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It is higher in performance per watt. Also Polaris has worse Performance per what than Fury Nano.
That is just Steam. RX cards sold out so its more than 2%.
So really not a Professional card and same as Titan is now.
Does Vega FE feature FP64 unlocked?
I almost feel HBM2 is there because Vega is so inefficient. If they had used GDDR5 it would have been stock and throttling at 350W.
Everyone was expecting Haswell IPC at the minimum but at the same time we also expected higher clock speeds.
We will know how great Zen in in 2-3 years. Its good right now in terms of cores and price. We just have to see if these extra cores will beat all Intels 4 core CPUs.
Well think of it this way. If I am getting 1080 Ti for $700+ what is extra $80 or even $150 to get 10-20%+ faster CPU?
It depends. If its $300 its a safe buy. I would get it over 1600 at $220.
They kind of do already lol.
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