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Well you want people investing real money in these coins and not so much mining. More people mining the less you make.
290X was out of AMDs hand. HD 7970 was all in AMDs hand so I say 290X was the better card if mining did not happen. Overclocking was a gamble for both. By the time 290X was out we know more trick about memory timings and other stuff which helped boost its performance. 7970 has higher % OC but 290X is the best scaling GCN in terms of clock speeds.
Yeah. HD 7970 vs GTX680 it was still $50 more than GTX680. 290X in the other hand was $150 less. This is where people payed for driver maturity as 290X had 1 month in market while 780 TI has 6 months. Same thing will happen with Vega vs 1080 Ti to even greater degree. 1080 Ti drivers are over 1 year old and Pascal is fully optimized.
You can adjust the power for the GPU with little effect in performance. You can also use PCIE x1 slot. With Tahiti GPUs you are best mining Zec.
Do not worry. If you do not buy Vega now miners will.
GCN1 cant mine ETH anymore. You need GCN2+. You can still mine with HD7970 but you get 40-50% less performance. HD 7970 does 13.5 MH/s vs 25MH/s+ for RX 480.
Yeah. I can see the Titan V at $1500. They can get away because its is not a "gaming" card knowing full well gamers with deep pockets will buy it.
Building a mining rig can be expansive. I would advice people to buy 3 GPU system with 750W PSU. People that spend 2.5K in mining rig are truly betting for the future.
290X was the last not HD 7970. Nvidia had to release a full Kepler at $150 more to beat it.
The sad this is that when AMD talk Fega they talk memory and we know where that got Fury X.
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