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As far as I can remember unstable OC for my 290X just crashed the game of got Driver Have been reset. I do not remember last time it crashed Windows.
It is not like that in gaming. 6900K is considerable faster. There is shows they are identical. This has been proven 100s of times already.
I too am coming from AMD and from testing the card for eveything but gaming I must say that I do not like how you OC. I like a fixed type of OC. I also do not like the fact that they have 2 Apps instead of a combined one.There are also 13 processes under Nvidia which I have no clue what they do.
GTX980 is a lot faster than 780 Ti and so is GTX1080 compare to Titan XM.
That is implying that it matching 6900K in gaming which is simply false.
Because there was nothing to release for GTX1080 Ti. We knew it was Titan XP performance. The more info they release or try to release the worse it has been in general. We know about Vega for years now.
Well he cant go AMD. Tell AMD to release a god dam ITX MB first.
I expect the $400 USD card to match GTX1080, and $550 card to beat it. Anything less and really its not good for AMD. They also need to show that these card can get faster with time and can OC. It is not like Vega is going up against GTX 1080 FE. Its going against 19XXMHz non-reference cards.
Which MMO asks for $15? I know WoW still does but I believe you can pay with ingame currency or something like that.
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