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Can't is the wrong word here.
I might be in for a little season ten.
I am glad I was wrong.
Did run any benchmarks on the S2 for comparison?
Probably going to spend your time getting money back from Amazon, the seller is a brand new profile, usually these are scams in my experience.
Made it to 28th place on the two man in the a boss....1.5 hours of play.  I finally gave up, don't know whats up but bnet disconnected me 7 times in that 1.5 hours, hard to get stuff done.
I am not sure these have any value but...I have 4 galaxy S5 phones in various conditions to sell. Ideally as a package deal? 1. Galaxy S5 locked AT&T, is rough in condition but works, charge port doesn't work and screen looks like it's ghosting. 2. Galaxy S5 unlocked think it was t-mobile but we used on att. Screen glass looks like it is separating from screen leaves touch spotty. 3. Galaxy S5 unlocked was t-mobile but used with att. The chrome ring around edges is...
Does it have a Backlit keyboard?
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