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Ik but why driver update for it. There is nothing to updates unless its there just for marketing.
Heroes of the Storm 2.0 really?
What Marketing?
You are using too much voltage.
I have a P2 750 for my server and feels like a waste to use it on a ITX case with single 1080. I too am thinking of 550 PSU but not sure what to get. Right now using FD Integra Bronze. It is fine but cables suck.
Also a PC can't take your life.
How long ago was that? Considering BF3 and BF4 where same within 2 years I can see them going Vietnam unless COD WWII is not so good.
People do like Modern and those that still play BF3 and BF4 would love BF5 to be Modern. It will be 4 years apart so graphics will look better.
Yeah. For 10-15 they give the phone a new look and feel. Still if you love cases I would say get an iPhone.
So the next BF cant go WW2 but they can go for Vietnam and Korean.
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