $60 2012 - AMD Radeon 7770 - $120 2015 - AMD Radeon 380x - $190 Grand Total = $550 I had more cards than I thought and I'm already thinking of upgrade again this year .
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