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There are two roads between us, no trees(will try to get some pics tomorrow). I can mount an antenna on the outside of our cabin but in my grandfather's cabin it must be inside. So it must pass thru the outside wall but no other obstructions. I found my old equipment which is a ubiquiti nanostation m2 but I am struggling to get it to connect, not sure what's wrong. But an awesome thing would be a plug and play pair of antennas....
So the long short of it is we go to the lake for 3 weeks a year max, we want internet there. The lines are ancient and charter wants $45 per month for 1mb/s down and 0.3 mb/s up, and you have to pay all year even though the cabin is empty 9 months a year. My grandparents house two streets up has access to ATT uverse with 12mb/s down and 5mb/s up, which they use to check email daily only. They currently have an old linksys wireless N blue and black box router. The houses...
Chris is overwatching now...and I was placed on the C team last season, not that I don't belong there, but deep feels were created.
My daughter's old Asus 572c is dying, so I want to replace it with something equally powerful or more. I would like suggestions in the $60-$125 range. She is in 7th grade, does lots of streaming over wifi, and minecraft.
As someone who has long supported OCN and someone I call a friend, congrats and you deserve this.
Any of you D2 fans...someone is still playing with D2
Have they announced a price and date for Necro?
Are you looking for a paddling? That's twinkles depth... Except on Friday nights then Eden will get that job done.
I play very regularly....have a server too(although I am playing full time on two other servers).
Can't is the wrong word here.
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