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Not everyone is idiotic enough to buy two high end cards and turn their rig into a microstuttering oven. Instead, some ppl actually think and wait to buy single card solutions with improved efficiency.
There is no assumption, but AMD is so massively late with their high-end tier cards that ppl who purchsed Pascal will be already be looking forward to Volta by the time Vega launches.
prolly cause "Radeon is stuttering"
This is my most shocking discovery recently. I have a 4790K and seen some tiny stutter in certain parts of some games. I found out it was connected to my CPU spiking to almost 100% on all cores. Even though the usage is around 75-85% on average most of the time, such momentary spikes still happen and are perceieved as stutter. I believe the situation is even worse on an i5. Seriosly ppl, 4c i5s are not worth it considering the overall cost of the whole platform...
+95% scaling on both cards even though the CPU is also very heavily loaded ? This game is just well optimized.
so we're getting specs on a alleged 2H 17 release before hearing any news on 1H 17 Vega ?
And I know you make some bad points. "You'd still take nvidia even if fury x was better". I don't need to create imaginary scenarios and ask myself those sort of questions, benchmarks suffice.Also, I don't think choosing most suitable pc hardware is a matter of belief like you say, I take numbers as my #1 indication of what I buy.I think it's going to take a lot to convince me of that "versatility". I mean, let's look at fury x and 980Ti. Fury X can only match or...
sloppy devs ? I mean if we keep seeing more quantum break-like crap, ported straight from console with almost no pc optimization, they'll have to do something.
Lol if you knew how much I spend on other stupid stuff you'd say those cards are still the most reasonable ones I just think working hard as I do would feel kinda pointless if I couldn't splurge from time to time.btw, removed that quote from the sig, don't want any hard feelings even tho I was only pulling your leg
I don't play MP anymore. Just no time.
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